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Well... Im kind of in limbo right now... I really really want to get back into the Quake community, just not sure how or when. I've been talking around with the PQ guys, and they've given me the thumbs up to start up a mapping review/tutuorial site if I choose to do so (which I just might).
Here's the dilema, what do you guys want to see more? Bots or Maps?

Coming Back?
Well, Im not quite sure what to say...
I've been getting a crap load of responses to come back, and to tell you the truth I might.
There's still a lot of work to do here, and well, Im not sure. In anycase, my email has been so secretly given away to another user by the name of Renegade, so now, you can reach me at my alternate email addy: [email protected].

Later for now.

Last Call
It's been a difficult decision, but hell, with bots prebuilt in Q3A, I dont think there will be any need for extra bot's to be added on to the game. Though I know there are still SiN bots, Half Life bots (really? =), etc..., lets face it, -the bot community is here because of one reason, and one reason only, and it's because of QuakeX bots.
Im no expert, but Im smart enough to know that when Quake2 came out, the Quake bot community slowly died... and now with Q3A out, Quake2 is next (and hence the reason that bots are prebuilt, the interest in bots will decline in Q3A). Though I am wrong on many occassions, I fear that this is not one of them. However, if I am, and if the bot community does grow with Q3A, expect to see me back.

For now, Im gonna lay low, and start a new project with Starcraft. Im gonna leave this site up as a resource for people to check up on. As for bod, he can do what he wants with this site, if he wishes to. I suppose that if someone really, really wants to take over this site, it's up for grabs. But be warned, -Im really picky about who'll take over, because I want to leave this site on a high note. So if you're still interested, email me.

I guess this is the part where I say good-bye. I'd like to thank all the faithful visitors of this site, and thank Planetquake for being such gracious hosts. So until later, this is Renegade signing off.......


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