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Once Upon Atrocity


  • Name: Once Upon Atrocity
  • Author: Necros
  • Gameplay: Modified Quake, Single Player, 1 map pak

Necros follows up his Gateway to Midian with a deliciously evil Q3-esuqe fortress full of Doom-esque monsters, trouser-soiling play and great ambience.

Architecture Huge, interconnected, spotty

The first thing you'll notice about the architecture is its mammoth proportions - and the fullbright speckling on textures. It's ugly, but bearable, really. Being very interconnected as well, r_speeds climb and greyflashes and entity flicker do make appearances. Additionally, there's a window you have to smash to progress near a megahealth in a cave: keep this in mind, you'll know it when you see it.

On more pleasant notes, the whole thing is wonderfully redolent of brooding, insane evil. The hot Zerstörer sky, red windows, blood rivers and pools mix nicely with the selected Quake 3 gothic textures. Architecture is good and thick, and generally well designed, except for a couple places such as that window, where Necros admits he just got bored, and some fairly underused void sections.

There's also an outdoor area with a megahealth, but frankly it's hardly worth fighting for.

QuakeC Ye be d00med

Ambience here is notable for the water sounds. These are some of the best I've heard in ages. There's a surprisingly unobtrusive sky sound as well.

All manner of beasties get altered: Shamblers get weakened (thank heavens) and beefed up (those fire shamblers! HEEELLLLPPP!), fiends are turned into non-jumping demons, hellknights get new attacks and so forth. Func_spawns are used to excellent effect as well, and the boss monster, packet overflows aside, has to be on of the best I've seen.

Something I haven't seen before is that the keys are changed: You now get to keep them, and there's two new ones (black and red). A nice touch that really makes a difference.

Gameplay Endless group spankage

Weakened shamblers are the first enemy you face, after a brief quiet spell. From there it escalates, and escalates brutally. You'll be facing hordes just about every time you do something important (so what else is new?), and remember these hordes are much harder to fight and harder hitting than normal Quake monsters. Well, sometimes. However bailing out of a fight simply means you're putting it off for later... not a good thing.

Of the five secrets in this map, I've only found two; another one needs rocket-jumping, yet another I only spotted by cheating and the fifth is still a mystery. Which probably means you'll be grateful for them.


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