Alpha 0.48 - 23/9/02

A new version of the Equinox alpha test is now avalible, it can be found in the downloads section. There are still no models or maps included with the test and the changes are mainly balance changes as we are saving many of the big changes for Beta 1.

Lucas has join our team as a mapper and has started work on a light themed map. Demon Princess's work on the light model is almost complete and Omega has started skining it. We hope to have some screenshots up as soon as Omega finishes the Skin.

Equinox is still looking for an additonal modeler to help create some unique weapon for Equinox. Anyone who is interesting in joining the Equinox team should contact Crepitus.

 Web Site Update - 19/8/02
As you can see, the Equinox web site has undergone a major rework. Thanks go to Omega for many of the new graphics. The progress section has been updated with a brief progress report from Omega and we now have a description of our mod in the new about section.

The Equinox manual is no longer available online but is still bundled with the alpha test. We hope to have a new version of the manual ready in the next couple of weeks.

Demon Princess's work on the light model is coming along and it looks as if we will have a mapper joining the team soon. We still have a few positions to fill in the areas of mapping and modeling and anyone interested should contact us.
 New Team Member - 8/8/02
The Equinox Team welcomes their new member, Demon Princess. She has joined our modeling team and we will no doubt be seeing some excellent work from her in the not too distant future. Be sure to keep an eye out in the progress section.

We still have room for one additional modeler, anyone interested should contact Omega.

The Equinox Team also thanks Planetquake for providing us with hosting.
  Alpha Test Feedback - 26/7/02
The download page has been updated and now includes the Alpha test. We are looking for as much feedback from the Q3 community as possible. So if you download Equinox, please find the time to send us a quick email. The feedback so far has been much appreciated. Any suggestions for balance changes, bugs or anything regarding the Equinox alpha can be sent to:


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