Expert is fundamentally unlike any mod you've ever played.

Instead of adding a few new weapons and powerups to the game, Expert shifts the focus of the game away from items and onto combat and team strategy.

How? The basic idea is: there is nothing in the game that can give you a significant upper hand in combat. You start with all of the weapons and enough health to survive a direct rocket hit. So does everyone else!

So you want the enemy flag? Getting the power armor and quad is longer an option. Time to go at it gladiator-style with the flag defense, and it's going to be one hell of a fight, because no one is going down in one shot. When you make it out alive, you'll know it's because you outplayed the defense, not because you were toting a BFG.

In a word, Expert has the focus on combat of Rocket Arena but with the uninterrupted play of deathmatch and the team strategy of CTF.

Experience deathmatch and CTF redesigned from the ground up. Weapons altered to require more skill and use of terrain, balanced based on extensive playtesting. Refined and expanded CTF bonus scoring from the author of the original bonus system back in the pre-Quakeworld days. And all the interface goodies you should expect, from always-on player identification (even in deathmatch) to CTF carrier names in the HUD.

To get set up to play, go visit Expert Quake News and click on "Easy step by step setup".

Tips for your first game:

For full documentation of the Expert Quake modification, both for server admins and for players, see the downloads page.

For help with playing Expert, to hook up with Expert-playing clans, or for any other information on Expert, be sure to check out Expert Quake News.

Once you've gotten into a clan, check out the the Coliseum for some clan on clan Expert CTF action.

Expert clan hosting is available at EQ Clans.

For a list of contributors to Expert Quake, see the contacts page.

Lastly, to submit bug reports or feature suggestions, feel free to contact Team Expert or post to the Expert Dev Forum.