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31 October 2004 - 17:23 cet - Eraser

Nine months have passed since the last Quake Toolkit update and even though the project is kind of dead, I still found some time in a moment of boredom to mess around with it for a bit. This resulted in an update for the latest version of Q3Map2, a few bugfixes and things like buttons now use the WindowsXP visual style.
So, head over to the Quake Toolkit page and download version 1.57!
20 February 2004 - 2:50 cet - Eraser

The grand day has arrived. Some news other than Quake ToolKit updates. I've finally finished the new map I was working on since... well... as long as I can remember really. It's called "Rusty Browns" and is a medium to large sized DM/TDM map set in an old industrial look and should be able to support 5 to 8 players. The past five days I've been getting a lot of help from the level editing people over at the Quake3World Forums to make something nice out of this map. A review will be up soon, but for now the Rusty Browns page offers some screenshots and a download link.
30 January 2004 - 23:52 cet - Eraser

It's been a while since our last update so first off a very late happy new year. I think I'll take this oppertunity to say happy new year for 2005 already because then I'm sure we won't be late with it again. Anyways, what's up is that I've updated the Quake ToolKit to support a handful of new Q3Map2 features and a very small bugfix (the button for the Arena Maker tool would get stuck if you clicked it). I have also messed around with some useless window shape functions which allow you to create a skin that has curved corners in the window. Quite useless indeed. So, version 1.56 of the Quake ToolKit is up for grabs. Hopefully we'll have some non Quake ToolKit related news soon, if I can get myself to finish the project that is.
12 November 2003 - 12:45 cet - Eraser

A quick newsflash. I've been messing around with Paint Shop Pro a bit and I was inspired by The Matrix, so I've wasted my time making a Matrix skin for the Quake ToolKit. You can download it from the Toolkit page if you're interested. It's not a revolutionary piece of art, so if you think you can do better, go make some skins and submit them to me. I'd be very happy to host some quality Toolkit skins.
20 August 2003 - 17:37 cet - Eraser

Apparantly the Quake ToolKit is still used by people, and today I was asked by someone if I could update it with the latest Q3Map2 features. I did that and now I present version 1.55 of the ToolKit, fully up-to-date with Q3Map2 2.5.56. Added are the -format, -scale and -lomem switches.

Update: again some great mirrors supplied by
04 June 2003 - 22:41 cet - r3tina

State Prison 36, my latest map, is featured as Planetquake's Level of the Week! Thanks to Pappy-R and tIKi_mAn for the praising review.
22 Apr 2003 - 0:27 cet - Eraser

I've released a very minor update to the Quake ToolKit. Version 1.54 brings the ToolKit up to par with the latest q3map2 release (2.5.4). It also fixes quite a serious bug regarding invalid Q3 and RTCW path/filenames. It's not much but since I'm not planning on a bigger release anytime soon, I decided to release this one as a (for the time being) "final" release as it was only sitting on my harddrive being useless. I decided to upload both a zip file containing only those files that changed between 1.53 and 1.54, and a full 1.54 release. Go to the ToolKit page to pick your flavor.

update: new mirrors are added. Thanks again to RogeR for PQ3's continued support.
24 Feb 2003 - 22:58 cet - Eraser

Thanks to RogeR from and Scourge from Scourge's Arena we have two additional mirrors for the Quake ToolKit 1.53. Much thanks to both of them.
23 Feb 2003 - 13:48 cet - Eraser

It's been 10 days since version 1.52 of the Quake ToolKit was released, and now version 1.53 is here to fix a few bugs (one pretty big one even), and add a few new features. Here's the changelist:

  • Added new Q3Map2 2.5.2 switches: -subdivisions and -bounceonly
  • Added startup parameters
  • Added "Check For Updates" item under right-click context menu from main window.
  • Fixed Map Compiler GUI using Q3 custom mod folder settings when editing an RTCW map using custom mod folder settings.
  • Fixed RTCW doing nothing when starting SP map

The new release can be downloaded from the Quake ToolKit Page

13 Feb 2003 - 0:03 cet - Eraser

It's that "Toolkit" time again. Version 1.52 of the Quake ToolKit is ready and waiting to be downloaded. This new version contains all the fixes done in the 1.51b and 1.51c releases and adds a number of new fixes and features. Most notably the support for Return To Castle Wolfenstein has gone up a few notches, thanks to r3tina testing every new build and figuring out how compiling RTCW maps really works in the first place. The complete list of changes since version 1.51 is as follows:

  • Added q3map2 switches: convert, debuginset, mi, mv, nohint, np, debugaxis, debugcluster, debugorigin, faster, bouncescale, bsp2map, snap, samples
  • Added bspc -ext switch
  • Added lightmap import and export buttons
  • Added option to run BSPC twice for RTCW SP aas file compilation (create both aas files in one run)
  • Added skin preview to the configuration window's appearance tab
  • Added jpg file support to skins
  • Fixed "Tournament" gametype in Map Compiler GUI referring to g_gametype 2 instead of 1.
  • Fixed starting RTCW SP with devmap instead of spdevmap
  • Fixed using -game switch for bspc when using RTCW
  • Fixed compiler GUI trying to read map info data from bsp or aas files
  • Fixed Run button ignoring selected gametype
  • Fixed aasopt and cluster switches unusable due to locked bsp2aas/bsp2map switches
  • Fixed problem with starting Radiant from paths containing spaces
  • Map Compiler GUI interface panel status saved on close.
  • Checks for already running instances of the program on startup

That's quite a list indeed. The ToolKit is completely up to date with the latest 2.3.38 release of Ydnar's Q3Map2. Now head over to the Quake ToolKit page and grab the latest release, and while you're at it, download the new "Steel" skin as well!

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