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Fatty's Other Sites

Tactical Nuclear Bubblebath
My personal site. Currently more a static display than anything else, thanks to...

Boxed Product
Tada! Fatty gotta blog, an' he gonna use it. When he 'member.

E Motel
A cartoon I'm working on at the moment.

Quintessential Quake Sites

The successor to the now dead Peej-n-Frib's and QBoard. Sort of a mix of the two.

My gracious host. What else can I say?

The Adventures of Dank & Scud
Shows what you can do with a few utils and an odd sense of humour.

GameSpy Network
The power behind PQ, and FilePlanet, and...

Nee MDQnet, a good supply of mods and QC odds and sods.

Quake Review Sites

Underworldfan Quake Level Reviews
First it was Shambler, then Fern, now Underworldfan dishes dirt on Quake and Cube levels.

Ethereal Hell
Kona and Tronyn's review site covering most FPS games out there.

Peekaboom's redone his webby as a DM file dump. Worth a look.

The Ramshackle Archives
Some of the best and most thorough reviews are making a comeback.

GibFest's Map Centre
A new reviewer on the block.

Skorpion's Quake Bots
Mostly a collection of routes for the Omicron bot, as well as some other stuff. Technically not a reviewer, but an essential resource.

Team Shambler Quake Level Reviews (Closed)
Shambler's archive of quality single player level reviews.

The full PlanetQuake level sites list
In case I missed somebody :)

Quake Mod Maker's Homepages

Maps to make you BIFF!
Biff Debris' maps, textures and other biff-a-liciousness.

Than's Flea-Infested Cesspit
Than has an absolute assload (just under 200) Quaker's sites on his links page. If someone isn't here, try Than for directions.

The Harvest
Peekaboom's harvested the finest Quake and Quake2 custom maps out there, complete with Omicron routes for practice.

Mister Fribbles' Quake Maps
Frib's little piece of paradise, with eleven funky DM maps for your perusal.

The Quake Pages of Iikka Keränen
"Fingers" is a god in Classic Quake Single Player. What else can I say?

Borsato's Mapping Grimoire
Rudolf Kremen's Quake maps.

Retinal's Broken Machine
Retinal was another Da Pak mapper. Suggest further observation.

Tyrann's workshop of filthy creation. Not just maps, but neat tools too.

Cheshire's Map Place
Bright orange and white place. Now static since Chesh got a mapping job.

Vondur's War Supply
Some bloody good Quake from behind that large pile of rust, you know, where the Iron Curtain was.

Ghandi's Level Shack
Get NAKED[12345] with this guy.

DaMaul's Maps O' Thrills
Maps conceived, built and released by a deranged Englishman.

Bal's Gibbing Lane
Fine French mapping.

Ogro's little hole of skins, models and maps. Viva la France!

Excessive Maps
Who needs Ferrari when we've this Italian export?

Killjoy's DM Map Outpost
Some good maps here, and nice taste in music too.

Useful Resource Links

What, another static resource? Level building tricks and tips.

The Forge
A site where you can get Worldcraft, get help and some useful tips.

Quake Army Knife
Another useful editing tool site.

The latest and greatest download portal. Works very well indeed. Now requires an email address for logging in.

Find those occupied servers for a more fun time online!

Online Quake, the way it should be.

Gaming-specific search engine.

id Software
Obligatory link :)

Usenet Newsgroups

General discussion newsgroup

Piccies and stuff

More discussion.

Q&A on modifying the Quake games, along with the odd W4R3Z llama.

About reprogramming how the game plays.

When it's just too much of "none of the above".

Q&A on how to play the game (TIP: Quake works best if you have a computer.)

Servers, no doubt ins and outs and wheres and whys.


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