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June 24, 2000 -Ash

The Fragbait Studios team is getting all geared up to head to QuakeCon 2000.  In the mood of things to come, just a little update on the progress and plans for SpeedQuake .

The final version (barring any releases from id) will be coming out relatively soon.  It will contain what few bug fixes were to be made from the previous release, and more importantly will update the SpeedQuake code to the latest release of Quake 3: Arena .

The download for the final version of SpeedQuake will contain a re-pak-ing of all the SpeedQuake files and configurations, and will be the the stand-alone de-facto download for SpeedQuake.  No other updates are planned after the final version is release, even if id decides to patch again.

As a plug for another fantastic mod, Rocket Arena 3 came out this weekend, and it is absolutely fantastic.  If for some reason your checking this site and haven't downloaded and played RA3 (and your not just looking for some variety), get over there !

Hopefully we'll see you at QCon 2000 !


March 7, 2000 -Ash

The Fragbait Studios site is officially launched today on PlanetQuake and do we have things for you!

First, SpeedQuake v1.3!  This new version of SpeedQuake boasts custom death messages, complete single player support, enhanced /callvote procedures, sq_defaults for servers, and more!  Snag it up quick in the Download and Install section.

Also new in this release is two server configuration files by server guru DForce.  In small server and large server flavors, these config files allow for map rotation with dynamic crack syringe placement based on the map!  This is a perfect solution for you server admins out there who (like us) want to see more crack in the world. =)

Recommended for the new release of SpeedQuake are two custom map paks: MeatPak by Meat, and PQArena by Bugbear.  They can be downloaded here and here, respectively, and they can be easily added to the map rotation by just removing a couple comments and changing one line.

The next treat we have for you level designers and aspiring level designers.  If you like SpeedQuake, you can now grab this custom entities.def file, put it in your Quake 3: Arena Tools directory, and make maps with the SpeedQuake Crack Syringe in them!  When you get your SpeedQuake masterpiece done, send it to us, and we may use it as an official SpeedQuake level!

*Note* If you receive a long "Awaiting Gamestate" when connecting to a server, it's ok!  You're really getting a file from autodownload, but it isn't possible for Quake 3 mods to display the download meter at this time.  So just sit back, have a coke, and enjoy the calm before the storm.


March 2, 2000 -Ash

Fragbait Studios and SpeedQuake made PlanetQuake's Site of the DayAwesome!

Things keep rolling along great for SpeedQuake, and since we're going to be releasing a set of specialized server config files soon, contact me if you have a SpeedQuake server up.  We'll list it here, and if anything, the full Fragbait Crew will be hitting it hard just about every night. =)

And if you have any questions or comments about anything SpeedQuake, stop by the SpeedQuake forum on Fragbait.org.


March 1, 2000 -Ash

Quake3Mods.net has a review of SpeedQuake up.  The review is well written, and gives SpeedQuake a final rating of 80%.  The rating is an average of several categories, and considering most of the mods with higher ratings attempted improvements in less categories than SpeedQuake, the final score is pretty good.

Hopefully after the improvements in the works are released, Satapher will enjoy it even more.  Especially considering stated he played Single Player for his review, and full single player support is coming next week. =)

Thanks again Quake3Mods.net and Satapher!


February 29, 2000 -Ash

The response to SpeedQuake has been amazing!  Of course, we're not done yet. =)

Now you can download the GameSpy 3D tab (by DForce) to make finding SpeedQuake servers on the internet easier.  And later this week you can expect a very sexy suite of server config files to make running a top notch SpeedQuake server a piece of cake.

And to the server admin's out there, don't forget to run maps with the Crack Syringe.  By default the crack syringe replaces the battle suit, regeneration, flight, and (of course) haste.  But if you want to run q3dm4 for example, it is a blast with sq_redarmorcrack 1 turned on, that way you get some Quad Crack action!!! =)

Expect the server config files soon (in small server, large server, and team SpeedQuake DM), and be sure and get the GameSpy tab from the Download and Install section!

Happy SpeedFraggin! 


February 28, 2000 -Ash

We've moved to PlanetQuake, and SpeedQuake Version 1.0 is released!  Head to the Download and Install section to get it from FilePlanet.

The rest of these pages are where you can find all of the info about the much anticipated SpeedQuake mod from Fragbait Studios.  Check them out:

Head on over to the Features and Gameplay section to learn more about the premise.

Travel through to the SpeedQuake in Action pages to gander at the first of many preview screenshots

Leech onto the Download and Install section.

Or even take a peek at the Development Team credits.

Don't forget to check back periodically for more SpeedQuake updates from the Fragbait Studios team.


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