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Your guide to three days of pan-European carnage

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EuroQuake Schedule
Your guide to the weekend's events
  — by Gestalt

Friday 26th February

Evening - warm up and booze up

The event proper doesn't begin until Saturday, but Friday is the day that all the players, clans, admins and journalists arrive. There will be free practice at The Playing Fields, no doubt followed by the consumption of a large quantity of beer.

Saturday 27th February

Morning - warm up and sober up
Day - Quake II clan games begin
Evening - 1 on 1 tournament and "all-star" free for all

Most of the playing takes place on the Saturday. The morning is given over to more practice time, and giving anyone suffering from jet lag or hangovers a chance to recover.

The first event taking place is the Quake II clan tournament, with the one and one tournament and free for all following in the evening.

Sunday 28th February

Day - finals

This is the big one. The finals for all the main tournaments take place on the Sunday, and this is when we'll see the winners crowned. It should all be over by Sunday afternoon.

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