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Latest news
This month's doings.

The Guest List
A list with thumbnails of great maps I have known.

Monthly Archives
A summary of the old news.

Links aplenty, in no real order.

Operation Urth Majik
Main page for my collaborative mod.

Fill in the form and give the Fat B'stard a piece of your mind. If you have one, that is.

General Mapping

Metlslime's replacement for the now vanished Qmap.

The outfit who's been hosting me since 1999. Literally the epicenter for all things Quake.

Web Cartoons

Pastel Defender Heliotrope
The defender of the universe is a sex toy. You gotta love twisted ideas like that.

Unicorn Jelly
It started off cutesy, but soon mutated into a hard SF story in a totally alien universe. I've been involved in prepping this for print. Watch the skies!

Elf Life
Why is this web cartoon the first place I visit when online? Because it's that good.

Elf Life Guide
My official guide to Elf Life.

The Hotel Fred
Roger Langridge's 'toon following Fred the Clown (upwind.) Hint: Click the "Knuckles" link for the famous malevolent nun.

Fatty's Other Sites

The original site that the Shed eventually spawned from.

E Motel
A web cartoon that I'm trying to get started on.

Slightly Tilted, Half Melted
Fatty got an LJ now, do da, do da...


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