Netscape compliant: Thank you Than!                         23 FEB 01:44 CET  

After so many tricky attempts to make this page fully Netscape compliant, good old Than has come to the rescue, resolving all my problems for your viewing pleasure. After catching him on ICQ, he checked the HTML code, polished his tough nylon mousepad and send my way a big mofo of an email explaining all the changes i had to do. And know what? it works... now that im happy i can continue with my task of adding Quake related news instead of bothering you with techy bits. Thank you very much, Than; you are da man!

   Still another site tweaking                                             22 FEB 00:58 CET  

Do you like the new In Brief feature in the upper side of the screen? You can click on the tittle, pause the scroll, and even manually scroll up and down as you wish. Major purpose for that is updating the site when i have very little free time as its as easy as writing the bits and im set.

   Techy update                                                                 19 FEB 20:12 CET  

I have updated the button bars with a new one... tested both on Netscape and Explorer and worked great, so im expecting it will suits you fine. I keep receiving email regarding the new look, and some of them are positive about it while others dont. Oh well...

The archives button will allow you to check past days. Its not working fully right now because all the stuff i have done since the redesign is here, but you can check latest Levels of the Week.
   A new beginning                                                            13 FEB 19:47 CET  

I have binned the map i was carrying on because i have new ideas for it. This means it will be a better one (lets guess so), but it will need some more time for developing. I only hope it will be worth the wait... thank you for your patience!

   Overkill - ominous teamplay provided by Wiebo          10 FEB 21:38 CET  

Team play maps are not as known or easy to find as 1on1 or FFA maps, and i dont really know why because a good Team Play is as cool as the more gorgeous FFA party in the world. Wiebo de Wit has recently released Overkill, an huge level with really nice momentums and one of the most entertainment Team Play experience of the lot. I only regret Wiebo has not included room names support on the map, but other than that, is a highly recommended one. Go!

   Classic Quake Map Pack                                                  10 FEB 00:06 CET  

Planetquake has recently released the Map Pack #1: Quake DM, and has some well-known pieces in there such as "Anticlimax" by Cheshire, "Ultraviolence" by Escher and the Big Classic "Aerowalk" by Preacher. It was annoying, but oh so pleasant to find one little piece in there called "Pandemonium" by your very own Excessus. :) Check it out on the Planetquake features while its hot.

   Exdm3 source map available                                         09 FEB 00:01 CET  

I completely forgot to include the original source map file for exdm3 i released a few days before the redesign stuff, trying to satisfy all the people who have asked me so many times for a Q3A conversion. If you are interested, and in the hope it helps, head over to the pick-a-map section and download it. I will be releasing the rest of the files for the entire serie in the next days.



Devolved is the winner of this week Grand Prize for its excellent ambience, enhanced TeamPlay gameplay (with room name support!) and professional polishing. This piece can remember good old DooM for the feeling of its architecture and visual impact, while retaining all the great gameplay of this modern reincarnation of the Q3 engine.

Author Marcus Dromowicz (mexx) explains much better than i could do, so heres the scoop: "This map was designed to create an uncomplicated playground for 6+ more players. I tried to keep it balanced, the two most powerful weapons (railgun, rocket launcher ) are placed at opposing sides of the maps, therefore creating two areas that will be of interest to most players. Besides standard DM, the map plays well in team DM, too. Due to the fact that weapon respawn time is increased in this game mode, the two shotguns get more important.". What are you waiting for? Download your copy!



I have not much to show, because i recently binned the current map i was carrying over (mainly because it used UT textures, and i have heard this is no longer a safe thing to do), but im taking all the spare time i can to put my hands into the editor to bring you the first Q3 map of me. Keep checking this box; ill keep you posted.