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Operation Urth Majik is a Single Player (SP) oriented mod for Quake 1. New environmental effects, monsters and weapons await you as you venture into one of the most secretive bases on Earth, on a mission that is not what it seems.

30/7/01: A couple of things

Already one person's asked me where CustEnts is. Well, it's available from my Shed. Um, you did know this is an offshoot of Fat Controller's Quake Map Shed, didn't you? Um, didn't you?

Secondly, another chap's wondered how to get the chainsaw (apart from actually picking it up.) As far as I can tell, there's one of two ways: Snitch the thing from OUM1 and CHANGELEVEL [x] from there, or download the excellent Zerstörer mod. Impulse 9 is a bit flaky and I don't know why. Maybe I'll cruft up a little patch with just the 'saw for fun and frolics.

Conga-rats to Shambler for getting the review out the door at incredible speed. I haven't checked the stats for downloads yet, but maybe I should. Some of the Qmap mob haven't been as impressed as most people, but that's understandable. This mod isn't intended to be in the same freakin' class as Nehahra and CZG07 anyway.

26/7/01: GO GET IT

Finally, it seems we all agree that we agree. As I type this, in 58 minutes OUM should be not only up in one piece, but also mirrored all over FilePlanet.

Thank God I didn't cancel the Xtra account before now! Paradise, in eight uploading attempts, has only allowed OUM through once. This makes me angry as hell, since I'm worried about what could happen if something similar emerges from the ol' FC imagination.

As well as OUM, there's the OUM4 texture set I used, which were created by Metlslime and worked so wonderfully well, and all the QuakeC files, used and un. May not be a cornucopia, but it's what you wanted, isn't it?

All right, here you are!

14/7/01: Scragbait pokes it

Testing just took on a whole new level with Scragbait joining the fun and sending me - so far - eight megs of demos. Now I have to figure out why he's doing whatever he's doing! Why he backtrack far like dat? Why he give da wall da gat? Must be da Scragbait in he... {and at this point Fatty gets lynched by wrathful Snoop Dogg fans :}

When will OUM be released? I don't know. As I mentioned on Qmap, the silver key in OUM3 causes any Quake engine to crash for one tester. And that has to be fixed, which means Yet Another 10MB Upload - and hopefully my new ISP won't cut the connection halfway through this time!

26/6/01: Public beta in da house

Kanaeda and DaZ have been the first lucky two to come in for the public beta testing of OUM, and hopefully I won't have to upload the whole 10MB package too often in the days ahead. 10.6MB takes about 80 minutes at 2.25Kbps, which is the speed I was uploading at last night.

Speedy appears to have dropped out of the project. Gone! Gone! And never let me know. Scoundrel. Well, I can't wait for him - Tyrann was threatening to walk, and this Qexpo whatsit is looming, and I've got other things to worry about.

Now hopefully I can get back to work on Tronyn's Soul of Evil project... as soon as I rediscover what I was meant to be doing.

14/6/01: Bracing for the black flag

Last night I finally sent off a playtest of OUM5/4 to everyone, so hopefully there'll be some useful feedback coming soon.

Just today I added one last room (really an intermission view), and QBSP promptly went apeshit - spinning its wheels and grinding gears for hours on end. Faugh! I'll just have to rewrite the intermission instead...

Tronyn mailed me to say that his computer just shat itself, so I'm getting more than a little worried. Is everything going to crap out at this late stage?

20/5/01: Gettin' on

OUM5 is very much progressing, which comes as a surprise to me. Amazing what you can do when one member (looking sideways at Speedy here) is dragging the chain and another is threatening to leave because of said chain-dragging.

In fact, I've thrown up a couple teeny graphics of OUM5 in the images section! No big ones though; I forgot about those.

University's been biting a bit, and also the discovery of how to make custom characters for the console and things. Expect some high-visibility text goodness as you wend your merry way.

7/5/01: So, what's goin' on?

OUM5 is slowly taking shape; said shape is looking more interesting since it's cloaked in textures from a defunct Q2 mod. Fortunately the tex aren't all that different from IKbase so there shouldn't be too much "genre shock".

An interesting diversion has been making a completely new set of console characters - the ones used to print messages to screen and some menus. This has not been a straightforward exercise, but the text now scales well in various high resolutions and seems to stand out well against various backgrounds.

20/4/01: Make it May

Um, Tronyn's away, and Speedy's doing God knows what, so I'm starting to take a partially-built Rune Lab I started on seriously. It's being clad in some textures from an abandoned Q2 mod, which should make a nice but not too drastic change from endless IKbase, as well as segueing into the Tomb style nicely.

Also, I've been snowed with university work, so OUM is... yep... delayed even more. I'm really sorry about this, but uni comes first.

22/3/01: You guessed it

Tronyn got a bad case of Real Life, Speedy's got a bad case of OUM, and I've been a) reskinning the Blues to be less gaudy and b) recoding those trigger_gives.

What this all means of course is that we probably won't release until some time in April. Oh well. If we can avoid rushing things, the extra wait'll be worth it.

6/3/01: Skin Things

We're working hard to finish it all up, but just ran into a new bit of b0rkage: those Blues again. Their skins, according to my fellow teammates, are just too bright (period) and too high-tech for lurking around tombs and such. So I and Tyrann have been messing around with them, so hopefully they'll be toned down a bit, but not too much.

The final conflict is just about completed (apart from some dialogue that needs adjusting) and is just great. Osiris is a hell of a lot more dangerous now - you can't just hose him away with plasma, heh heh!

One thing: A couple days ago I was re-vising the final map (I'd done a fast vis, now was a full one) and to my surprise all the path_rotates got turned around 180 degrees. Wierd. Scary. Whatever. Back to work.

1/3/01: Into the Home Retch

I know some of you are wondering where the download is. Well, we're still making final adjustments to everything, one more shakedown or so, and then we may be ready for launch.

With Vigilante having lost his struggles with the IKBase textures, it appears Speedy may be doing a "small" Rune Lab - in some non-IKBase style. Can't say I blame him.

Speedy's also brought to my attention that TomazQuake apparently doesn't render some objects (eg. rotating trains, which are used in one or two places) properly. When I write up the readme for the mod, I'll have to point that out, unless Tomaz manages to fix it.

16/2/01: Beta Weekend

It appears everybody could be in for a "beta weekend"; that's when everyone makes beta copies of their maps available for further testing and stuff. Actually, I'd better get on with my ones - there's still one or two things to fix.

What hasn't been helping is the irritatingly fine weather - glare is hell - and Tronyn getting me to do QuakeC again for Soul of Evil. Oh well, better get back to the mapping side of things!

17/1/01: My God! Two positives on a finish date!

I've asked the crew what they thought of the end of February as a finish date for OUM. So far, Tyrann and Tronyn have said that such a date is realistic.

Me, I've still got things to do concerning the end map. I'm glad to say it doesn't crash no more. And the Osiris gives a lovely speech :)

4/1/01: Now What?

Yippee. Another monthly update on whatever.

Me, I've run across what appears to be a pretty nasty bug in the trigger_give and, for some reason, b0rkage in Easy skill for Osiris. Both crash you clean out of Quake; both seem involved with overflows. I hate this.

The actor problem Tyrann and Tronyn were having seems to be fixed, as it requires some boxing clever with actor_targets and things.

12/12/00: Bah Humbug

So, what has everyone been doing? Well, some have been doing Real Life stuff like exams, college et al, and I have been stomping some nasty bugs in the QuakeC - along with trying to get Towne out before Christmas. Yes, you heard it here first.

Tyrann and Tronyn have been getting special attention with a particular problem: How to get the actor to stand still and get carried away by things (such as trains)! I've been trying this and hacking that, but I reckon I may have it sussed.

However, car trouble and the hot weather - woah, summer's arrived! - as well as house sales and all that have combined to be a pretty U-G-L-Y burden. Happy Bah and Merry Humbug to you all.

16/11/00: Giving a TOS

Well, you probably noticed that this page has been moved slightly; the address is now http://www.planetquake.com/fatty/oum/index.shtm - a long overdue adjustment to get back in line with the PQ Terms of Service, and that means ad banners.

However, I have finally slapped up some shots of Speedy's map on the screenies page. They're a bit old, but they look good.

6/10/00: Meet Speedy

One member to the gang whom I never got around to putting up here until now is Speedy Racer, who's doing the Weapons Research Facility. I'll have some shots of his work up soon, but I can assure you what I've seen is actually quite good.

I haven't done very much this week owing to university pressures - there's an important project that has to be completed this week. Later.

1/10/00: We're still here

What's going on? Answer: Not very much. I've still got to get the boss working. Vigilante ICQ'd me about his Rune Lab level (so I don't have to worry about it after all) and how well it may/may not be going - he's worried abut r_speeds, and promising some cool-sounding "distorted/ruined" brushwork. Hope you send us some shots soon mate.

Better still, Apollo may be returning soon. Apparently he's getting an upgrade soon, and also Bal seems to have browbeaten the poor guy a bit as well. Better get the welcome mat out...

Tronyn and I did a map swap last month, whereupon I had to ask for help. You see, Tronyn's Worldcraft files are about 6MB in size - this meant my poor little computer thrashed like anything for ages whenever I clicked anything. Thank God Tyrann was able to help. (BTW, why on earth are those RMFs three times as big as the plain MAP files? Scares me...)

25/8/00: Kona's out, Osiris is in

Kona's just mailed me to say that he's quitting Quake mapping, and that includes dear old us, for various reasons. Also, he reckoned that his own map wasn't up to snuff, so no big loss, right?

Well, we're sorry to see you go mate, and good luck with Q3 or whatever.

I've almost finished the "gold key area" in Apollo's Hazmat facility; now I need to design the... Annihilator. This should be cool. Also, I've decided (while talking it over with Tronyn) that there will be a boss monster (the Rogue Guardian), yclept Osiris, as befits the style in which Tronyn's done up his maps.

And now I suppose I should start thinking about the Rune Lab map. Jeez. That's four things to do on this project. No wonder it's taking so long.

11/7/00: Tyrann is Ghod

Apollo's map is still causing me some annoyance as I try to figure out how to progress. This hasn't been helped by Tyrann finally sending me a beta of his map, the older, mothballed facility. WOW!!! This is amazing, yet it's a beta. Hie thee unto the Screenshots and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, here's a before-and-after shot of the lights in Apollo's map:

13/6/00: Apollonia

Apollo's map is proving a bit of a handful at the moment. I'm basically having to tack on two entire areas, so things are slowed a bit. Particularly when a "puddle" brush doesn't BSP properly and makes the compiler barf.

Despite this, I've made a fun thing happen in this section with the main lights dying and being replaced by "emergency" lights. Needs tweaking, but at least I've knocked up some fun furniture and play flow.

15/5/00: Donde Este (l)Apollo?

Apollo has just mailed me to say that he's having to leave the team due to a lot of Real Life stuff and computer troubles. This brings the team down to five - and two of those five have yet to let me know if they still wish to contribute.

I guess I'll have to reload the IKBase wad and get into "For My Babies" mode; it looks like I'll probably be doing that for a time.

11/5/00: And another month later

I've finally got around to redoing some of the screenies - making links to bigger ones, that is. The main impetus? Tronyn's endpiece - Temple of Urth Majik (or was it Tomb? Damn, prolly got it wrong anyway.)

This map is absolutely fan-bloody-tastic - a perfect mix of IKbase and Rogue metal/stone with Egyptian highlights. Unbelievable! Pop over to the screenshots page and have a closer look.

4/5/00: One Month Later...

I should've written a lot earlier, but with one thing and another (especially RL) I haven't had the time; and when I did have the time I was to shagged out to bother. Bleah.

Tronyn and Kona have both promised me maps Real Soon Now. They have also both been asking me for QuakeC help on their projects, which is where some of the time has gone!

Apollo sent me an incomplete alpha copy of his map some time ago, and it was a corker! I can't wait until the layout's finished and I get a chance to try it out again.

Tyrann has been pretty quiet; I assume he's beavering away on both his map and v0.7 of TyrLite, which is out now.

8/4/00: What's going on

Apollo's informed me that an alpha copy of his map will be winging it's way to me Real Soon Now. That makes four maps to play through that I know of for sure. Thank you, Apollo!

When I took over Kona's map, I radically redid the lighting - which Kona didn't like. And I lost the map with Kona's original lighting in it. And Kona asked to have it back! I think I'm in the dogbox now...

30/3/00: Lots of Things

Well, I've decided that my map's all done now, thus I'm not gonna work on it no more. It's ready. It works. Just needs lighting, that's all...

Apart from that, I've just discovered a very irritating thing about triggers: killtarget fields take precedence over target ones, and worse still once the killtargeted crap is done, it returns out without firing the targeted stuff. Bah.

I've ransacked Neil Manke's mod Starship for skins for three new Blue monsters. So I've added Manke as a "passive contributor" to this mod.

Finally, Tronyn's been coming up with fiendish ideas for the final end of game cutscene; the current idea is particularly cruel :) Sounds like it's going to be a cracker though!

19/3/00: Setting Scenes II

By popular request I have added three more screenies; another of Apollo's and smaller versions of Tyrann's. I reckon they'll look better whenever this thing's ready.

16/3/00: Setting Scenes

First one thing, then another: Apollo managed to get some screenies of his contribution; I selected one and put it up on the screenies page.

16/3/00: Setting Scenes

I've redone the storyline (with help from Tronyn), to make it a bit more interesting.

At the moment, the enemy/supplies balance is still uneven; I still need to work on that. The reworking of Kona's map is a bit hung up as I try to get the end-of-level effects working; also some doors are't working as they should. And I'll need to tweak enemies, I suppose, although as this should be the penultimate level you'd expect hardness, right?

One more thing: Tyrann has put up some screenies of his OUM map at his place. Looking good; I can't wait to check it out.

I also had a nice email from a chappie called Gull, expressing anticipation for OUM. It's so nice to get these expressions of support! Thanks Mr Gull, I do hope we don't disappoint you in the long run.

7/3/00: Taking steps

Borsato just mailed me to let me know that he's chasing a mapping job, and also isn't working on OUM any more. I can't figure out whether to send bouquets or brickbats myself :)

I've been beavering away on both my and (to a greater extent) Kona's work; Apollo reckons he's about "25%" done on his. I don't know about everyone else yet.

I am going to go do some homework now.

4/3/00: My Plate Overfloweth

Kona's handed me a basically complete Rune Lab; I'm going to tweak play, add all the nice custom stuff, and generally polish it off. I've redone the lights and rethought the monsters too - it's now very much a map of two halves.

My own map has been more or less stuck with testing right now. Maybe I've put too many monsties in or something; I'll have to figure that out when I have the time.

Finally, as I stated elsewhere, I'm now at university, so I don't have as much time as I used to for mapping and such. There's a couple other projects I may have to bow out of, but not this one. OUM or Bust!

21/2/00: Beta testing Blues

Argh. At the moment I'm in the throes of tweaking my own Rehab Facility - adding stuff, compiling, finding out it isn't working like it should and having to go through the whole bloody process again. So far I've added a little intro movie, a couple secrets and have started embarking on the frustrating process known as "stocking". At least I don't need to worry too much about strewing ammo and health about the place.

I'm still hoping everything will gel by late March the Mumbleth, not that that's likely. Bloody Nehahra will get all the slobbering anyway.

7/2/00: Mapping page korecshuns

Tyrann mailed me to point out that the cutscene details up here didn't seem to jibe with what I was actually doing in the map. He was right, actually; when I originally wrote these pages I was working too fast and didn't catch mistakes fast enough. As a result I've been through the page and fixed as many as I could find.

Tronyn has come up with some good ideas about the plot as well. I really should jazz around his riff and see what he thinks...

I also spent Monday night doing a nice little start map. Just press a couple buttons, then either start OUM or pike back to the old levels. Simple, but what the hey. It works and looks good. Now I have to find out what's b0rking doors in my level...

5/2/00: Update and Alpha

For ages there's been a couple problems with trigger_give: Firstly, "sound not precached" errors, and sometimes it just wouldn't work right. Well, two things have happened to make this trigger better.

  1. I dived into the QuakeC and fixed those problems, and
  2. Made some tex for their accompanying wallboxen.

I've also redone my own level a bit to make use of the various functions of the trigger, and by gum it works like a charm. The image of wallboxen in Features has been altered to show what one looks like.

3/2/00: Makeover to the Stars

Well, here it is: The new look fancy-pants graphicky site. Yippee skip. Still most of the same content though.

Since it's getting so close to the putative release date (March the Wheneverth), I've removed a lot of stuff about lighting, textures and resource kit links. Any new updates to resources are now to be kept "in-house", so to speak.

Tronyn's offered to rewrite the story behind OUM, despite there being bugger all to play with. Myself, I have to now write a brief intro piece to describe this mod, and a FAQ to boot.

30/1/00: OK, so?

DaMaul appears to be out; I've heard nothing from him since I last asked, and screenies of his (originally) OUM map have appeared at Nehahra, so I'm yanking him. Besides, I told him it was cow tipping, but did he listen? Nooo...

Anyway, I've still some work to do on my map. Others I know to still be active are Tyrann, Kona (damn Shambler let the secret out mate, sorry), Tronyn, who may be in cahoots with Mike "For my Babies" Woodham, Apollo and Mikko Ranta. The others haven't said dicky bird yet. Maybe they're too busy with that stupid Real Life stuff or something.

Kona, incidentally, is doing the Rune Lab now. Before it looked a bit like he was intending to redo another work of his, but now he's starting afresh.

So, that makes about six maps likely to appear in this pack. I'm still waiting to hear from the other guys though.

I'd just like to state for the public record that there won't be a fancy Quake engine going with this mod - it's pure QuakeC all the way. This decision is partly so that I can play my own creation (no GL for me), and because much of what I've seen done is chrome. Fog, coloured lights and spinning console backdrops. No thank you!

Finally, I'll be working on a potential new look for this site - more on p1mping the pack than explaining how to do stuff, like this one. Cya.

5/1/00: Weapons Research of a different nature

We now have a chargeable Anti-Matter Cannon! Just hold down the fire button in slow-fire mode to wind up the power - but not too much.

3/1/00: Weapons Research canned

Since Vondur asked me to, I'm taking down the screenies of his canned map. Sigh!

Oh, I'd like to thank the nice man from rec.games.computer.quake.quake-c for his helpful "charging weapon" code. Soon you boys and girls will have a chargeable antimatter cannon! (The only thing still to do is make the damn thing explode on overloading.)

I've also been over at Coffee's message board, and in doing so picked up some interesting tricks that could be used here in OUM. Mostly window dressing, but no less interesting for that.

Gotta go now; I wanna full-vis my part map and see whether that rotating fan shows up this time.

- Fats

3/1/00: Weapons Research canned

Sad to say it, but Vondur has quit OUM, partly because of a lack of action on my part and partly due to a lack of inspiration.

Now I'd like to defend my apparent inertia. For one thing, I know that the IKBase textures are mighty hard to use. I'm struggling with my own OUM map at the moment. But also, I believe you guys can make great maps without me looking over your shoulders all the damn time.

The QuakeC stuff is more or less complete. There's still a couple of cosmetic things to work on, but they don't affect the way one makes maps. Got to work on my own map as well.

Finally, if you've been scratching your head over where the desciptions for the Hipnotic/Rogue entities are, I fixed the link on the Rules page. Oops.

27/12/99: Still here

Well, two months and it appears we're still here :) A new bod or two to help map, and the deadline has been moved back to April the Mumbleth.

Looking over my old emails on this project, I see about five maps that I know are being either worked on or mulled over - a healthy number; I'm not competing with either Nehahra or Zerstörer. Mind you, that number includes my own map, which I really should return to!

You'll notice I've added a page of screen shots from works in progress. I've actually had these on my hard drive for bloody ages, and since there's only about three months left I may as well indulge in a bit of puffery.

Right now I'm waiting to hear from all the bods on the team about what's going on. There's been all sorts of rumblings about this one or that throwing over Q1 mapping for Q3, or forsaking all mapping, or something.

27/10/99: New Conscripts

OK, Apollo and Tronyn have offered to do OUM maps. This is good.

The deadline has been set for March. This is also good, depending on how easy it is to link the maps together. Some other members have been having Real Life problems though, so don't expect a big package (ooer).

20/9/99: Abducted by Quake

Jeez. Two months and no update :P

Anyway, I've asked - with some prodding from the Shambler the remaining teamsters about when they can complete their maps. So far, Vondur says November, Tyrann says February, and Vigilante's unsure. No word yet from the others though.

Of course, there's that business called The Nehahra Project, an SP mod that has Vig and DaMaul pounding on it - as well as Frib, of all people!

So anyway, we could - emphasis on could - have a March release. However, it mightn't be a full episode as intended, I'm unsure.

31/7/99: Taps

Well, since Cheshire is retiring from the mapping scene, I've removed his name from the contributors list. Farewell Chesh. We'll miss you.

31/7/99: No Elton John Jokes Please

Listen up lads! Hear that merry sound of a struggling chain-wrapped body being dragged into your cell? Well, don't just hang there, say hello to Jeff "Rocketman" Kendall. He'll be on the QuakeC side of things, solving stuff I can't figure out, while I apply the leeches.

I've been trying to do some mapping for OUM, but I simply can't think what goes where. Having three other maps, two homework assignments and one serious case of blahs isn't helping either.

29/6/99: QuakeC Help Needed

Grr! Damnitall, this AI business is driving me batty! No matter what, when I try to run it in my tester map, the speed suddenly plummets down to Jerky Stuttery Hell.

Basically, the problem is in the FindMonster function, which does the following: If the monster is a Blue, watch for and attack not just players, but other, non-Blue monsters. Otherwise, watch for and attack players and/or Blues.

The clincher is a flag called FL_BLUE that Blues wear. If anyone thinks they can fix the problem, mail me for the source.

For now, this "feature" of Blues attacking monsters and vice versa has been removed until further notice. (Like, if I can ever get it to friggin' work.)

On a more pleasant note, I've added s'more features! Zerstörer cutscenes, actors, and dinky triggers for you to play with. Have fun y'all!

23/5/99: Blue (and Bishop) Blues

Gah. I haven't updated in yonks... Anyway, I'm still banging away, when I have the time/energy, at the QuakeC that needs doing.

The Blues' AI is still causing me grief. Last build, they would beat up other monsters, but EVERYBODY blithely ignored players, unless they got shot. Hopefully the next build'll fix that :P

Secondly, I'm trying to grovel through a lot of source to work out how to make the big, end of episode badass - The Bishop (a la Mexx) - work. The tricky bits are the weapons firing (I want him to have access to most of the player's armory) and the pain routine - where he either flinches or plays dead. There's other stuff too, but maybe later. (And of course, heaps of boring, repetitive code walloping.)

I haven't heard much from the other members of the team, so I suppose they're doing whatever they're doing.

In the next published build of the PROGS.DAT will be the actor/hostage from Zerstörer. This dude is great for cutscenes, and as soon as I figure out how to work the lil' bleep I'll crank out instructions and stick it up.

DaMaul and Mikko Ranta have sent me (some time ago) neat bits of maps that they've been doing. Both have a slight Zerstörer ambience, and BTW look great.

9/5/99: Blue Blues

Hello there. Yes, I'm still alive :P

The main reason there hasn't been much in the way of updates lately is because I've been banging my head against a problem with the Blues.

Basically, it's this: I want the Blues to attack anything that isn't a Blue. Makes sense in light of the plot, but actually getting this to f*ing work is a pain in the ass.

I mean, I got some working code, but now, when I try to run the modified version of The Frater Fracas, the damn game runs S-L-O-W-W-W. I've got next to no idea how I could speed things up, really.

Apart from that I *have* managed to get Zerstörer cutscenes working, but I haven't done the actor yet. Soon though.

16/4/99: The Russian Front

Vondur is the latest to show interest. All right! This is unbe-fragging-lievable!

And a big shout out to Jaime Davidson for the Zerstörer QuakeC; this'll make a few things a lot easier. W00p!

15/4/99: Horn O' Plenty

After a great deal of banging away, I put my fictional girly mag down long enough to make a working version of the funk-a-licious trigger_give. It's still a bit fiddly to use yet, so read how to use it while downloading the latest resource update.

In today's update, you'll find a load of sounds for the MegaEnforcer, in case you don't hear nothin'. Drop 'em in a SOUNDS\ME sub-folder off your OUM one.

The feline grin sans feline you behold is that of Cheshire, he of The Shrine of Skank. Nice to have him on board.

12/4/99: No Limits Soldier

I'd just like to point out to potential collaborators that there is no deadline you have to meet for the OUM project. You are free to complete anything else you're working on before doing Things with the ol' devkit.

Now, two new faces have turned up expressing interest. Vigilante and Tyrann have had a nosey, liked what they've seen and may even now be fiddling with the Things in the resource kit. Or not. I dunno. Put 'em up on the Contributors page anyway, just in case.

10/4/99: Rick O'Shea

There's a new PROGS.DAT file available with an enhanced nailgun. This baby's nails bounce off things like Ritual's Scourge of Armagon laser! Yes! Fire round corners! Woohoo!

The fix to use both nailguns was simple: Instead of checking for two or more nails and IT_SUPER_NAILGUN I looked for two or more nails and GUN_SUPER_NAILGUN. I'm amazed I never noticed this before... *smack*

9/4/99: Base set up

It's spartan, plain as buggery, boring and loads faster than an ostrich with 18 jalapeno peppers up its arse. This is the official site for the upcoming OUM.

This site was thrown up in a matter of hours (over days :) as a response to people interested in doing maps for it - something I never expected. BeSeen Quizlets are amazing! So, here I go, running around getting everything laid out for you to start mapping.

As such, I don't really have the time to waste messing around with wizzy graphics or JavaScript or all that crap. You wanna map. You wanna go straight to the heart of the matter. So, I won't dick around with fancy-ass layouts. Dive right in.

Anyway, here's what I want to do with the next build of OUM:

  • Construct an entity which, when triggered, gives the triggerer some goodies, such as armour, or ammunition, or health even! No more boxes and bales littering your nice clean bases!
  • Fix one bug: When you get the nailgun, it shoots just like a super nailgun. Frankly, I might just dike the stupid thing out. I dunno. (Hey - maybe I could incorporate the Hipnotic laser code in and make the thing fire round corners! Woohoo!)
  • Create a texture wad of all the "OUM specials" I use, such as the exploding box textures, and the animated computer screens, and anything else that seems a good idea. But for now, I think you have more than enough to go on with.