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Latest Editorial

  • Keeping Up With the Bugs.
    January 12, 2002 — Abomonog
    Can't they get it right the first time?

    Past Editorials

  • Quake 3 Arena will live a long life.
    November 3, 2001 — Abomonog
    Many people just can't afford to keep up with technology anymore.

  • Hits at Any Cost?
    June 8, 2001 — IsmiteU
    Where are the ethical bountries in gaming news?

  • Realism
    February 7, 2000 — PainBerry
    Is it possible in any Quake game?

  • Is Quake 3 Art?
    January 8, 2000 — DamageInc
    An insightful community member looks at the merit of Quake 3 as true Art.

  • The Cart Before The Source
    December 5, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Has the trend towards professionalism begun cutting mods off at the root?

  • Shafted by Father Time
    November 14, 2000 — Banshee
    A member of Alliance Games gives his thoughts on when a mod gets Shafted by Father Time (and bad scheduling of release dates).

  • More of What's Wrong With 1.25
    October 4, 2000 — Niptlar and Yoshokun
    A guided tour of why, how and where 1.25 goes wrong.

  • Oops I(D) Did It Again
    September 26, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    id Software had released another Point for Q3A. Can those who asked for changes cope when they actually get them?

  • A House That id Built
    September 4, 2000 — Hellchick
    The mod community has gone from making the weapons shoot faster to making total conversions that border on completely new games and sending out press releases about their newest projects. Is it in danger of losing its perspective?

  • A Whole New World
    August 29, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Lee'Mon played Doom once already; he hopes the new game will prove it can be so much more.

  • You Can Never Go Back
    August 21, 2000 — Plummer
    id Software have made the announcement; their next product is a new DOOM game. But can it live up to its predecessor?

  • Where, Oh Where...
    July 24, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    It's been a while since Q3A was released. So where are all the really cool mods we've never seen before?

  • Girls' Day Out
    July 17, 2000 — Hellchick Hellchick discusses the QuakeCon 2000 event schedule and why women gamers should not be singled out for special attention.

  • Maps Where Maps Are Due
    July 10, 2000 — RiO RiO says that realistic maps belong with realistic mods - trying to put them in a vanilla game of Q3A is pointless and ruins the playing experience.

  • The Genesis of the Storytelling Engine
    June 26, 2000 — Sven Will the new DOOM technology come with a great single player game, or will it simply be another engine for the community to make those great single player games?

  • The Flames of Fandom
    June 19, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Fans are good, but can you be too much of a fan?

  • Pro Mode: A Return to Quakeworld?
    June 12, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Should the Pro Mode mod be the standard for Quake III Arena competitions?

  • Quake Dead? Not Hardly
    June 5, 2000 — Hellchick SAS of Barry'sWorld proclaims that Quake is dead and must make room for teamplay. But the long-running series is hardly dead.

  • Good Mod, Bad Mod
    May 29, 2000 — Banshee What goes into the making of a good mod? An amateur mod author gives us his take on it.

  • Spheres of Influence
    May 22, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Gamers are changing the face of the industry by influencing a game through its entire development process. What's the result?

  • Long Live LAN!
    May 16, 2000 — Oswald
    What makes a LAN party so much fun?

  • What Makes a Good Map?
    May 8, 2000 — RiO
    Unfortunately for us, there's a lot of bad maps out there.

  • Roots? You're Talking About the Tree
    May 1, 2000 — Sven
    Deathmatch started long before Quake.

  • "Missin' Pack"? I Think Not!
    April 25, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Is the negative feedback on the upcoming Q3A mission pack justified?

  • It's a Great Time to be Single
    April 17, 2000 — Sven
    Quake 2 is a great single-player foundation -- the community should be using this to create new and innovative maps, mission packs, and more.

  • A Return to Netiquette
    April 10, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Have we become a community of arses?

  • On "The Games Kids Play"
    April 3, 2000 — Schnapple
    Schnapple gives his assessment of 20/20's piece of games and violence and their interview with id's Todd Hollenshead.

  • Keep Quake Alive!
    March 20, 2000 — Pirate
    Is the classic that started it all in danger of being forgotten?

  • Q3A Is A Wonka Bar
    March 13, 2000 — Ash
    Unlike Hollywood celebrities, id Software and other important people in the Quake community are approachable, and that's what makes it special.

  • The Price of Freedom
    March 6 , 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Pure server, the release of the source do we keep the game security without taking away the fun?

  • Q3A = SDK? I Hope Not
    February 28, 2000 — Juan Golbez
    A rebuttal to Schnapple's editorial.

  • On the Q3A Platform
    February 21, 2000 — Schnapple
    Schnapple tells us that Q3A isn't a game, it's a platform for game development.

  • Talkin' 'bout My Generations
    February 14, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Lee'Mon tells Generations fans why the project never will come to be, and that they should move on.

  • Why Are We Here?
    January 31, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Lee'Mon talks about mod authoring and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps to a real job.

  • The Need for Speed
    January 17, 2000 — Seka
    Seka tells us how id games like Quake are responsible for more powerful computers.

  • The "Foxed" and the Hounds
    January 11, 2000 — Leemon
    Could your mod fall under the corporate axe?

  • The Boy Who Cried "TC"
    December 28, 1999 — Leemon
    Has the term "TC" been taken too far?

  • Report Card to the NIMF
    December 1, 1999 — Leemon
    A reaction to the NIMF's opinion on video games and violence.

  • The Importance of Complexity and Diversity in Today's Games
    November 23rd, 1999 — Requiem
    FPS complexity challenges our skills.

  • Gaming and Violence
    November 16th, 1999 — Dru
    Is Quake, along with other games in its genre, really responsible for acts of violence committed by today's youth?

  • A Purist's Rules to FPS Design
    November 5th, 1999 — Ryan "Novus" Harris
    Keeping the clutter out of FPS'.

  • Rebuttal to Essobie's Editorial
    October 15th, 1999 — Andrew
    Grapple Controversy-Part Deux

  • The Woes Of Being A Multi-Gamer
    October 12th, 1999 — Brian "Rozzer" Forsyth
    Game loyalty?

  • CTF!=The Grappling Hook
    October 7th, 1999 — Essobie
    Q3 Arena - minus the grapple hook.

  • Jailbreak and Free Lunches
    October 4th, 1999 — Steve Karstensen
    Do mod makers "owe" people anything?

  • Pixels and Texels
    September 13th, 1999 — Roscoe Sincero
    A look at the future of video cards.

  • Yes, camping is evil.
    September 2nd, 1999 — Assasin/Annihilist[LSD]
    A response to "The Evils of Camping"

  • Give Me Cable Or Give Me Death!
    August 31st, 1999 — Hellchick
    Will we all be LPBs one day?

  • Does Age Equal Maturity?
    August 25th, 1999 — Dissonance
    Is age a defining factor in online gaming?

  • Headhunting
    August 23rd, 1999 — Monsto
    Monsto from the "Headhunter's Team" talks about Tinman's port of Headhunters to Tribes.

  • Hitler Go Home!
    August 17th, 1999 — Fargo
    To what extent should services like FilePlanet and GameSpyder monitor the content they link to?

  • To Smack or Not to Smack
    August 12th, 1999 — Hellchick
    Trash talking and the Female Frag Fest.

  • The Evils of Camping
    August 9th, 1999 — Fiend
    Action Quake 2 and camping.

  • Shifting Trends In The Gaming Industry
    July 13th, 1999 — Chris Smith (Dragon Master)
    id switching to the multiplayer only games has triggered an interesting move in gaming trends.

  • 32-bit Graphics Shows 3dfx's True Colors
    July 12th, 1999 — Roscoe Sincero
    A continuation of the last article.

  • Is She 7 or 17?
    June 30th, 1999 — Roscoe Sincero A look at what your getting and not getting with the Voodoo3.

  • Doom2000 + Rebuttal
    June 3rd, 1999 — EpsCylonB and John Brownlee
    A response to the Doom2000 editorial and a responce to that...

  • Doom 2000 and Q3A
    May 26th, 1999 — Fragmaster
    Fragmaster speaks his mind.

  • The L33T D00D Multiplayer Tutorial
    May 11th, 1999 — Lowtax
    It's about time we addressed their needs.

  • Sue'em All
    April 15th, 1999 — Lowtax
    The 100 Millionth Editorial Written About The Stupid id Software Lawsuit.

  • PC Game Boxes
    April 9th, 1999 — Fargo
    They're just not big enough, damn it!

  • It's Our Game And We'll Capture IF We Want To
    April 2nd, 1999 — Ian Hamilton
    In defense of CTF and its community.

  • Capture The ZZzz...
    March 26th, 1999 — Tikki
    Why are CTF mods so dominant in the first person shooter world? Can somebody chage the record please?

  • Breaking The Cycle
    February 26th, 1999 — WizardMan
    A look at attitudes to newbies in the online gaming community, and the kind of treatment they have to face from the viewpoint of a genuine AOL ex-newbie.

  • Hard And Fast
    February 19th, 1999 — Ted J. Vessenes A look at what makes QuakeWorld and Quake II different and how Quake III Arena may bring it all together.

  • Best Of Both Worlds
    February 12th, 1999 — Paul Campbell
    Paul Campbell, aka [NME]MrBassMan, takes a look at the whole QuakeWorld vs Quake II debate and puts the European Quake II community's side of the argument. How does all this affect Quake III Arena? Are id being swayed by a small but vocal minority of American QuakeWorlders? Will Quake III Arena just be QuakeWorld with fancier graphics, will id succeed in bringing us the best of both worlds, or will they just cop out and leave it all up to the server ops?

  • Nice Guys Finish Last
    February 5th, 1999 — Dan Lichtenberg
    A look at attitudes towards newbies, and etiquette and good manners in the Quake community, or rather the lack of both.

  • Just For The Fun Of It
    January 29th, 1999 — Anacrime
    Do some people take Quake TOO seriously? It's just a game...

  • The Decline Of The Quake Empire
    January 22nd, 1999 — Chris "Mankovic" Stanton
    Is the Quake community decaying? Are we in danger of being over-run by llamas, arrogant players, whiners and people who don't RTFM? Mankovic gives his $0.02...

  • Never Touch The Core
    January 15th, 1999 — Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta
    Nusco of the Holy Wars team takes a look at the hardcore gamers and the great unwashed masses and asks which is more important to a game's success...

  • Old Blood'n'Guts
    January 8th, 1999 — Gestalt
    Gestalt takes a look at violent computer games and the witch hunt against them.

  • Quake Arena
    June 16, 1998 — Fragmaster
    Fragmaster makes a quick recovery from the shock announcement that Quake III is to be come .. Quake Arena (ahem), and takes a look at id's latest U-turn.

  • Taking The Demon By The Horns
    January 1st, 1999 — Mitchell S. Honnert
    A new editorial from Mitchell Honnert asks if id will become the Microsoft of the gaming industry, comparing id's Quake III Arena to Microsoft's assimilation of features into it's operating systems that has landed it in hot water recently. Will id leave features out of Q3A to avoid upsetting third party developers, or will they take the demon by the horns?

    Further back into the editorial archives

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