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An interview with Memento Mori
  — by moonshine and Gestalt

moonshine of Quake Nation had a quick word with oWo and Scion of Memento Mori, one of the Scandinavian Quake II clans taking part in the EuroQuake tournament this weekend. Here's what they had to say for themselves -


The rules being run at EuroQuake have caused something of a controversy amongst many of the clans taking part. The main issue is with the scoring system. EuroQuake is being run with a series of three matches, the clan with the most map wins being judged the winner. Scandinavian clans are more used to playing on two maps, with the frag total being the deciding factor on who wins.

What's Memento Mori's take on the rules?

"We are very unhappy with them", oWo said. "MM has not to this day played anything but 2x20 minutes."

Scion agrees. "We, and every other scandinavian clan, have been using the 2 map rules. And now, a couple of months before EuroQuake starts, they decide to change the whole thing. It's a totally new concept to us. We dont like it, but of course we'll accept it."

"All the other clans admits it favours them," claims oWo. "Because we are way more specialized, we always win our home map by ALOT of frags."

"We've specialized dm1 [The Edge]", explains Scion, "and usually get a really nice frag boost on that one. We only have to make sure we don't lose too much on the next map, and that's not that hard if we're defensive."

But now they have to win their home map, and one other map as well to win the match. Have they been practising on the other maps?

"We havent really practised that much", admits oWo.

"I think we'll have to rely on our skillz mostly, since we never get around to practise at all ;p" says Scion. "And if we lose, I'll just hit owo and feel much better. :)"

Custom PAK

Of course, the other big issue at EuroQuake is the use of modified PAK files, which is common amongst some Scandinavian clans. Memento Mori are one of the clans known to use these modified paks, so how do they react to the accusations of cheating?

"Sure is harsh", says Scion. "[The PAKs don't make] that big of a difference really, do miss my aim tho. And besides, we havent modified pak0.pak, just added an extra one. Sounds and all that shit was just to make a change, not to improve it"

"We edited some skins", oWo explains. "Then some grenade textures etc. And I've gotten used to the different look to the HUD etc."

Of course, Memento Mori aren't alone in using these modified PAKs.

"I know for a fact that we weren't the first clan to use em," says oWo. "I mean, I downloaded my first paks from the net."

Watch who you're calling nigga

One of Memento Mori's best known players is Shub-Nigga, who is also taking part in the one on one tournament as the European champion from the Triad tournament.

"Scion and Shub are the best railers in europe", according to oWo. "Period."

"Shub is definitely the best one", Scion says though. "I'm too unstable."

So which of the other clans at EuroQuake has impressed them?

"We're not afraid of anyone", says oWo. "We've beaten all the clans involved except unr with a very comfortable margin."

And if they lose?

"Well", says oWo, "we haven't lost yet, so we really don't know our reactions."

"I really dont think we'll make a fuzz about it", reckons Scion.

oWo warned us to "beware of the Finnish guys though. They're mad".

They don't like losing?

"They have a problem with dying", jokes oWo.

"Nah, they're just real 'loud'", says Scion. "Fun to watch 'em play"

Future Gaming

So what does the future hold? Will they be switching to Quake III Arena when it's released?

"Dunno yet", says oWo. "I really hate qw, so if Q3A = QW2..."

"QuakeWorld is tetris with bouncing ability", jokes Scion. "I'm gonna test it and see how I like it."

At the end of the day though, Quake and Quake II are different games.

"I just don't see why people keep comparing QuakeWorld and Quake II", says oWo. "They are totally different."

And Quake III Arena?

"Most QuakeWorld players are looking forward to it at least, since they're finally getting their sequel."


Thanks to moonshine for doing the interview, Scion and oWo for talking to him, and me for staying upright long enough to write it all up. Any last words?

"A huge thanx to our q2-mentors Seti and Mrage of Clan SD"

There you have it...

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