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Clan Nine are probably best known for their Quake team which put the smack down on America's PGL champions DeathRow last year. You can find full coverage of that event by Sumfuka and Fragbate here.

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An interview with Clan Nine - Quake II
  — by Nick Loman and Gestalt

Nick Loman, one of the organisers of the EuroQuake event, took time out with Q^DoG^Q2, Psy-Crow, FuZZ and Istari of the Quake II section of Clan Nine from Sweden to ask them a few questions... After a manic ICQ session he left me to pick up the pieces. Thanks, Nick!

Here's the damage -

Take Two

"The clan started off with spy and xet and Drain and me having a fun clan, and we just fooled around", Q^DoG^Q2 explains. "Then one night at some bar spy and one of the bosses at nine founded nine clan. I weren't serious ... I only played for fun .. and started off serious playing Quake II in December .. before that I played 90% Quake 1."

"Spy recruited fuzz and crow .. and the latest, istari. It's a bit messy 8) but now we are alive and kicking"

The Quake I Clan Nine is fairly famous, but as Q^DoG^Q2 admits "we are quite unknown". Does this leave them in the shadows of the better known Quake I Clan Nine, especially since they doled out a public humiliation to Thresh and DeathRow last year?

"It's two different games, and it seperates us from each other", Q^DoG^Q2 says.

"We don't stand in the shadow of them", adds Psy-Crow. "On the contrary we sort of live on their reputation."

And what do they think of that?

"You'll have to ask them", jokes Istari.

Next up Nick asked them if they felt worthy of the Clan Nine name .. bad move. ;-)

"I don't get it, what u mean by worthy of the name?" Q^DoG^Q2 asked. "Like do we have to beat all people around the world to call ourselves nine? We are sponsored by nine studios and we use our best efforts to be as good as possible. We have only lost one official game so far, and that's against MM."

And the score? "Uhmm .. crap?" according to Psy-Crow. "Yeah let's leave it with that. They may have won that battle but they have not won the war yet =)"

Three for Two

The EuroQuake finals will be decided with a three game series, instead of the two games that is more traditional in much of Europe. Q^DoG^Q2 thinks that will liven things up, but "who it's gonna benefit is hard to say since no one has played 3 game matches".

Istari agrees, saying "I don't think any of the clans is used to this setting". Psy-Crow thinks MM will suffer though. "MM is one of the best clans, but they will suffer most since they are no longer "home free" by just winning their map with a 100 frag margain."

Next up Nick asked about the scoring system, maps or frags? "MM say the battle is no-longer for frags, but for maps. Do you think this is how it will be in future tournaments?"

"That will probably be something to be considered after EQ," Q^DoG^Q2 said. "If u take away the frag difference .. that will only benefit the "non-ego" players since it requires more of the teamplay in the game, which is fun."


Another big issue is modified paks. These are all the rage in parts of Europe apparently, but here in the UK they're almost unheard of and they won't be allowed at EuroQuake. Do the Quake II Clan Nine guys use them normally, and how will it effect their game?

"Yeah we normally use some brightskins and stuff", FuZZ admits, "but it doesn't do any major difference."

"I've used some modified stuff for quake 2," says Q^DoG^Q2, "but the only difference they did was that they made it easier for the multiplayer part since it removes stuff u dont want flashing on yar screen.. as in particles on some weapons and that kinda stuff.. but now I don't use 'em since we aren't allowed to."

Istari has given them up as well. "I don't use them now... but I have done earlier, but only changed sounds and crosshairs back then."

So, do they consider using modified paks cheating?

"I first saw MM used them at TRIAD (fullbrightskins, white rox etc) and many ppl including myself reacted a lot to it", says Psy-Crow. "Didn't know if u could call it cheating or not, and after a while everyone started using the same trix making their own paks which has made us accept it cuz everyone is using it, no-one is thinking of it as cheating. And they make a BIG difference."

The rest of the clan disagree though. "You can learn to play as good without paks", says Istari. "Maybe there's a slight difference with some modified sounds, in 1on1 and such."


So who runs the clan?

"I'm the leader and I decide here", Psy-Crow says. "Although if Spy doesn't like what I say, he hurts me."

Q^DoG^Q2 insists it's a democracy though. "We all hurt crow .. he is so understanding some times 8)"

"It's democracy", Psy-Crow quickly agrees. "*ouch*"

So what happens if someone screws up in a game then? Do they start screaming at each other like some other clans we could name?

"We scream", says FuZZ, "even after a good game".

"No-one has ever screwed up", according to Pys-Crow, "but it's always one person who die like hell and gets low frags, he's the one sacrificing himself for the team."

"And he is always me", says Q^DoG^Q2. "That's why I like creaming mouses and keyboards and throwing stuff around shaking my head."

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