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The Usual Suspects
EuroQuake rogue's gallery
  — by Gestalt

Gestalt and SumFuka enjoying EuroQuake .. no, really, we're having a great time.

When the sponsorship dollars don't stretch to cover quality signage, do it the old fashioned way...

A look of apprehension and terror as Eclipse samples the fine Swedish delicacy that is snus.

Spy from Clan Nine (Sweden) shows us how it's supposed to be done...

Quake II, light my way...

"Hey man, the room's like .. spinning. Like, wow."

One of our resident DJs from the weekend churns out the "top tunez" at the decks.

Clan Nine are told they have to face Memento Mori in the semi-finals.

The irrepresible Manuel, manager of our venue The Playing Fields.

The thin blue line, seperating the teams from the chaos of the rabble on the other side.

Sometimes the stress of Quake II is just too much, and brain lock ensues...

UK Wireplay Champion Billox (right) and Skeeve (left).

Back-stage at EuroQuake.

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