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Welcome to Equims Emporium.
This page is used for the Quake related junk I wish to inflict upon the world.


Mapacker (intentionally just one 'p') is a new command line utility for auto generating a pk3 from a quake 3 map file, including all used resources (textures / shaders / sounds etc.)

Updated (14th December 2002): Mapacker 1.03 released!
This version has just one new feature, the -include option, which was requested by LordDaimos to make mapacker more useful with mods. More information
Download (54 K)
HrO's Q3M2E frontend for the q3 command line tools now supports mapacker.
LordDaimos has also made a Mapacker GUI.

Other stuff

Recently (compared to the other stuff in this section) I have been an admin for The Speedmappers Guild
I mostly hang out at the speedmapper guild irc channel - irc.telefragged.com #speed

Java Snake
EliteHud (ugh!)


Never Enough - 1v1 map for Quake 3
The Speedmappers Guild - turtle fun
Radiant - Q3 map editor
PakScape - Q3 pk3 graphical editor
Scintilla - text editor
id Software


Drop me a line at equim@planetquake.com