In-flight navigation

A couple of anomalies to do with jumping and the time in the air that follows it were already mentioned in the previous article. There are more that probably should have been noted too. Although id fixed the Qtest bug allowing +moveup and +movedown to operate when jumping, there still remain a couple of ways you can manoeuvre in mid-air that, strictly speaking, are a little strange.

One of these everyone has probably noticed - by pressing +back you can cancel out your +forward jump velocity, and vice versa. So if you are going to land a little bit too far beyond a ledge and topple into some lava, you can always try putting on the air-brakes. In fact, you can even start going backwards again before you land.

The other is related, but harder to get right unless you know the trick. You can steer in mid-air as well; and in fact you can manage to jump and turn a hundred and eighty degrees to get round a corner. Learning to do this to get to the Quad in dm3 is a good idea (well, actually you can also do this one with a straight jump if you get the angle and timing right.) You can see a good example of a 180 degree grenade-jump in the Quake done Quicker movie if you playdemo e4m4.

The key to doing this sort of mid-air steering is simple enough - having started going +forward, don't do a -forward command once you have jumped. In other words, hang onto whatever control it is you use to move forward all the time you are in the air; until you let go you will be able to change direction just as if you were on the ground. (Thanks to Karel Suhajda for pointing me in the right direction smiley concerning this one.)

This particular bug/feature was fixed for QuakeWorld; it only works in yer regular Quake. You can put on the air-brakes in QW, but you can't go backwards, and you can't steer in mid-air. Another bug bites the dust.