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The Professional
A Brief History of Pro-Quaking
  — by SumFuka

Who has seen the 'Far Side' comic, where the little kid is sitting in front of the TV playing video games in front of his very proud parents? They are imagining a newspaper from 2005 which has some job ads kinda like Computer Games Expert required by large multi-national company. $100,000 per year.

Well, it's not such a laughing matter nowadays. We have watched our icon of pro gaming (Thresh) evolve from just some guy who won a tournament in Dallas to a true professional who is paid to play, report and be an ambassador for Quake.

And he's not the only one... even if not true professionals, many players are sponsored today to travel around the world drinking up that passion which is Quake. Players from north America, Europe and even Australia regularly meet face to face in competition.

Here's some history from the PlanetQuake archives :

Most of pro-Quaking has seemed to involve Thresh and his clan Death Row. Individually he has proved himself as the world's finest Quake player. He has only suffered one real defeat - Thresh's battallion was defeated in Stockholm in 1998 by the feisty Swedes of Clan [9]. However he seemed to take that as the motivation to hone his Quake II skills to be even more dangerous in Quake II duels than he was in Quake. Nowadays Thresh, his railgun, and the word 'q2dm1' are synonymous with the term 'unbeatable'.

However let's turn our attention to the global arena. Let me share a vision with you once again : a global Quake tournament pitting the best players in the world against each other in an event that rivals the Earth's own armageddon. Perhaps so big that it can only happen every other year. Something for Quake that is what World Cup '98 in France was for soccer.

What do we need to do it? Players, check. Sponsors, check. Committed people to organize it, check. So what are we waiting for?

Let's get together the most experienced and high profile Quakers in the world and get this show on the road. Each country, decide your national team and individual champions. Divide the world into divisions and play off to find the best countries in that division. World Cup Quake 2000, here we come !

North America, give us your best! Wherever your best players come from (whether it be the PGL or elsewhere), get them warming up their fingers.

In a Pacific division, say g'day and get Quaking. Who's the best? Australia? Japan? New Zealand? Get in the ring, guys.

And in Europe we see some of the most intimidating clans in the world (in Finland during winter there's nothing much to do except for drinking vodka and playing Quake, you see). Who really is the best? UK? Sweden? Finland?.... ??

Welcome to the Carnage. Welcome to EuroQuake '99.

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