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Most guys out there seem to have the impression there is one or more awsome skin designing programs that have all the tools and palettes built in to make the skin development process pretty easy. I've gotten a lot of mail about it. Well, the sad truth is it's simply not that easy and most all the work for real skins is done completely by hand.

There are really only two programs I'll recommend: Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. Photoshop is the hands-down most-advanced graphics design tool available. It's damn impressive and is the standard in the industry. Paint Shop Pro is the poor-man's equivalent, but actually has many similarities to Photoshop. There are even some tricks that PSP can do that are not easily done in Photoshop.

After you make the skin, you'll need to test it. The best test is to hop in a QuakeWorld deathmatch game with a buddy wearing your skin so you can see it. But if noone's around, or you would like to pre-test it before taking the time to play it in a game, you should get qME. qME is a modeling program that allows you to see your skin in 3D on the player model. You can "run" the model in every position possible in the game, and freeze him while running or shooting to take a screen capture in action.

You will need the model file to load into the modeler so that you have something to put your skin on. AdQedit is a slick little program that among other things alows you to unpack the model files from the Quake files. If you just want to get to it and really don't want yet another program to download, I've zipped up the player model and TF flag model so you can get them easier.

Paint Shop Pro 4.12 - Jasc Softeware, Inc.
I strongly reccomend you get this one. It's shareware and you can download it for free. The registration fee is $69 when you order it through the site.

Photoshop - Adobe Systems, Inc.
This one costs. It depends on where you actually buy it from, as price can vary alot. If you have something you can upgrade from it'll cost usually $100-$150 to upgradt to 4.0. If you are buying it from scratch it can easily run you $400-$500.

qME 3D Model Editor 3.0 - Rene Post
qME 3.0 Lite is a free stripped version of qME that should do the job for you if you're only making player skins. If you want the full 3.0 version it'll cost you a very affordable $24.95, but it's fully-functional with more options than the lite version. People making TCs for Quake or who like having total power over their models will want (need) the full version.

AdQuedit: The Quake Workstation 1.3 - CJ Hicks
AdQuedit series version 1 is freeware. But if you register AdQuedit version 1 then you'll get the free upgrade when it goes registered with version 2. It manipulates all the Quake file formats and has a nice interface.

Keep in mind these are not the only software options; they are just the ones I reccomend. Both Fractal Design Painter and Corel Photo Paint have also been popular, and really you can use any graphics program you like. If you are familiar and comfortable with something else, use it.