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Um... ok. You couldn't make this stuff up!

We're still looking forward to meeting Wretep and his friends at EuroQuake though, and apparently they're bringing some snus along...

I think we'll let them leave the ris at home this time though.


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Sweden, land of Snus and Saunas
An explanation of the Swedish Snus and Sauna habit
  — by Wretep of CrashForceClan

Welcome dear reader, and thank you for showing interest in this subject.

Let us start with Snus. A long time ago, when tobacco was imported to Sweden, someone called Sven Svensson from Uppsala found out that snus was much better than cigars, since you could use it with discretion and without getting shit from your wife.

Snus is very very nice. It is a type of tobacco you put under your upper-lip. It tastes very well after you have gotten used to it. You grab an amount sized as a teaspoon and you roll it to a little ball. Recently the companies who make snus have given you the option to buy snus packets in small bags with tiny holes through it. This makes you able to grab snus and shape it without getting snus stuck to your fingers.

The snus is often used by the Swedish working class, because it is called "disgusting" by women and the royal class. Observe that snus is much cheaper than cigarettes, and it is sometimes used to help you quit smoking.

In Sweden we have heard that some stupid countries (like the whole of Europe) have made snus illegal. Perhaps that's why we use to say "Borta bra, hemma bäst" in Swedish, which means "Away good, home best".

A lot of people prefer enjoying their Snus in a Sauna. A sauna is a small VERY hot room, usually built near water or a pool. The temperature in the Sauna-room is around 100 degrees celsius. This may sound weird for you foreigners, but you have to remember hot air doesn't bite as hard as boiling water.

To make the room feel even hotter, you can pour water with a special tool over the hot stones, which are placed over a hot element. When the water touches the hot red-glowing stones, the water boils up in a fraction of a second making the air more damp.

To enjoy your sauna-bath even more, you have a dried plant called "Ris" which you spank you and your friends' backs with.

Let's say you arrive at a frozen lake. You have drilled a 2 meter wide hole in the ice. And you and your Finnish and Swedish friends jump into the cold water. After a short while, you run naked to the hot sauna and get warm in a couple of seconds.

This behavior may seem to be somewhat masochistic, and yes, it is! The combination of hot sauna bath and snus is a proof of the Swedish and Finnish powerful temperament and masculinity, and it sure shows off in our struggle to become the World #1.

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