Pistol 4/20/97
Shotgun 4/20/97
Super Shotgun 4/20/97
ChainGun 3/16/97
Rocket Launcher 3/20/97
Flare Gun 4/20/97
Plasma Rifle 4/20/97
BFG9000 4/20/97
Chainsaw None Available
Fist None Available

These are not finished pictures, download YPOD to see finished products

The Player 6/12/97


Cacodemon 6/9/97

Many more in YPOD

Map Name By Who-From Where Updated
Start Map CurMo- Original 8-23-97
Map01 CurMo-Doom2 8-23-97
Map07 CurMo-Doom2 8-23-97
E1M1 - Version A Buckman-Doom1 8-23-97
E1M1 - Version B BigImp-Doom1 8-23-97
Many more in YPOD  

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