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The four clans left in the semi-finals battle it out in a straight elimination to see who makes it to the grand finals

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  — by Sumfuka and Gestalt

Clan Nine vs Memento Mori

Nine Memento Mori
  • Psy-Crow
  • Spy
  • Fuzz
  • Q-Dog
  • Istari
  • Mastah^Killah
  • Shub^Nigga
  • Scion
  • oWo
  • Dark
  • Sectopod

Clan Nine had already lost the first game before they even started. They were already convinced they were going to lose, and championship favourites Memento Mori worked hard not to disappoint them...

The game opened with Memento Mori racing to an incredible 44-8 lead after just five minutes on their favourite map, q2dm1 - The Edge. The megahealth room and grenade launcher were locked down with ruthless efficiency, leaving Nine outside in the cold much of the time.

Memento Mori displayed excellent team work, with two or three of their four players holding down key areas of the map, juggling weapons and ammo as they resupplied each other. With the map firmly under their control, some MM players went for two or three minutes at a time without dying. By half time they were already a commanding 50 frags ahead, and this stretched out to a humiliating 100 frag lead just five minutes from the end!

Nine managed to pull themselves together for a counter attack, but it was already much too late. Three of their players teamed up to take back the level, but it wasn't enough to save them. Final score, 148-55.

Game two was on q2dm3 (Frag Pipe). In true fashion we saw Nine come out with guns blazing, determined to force a deciding match. They did that, taking the first rail and quad. After a couple of minutes Nine led 16-8.

Fierce battles continued across the level, as both teams tried to control the double shotty area and the railgun. There was an amusing moment when one of the MM guys tried to jump across to the railgun, but landed in the slime instead. He had enough health to survive the hot bath, but was squished by the moving blocks. Doh! 31-28.

MM managed to grab a quad in the middle of the game, but it was neutralised when two Nine players spotted him at the yellow armour and generously tossed up some grenades to him. More battles focused around the quad and we saw extraordinary railgun skills from both teams. At half time the score drew even, 51-51.

Memento Mori grabbed the second invulnerability, and we saw Nine use the quad. Usually the 666 > quad, but in this case they didn't meet each other, and Nine grabbed more frags. With the next 666, the MM player decided to go lava swimming. 73-73.

In the final minutes of the game Nine consolidated their hold on the double shotgun and Quad region. They blazed out winners, 115-101.

Memento Mori would normally be congratulating themselves on another victory at this point, as they are used to playing two map matches with the frag difference deciding the winner. But the rules at EuroQuake mean a third deciding match is forced...

The decider took place on q2dm2 - Tokay's Towers. Nine went out early, grabbing their favourite spot - the long lift to the railgun and red armour. And MM grabbed their favourite spot - the quad pool. They used the quad with deadly efficiency, racking up 31-17 after just a few minutes.

With quad after quad MM surged ahead, always guarding it with at least two armed players. Although Nine had the red armour and railgun, it simply wasn't enough fire power against the quad rocket wielding MM players who came to clean out the area. 76-39.

In the mid-game Nine changed their strategy. Two of them attacked the rocket launcher and stepped off the small lift to ice the Memento Mori guard. However they didn't hang on to the quad for long enough. MM took the red armour and held it despite brave attacks with hand grenades from the under-armed Nine players. 115-68.

MM simply continued to dominate the level. They were obsessive about the quad, and would use the BFG to secure it under pressure. Shot by shot they streaked ahead, proving to be the better of two world class clans. Final score, 158-91.

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