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could: All That Could Have Been by RPG

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Speedbaze textured base with some clever secrets and cool gameplay.

gmsp3: Day of the Lords by Glassman

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Stunning medieval pile with massive challenge. One day I hope to complete it.

nastrond: Nastrond by Vondur

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Brutal Kell-style castle with a Jawbreaker ending.

sm36: Subterranean Siege by Xen, Daz, and others

The long-awaited idbase chainmap finally arrives. Some great architecture and play here.

pbrsp1: Hexameron: Phase One by Notorious R.A.Y.

A spectacular and challenging take on the idbase theme with well thought out QC and map design.

contract: Contract Revoked by Kell

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You made a deal with the devil, and now it's time to renegotiate...if you can find the contract. Unique style, punishing gameplay, wellworth a look.

uqc: Ultimate Quad Capture by CocoT

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Interesting and very fun spin on DM with lots of variations, some hidden!

coagcon: Coagula Contest by Elek and others

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A contest for maps floating in a void. Five entries, mine the winner.

nihilore: Nihilore: The Mechanical Empire by Shaun "Kona" Ross

Two-map pack with lots of atmosphere, modified grunts, and good play.

necro: Necrobrood by Shaun "Kona" Ross

Three maps of altered metal beastliness. The endgame is well worth waitingup for, and the atmosphere is great.

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