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...And Another One Opens 11 November 2005

I've closed down the old TacNukeBubblebath and opened the latest incarnation of my old home stomping ground: the BreakThinkTank. This site features a lineup of items that are pruned in places and grown in others. I've no idea how long this site will last, but it's paid for up until the end of October. Hopefully I'll be able to scrape up another $200 for DomaiNZ and NetNeeds by then. Yes, that's right, I've moved off Tripod to paid web hosting services.

As for the recent month or so... hasn't it been exciting? Tronyn has released The Night Journey (with DaZ) and Masque of the Red Death — both of which fail to run properly in standard Quake engines. The Quoth package has been released, and Necros and Kell have already unleashed maps using the new equipment, Kell's Red777 being my current favourite. Nightgaunts! Vorelings! GUGS! Lovely stuff. I actually broke open Worldcraft briefly.

Actually, FPS-wise I've been playing through Unreal Gold again. Maybe that's what has me thinking about mapping again (and learning UnrealEd would be a challenge.) At the mo' I'm overwhelmed by the recent crop of maps and can only think of pastiches of same.

However. I promise nothing.

This Time for Sure 3 January 2005

Currently, I have a summer course that's dominating my reading, and this week should see the arrival of essay topics. It's a full-on course so there's not much free time.

I also intend to spend more time drawing E Motel — I have a good fifteen strip ideas sequenced already — so there's more time lost.

And the writing: I have two non-fiction book ideas and intend writing an op-ed column for the student rag. If I spend all my course days in town, I should be able to concentrate on research for the book, tuning my columnar flow, my course reading, and maybe a little drawing in the mornings too.

And, finally, Morrowind. I have ambitious ideas for a mod, or pair of related mods, that will involve a great deal of design work. This isn't "mapping" so much as plot design, which is made more complex by the fact that half the time a "quest" can be entered at more than one point.

Anyway, that's more or less background for my quitting Quake mapping for good. Before I leave, though, I do intend to finish off the Library map for Arcane (see screenies) as well as the QuakeC. I never really started the Graveyard beyond much of a vague idea, and my "arcane tower" map sickens me.

I'd like to thank all the func_msgboard crowd for being such a great bunch of whajamacallits; PlanetQuake for giving me all this free hosting for the last five or so years; id for the game itself, as well as a few others; Ben Morris for Worldcraft, AguiRe, Tyrann, Iikka Keränen for the tools; all the engine coders for their spiffy upgrades of the old engine; and so on. And so forth.

I have thought, I'll admit, of doing some mappage for other games, but somehow I doubt it. I can't be arsed learning UnrealEd, nor Radiant. I'm bored shitless with tossing brushes about. I'm gonna do something else instead.

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