Team Progress

 Team members will periodically post messages regarding Equinox's progress.

 Omega - 19/8/02

Well despite the hectic pressures of life outside Quake 3 we've managed to make some real progress over the past weeks.
Our website troubles have finally ended (hopefully). We're settling in nicely to our new home here at Planet Quake, and the new look website will hopefully be more appealing than the previous design (or lack of).

However, the most important news regards our two newly filled positions of modeller and mapper.
Our new modeller, Demon Princess, has been working on the Light Warrior-Priest model. It's looking great, and hopefully it will be done soon so we can share it with you.
Lukas de Kock has just joined the team as mapper, and at the moment we're working on the design side of things with him.
One of the things that Equinox has prided itself on from the start, is our distinct visual style (absent in the alpha test unfortunately). Both Demon Princess and Lukas look set to continue this design ethic with flair and enthusiasm, as their current work, and examples of past work show. You can expect some great things from them in the future.

I've begun working on the HUDs, and other small visual changes while I wait for the influx of new material (models and maps), and the ever-busy Crepitus has been cleaning up the code and working on the new website design.

We still have positions open for anyone wanting to join the team. If you're interested drop me a line at ( with examples of previous work, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
At the moment we're looking for someone to help with the skinning of Demon Princess' models and someone to help create sound effects and/or music. However anyone with skills in any field will be considered, so please feel free to offer us your expertise and enthusiasm.

We'd still love to hear from anyone who has played the alpha test. Your feedback and criticisms are helping to make Equinox a better game. Thanks!

 Crepitus - 22/7/02

We have released a basic alpha test. This is in order to gain some interest in our mod and to fix any balance issues early in the development stage. The test does not contain any models as yet to limit its size to an easily downloadable 1MB and can be found in the files section.

We are also asking for feedback on balance issues and any bugs. Feedback can be sent to:

It is recommended that bots do not be used when testing balance. We are looking for people to test Equinox at a LAN or at least with teams of two.

The Equinox Team is currently working on player and weapon models. We are also looking for additional modelers, with at least some experience, to join our team. Any one interested should contact Omega (See Contact Section)

We will eventually be needing a mapper to create some teamplay orientated maps. Any one interested should also contact us.



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