About Equinox

Equinox is a modification for Id's Quake 3. It combines fast-paced action with stealth and strategy.

Equinox pits two unique alien races, both armed with an arsenal of ruthless weaponry, against each other, in a war with no respite and no chance of surrender.

You, as the player, can take up the role of a Light Warrior-Priest; elite religious zealots with blind faith in the technology of their creators. As a Warrior-Priest you will wield weapons capable of warping the reality of space-time itself, and wear armour capable of protecting you from almost all the most viscous attacks.

However, it doesn't end there... you also have the option of playing as a Dark Hunter; one of a race of viscous psychics and masters of forbidden technologies. Armed with brute strength and symbiotic weapons the Dark are able to cloak themselves, masking their approach until the final, brutal blow.

Over the internet or across a Local Area Network you and your friends can join this endless battle as it rages across limitless dimensions.

The battlegrounds await your presence.


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