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Soul of Evil


Soul of Evil is a massive double-episode mod for Quake with new (and often improved) monsters, ambient sounds, Deathmatch bots, dragons (both friend and foe), and a special version of Aardappel's DMSP mod.

Both SP episodes include secret levels, and have about six or seven maps each. There are also six Deathmatch/DMSP maps available.

For convenience, you can download the mod either as one 27MB archive, or as four smaller ones about 7MB each.

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My Contribution 

I was the programmer for this mod, and had the not entirely delightful task of coding up new features and combining several existing modifications together in such a way that they actually worked.

Mods that were combined were:

  1. Patrick Martin's Dragons - pick up a horn to get a "helper" dragon
  2. Empathy Shields from Scourge of Armagon
  3. Monsters from Coven of Ebony, with some modifications
  4. Frikbots - Well-known and easy to use DM bot.
  5. DMSP - Aard's simple yet engaging mod that puts you through the arena-style wringer on any DM map chosen.

Extra entities coded for included decorative trees, corpses and a hack for "pageable" text. However this feature was never really used.

Also coded were the episode's "bosses". The Bane - a reskinned hell knight with various new attacks - took some calibration to get right (the original version was far too powerful!), but eventually was deemed fit for release.

The second boss was a reskinned Zerstörer troglodyte/Nemesant which was intended to summon two artifacts into existence, then collect them to become almost invincible. The results here were somewhat mixed, possibly due to problems in implementing the beastie.

As well as coding all the above, I was also involved in selecting and creating custom sounds and entities for monsters and ambience.

DOWNLOAD NOW!Download Soul of Evil now!


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