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General Project Ravings

How shoot 'em up became high art
An article ripped from Saturday's paper.

Fatty's Failures
Map ideas that never got off the ground.

Custom Map Cycling
How to make your own sequences of maps with a little QC.

Hubs in Quake
I consider how one could make a hub-based mod in Quake 1.

Load of Crystal Balls
Blurglings about things I'd like to deal to.

GLQuake Bug Fixing
Coloured lights and smooth motion is all very well, but what about little bugs like...

The Fat Bot
Thoughts on making a bot that plays Holy Wars.


QW Fashion Show
My favourite player skins from my collection.

Me on Hexen II
I look at Quake's littler brother.

Scourge vs Rogue
A comparison of Ritual's Scourge of Armagon against Rogue's Dissolution of Eternity.


Portal Thoughts
Some thoughts I wrote ages ago when people were discussing the possibility of making the QBoard a portal.

More Bot Sports, Please
An intemperate plea for more bots in multiplayer mods.

Is SPQ Dead?
Some time ago, it appeared that almost nobody was doing anything about single player maps or mods. Here I rail against what I saw as a "social disease".

Hints and Tips

Using Q1rad
How to use Riot's radiosity lighting in good ol' Quake.

Playing the Game
Handy hints for doing various things in the game, like completing it.

SPQ Design Thoughts
I attempt to revise and clarify my ideas on SP map making.

DM Design Thoughts
My ideas on what the Perfect DM Level should have.

John Payson's Tricks
Some guy from rec.games.computer.quake.quake-c posted these, and very nice they are too.

General Design Tricks
Useful hints for smoothing away the rough edges of your masterpiece.

Richochet Nailgun
How to spice up the nailgun in your mod. Requires some programming knowledge and a QuakeC compiler.

Conchars Editing
How to alter the text Quake uses to print messages and things.

The Toolkit
A listing of the tools I use to make my levels.


The bloke behind the blubber.

It Never Ends
A dark poem, perhaps the suicide note of a desparing marine...


Tac Nuke Bubblebath  The E Motel  Elf Life Guide