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    PlanetQuake | Features | Articles | The Gauntlet: Quake 4

The Gauntlet
Is Raven up to the task of a Quake sequel?
  — by F4nt0m45 and ConfusedUs

Mills Lane starts to spawn at that Quad in Q3DM6, but all of a sudden, there's a rain of Lane's gibs! Telefrag!
The dust... er, meaty chunks of flesh settle, and Judge Judy rises from the carnage!

Judge Judy: Damn kids and their violent video games. I just got blood all over my robe because of you two kids! What are you two even arguing about this time?

F4nt0m45: Well you see Judy, I just don't know if Raven can pull off another version of Quake that'll please the masses of hardcore Quake fans. I told ConfusedUs this, and obviously he strongly disagrees with me. I'd like to note that ConfusedUs tends to inhale weird fumes.

Judge Judy: Alright, I suppose that's a reasonable argument on your part, F4nt0m45. Now. Turns to ConfusedUs ConfusedUs was it? Would you like to make your opening statement so I can hurry up and get this robe to the dry cleaners? Who would have thought Lane would have let so many gibs fly?

ConfusedUs: It's me again. The Almighty Confused One. Can Raven do a good job with Quake4? Hell yea! Look at Elite Force. They pulled off an existing franchise with ease. And nobody is pickier than SCI-FI freaks. Gamers come close...but jeez...if you can make a TREKKIE like a game, you definitely have some skill.

F4nt0m45: Nice to have you back ConfusedUs, here to lose another debate? I don't doubt Raven can make a good Quake4. I just doubt whether or not that hardcore Quake fans, such as myself, will be satisfied. I know Quake III Arena didn't really satisfy my needs when I first got my paws on it; it felt like a half empty glass of sour milk. It wasn't that the game was all THAT bad, it just wasn't Quake 2. That's what I'm trying to get at. Q1 fans are going to be complaining because it doesn't have a deep atmosphere, Q2 fans will complain because the weapon switching speeds are a bit off, but at least Q3 fans will be happy since there's supposed to be a story line, and maybe a plot included in Q4, something id forget for Q3. As far as the Trekkie's go, are they really human, and are there still people learning Klingon? Honestly, where do people find the time to learn a fictional language? Anyways, they're just psyched because they finally received a Trek game worth installing.

Judge Judy: What's with all the Trekkie bashing? I've spent many years perfecting my Klingon speech, and now you kids think you can just yap your mouths off and bash my native language?

ConfusedUs: Trekkies scare me.

If you're talking about hardcore "THE ROCKET LAUNCHER IS A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN IT WAS IN SO YOUR GAME SUCKS!"'ll NEVER please them. I know. I work for the GENERATIONS ARENA team! We have SO many people complain about things like where the rocket launcher is positioned, or that Doom can't walk on water. Not lying there. I wish I had saved that email...

My point is you can NEVER please everyone. There are people that don't play q3 because it doesn't look like q2, or feel like q1, or have the attitude of Doom. I don't play q3 much because it just feels unfinished to there was more to do to it.

However, I think that if Raven can bring back the EXCELLENT game play and theme of Quake2 single player, they'll do fine. Give us some ugly-assed iron maidens and some fancy-schmancy weapons in a sci-fi base, and most people will be happy. Just please leave out the parasites this time. I hate those things! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE THOSE THINGS!

ConfusedUs sneaks up behind Judge Judy with his Super Shotgun armed...

F4nt0m45: Like I said, they're not really people. They're some whole other race, and they make me cry...

Yes, I am talking about the hardcore. You can't make them entirely happy, no, but they will end up playing your game for one reason and only one reason. It's Quake, and their life wouldn't be complete if they didn't try out the newest installment. Naturally, they'll hate the game and afterwards they'll find as many forums as they can and say it sucks as bad as Counter-Strike, as if that's even possible!

I personally feel that Q3 did a good job of somewhat blending Q1 and Q2. Q2, in my opinion, had fast player movement, but the weapons were just obnoxiously slow. Q1 had faster weapon switching and what not, and Q3 did a good job of combining it. It just would have been a helluva lot better if they would have finished it.

Game play and theme of Q2 single player? I never really felt it was all that excellent in my opinion. Q2 was good, no doubt, but as with all of id's games, it didn't even attempt at a story line. That really hurts a SP experience for me. At least in Serious Sam you have a funny lead character and goofy stuff happening around you, not too mention at least 2.5 assloads of enemies. Q2 just had slow weapons, weak enemies, and lacked something... What was it again? Oh yah, that story line thing. I just hope my Railgun isn't forgotten... I can't imagine it being left out, but if it is, I'll be crying for weeks, and then it's off to Raven's office for bloodshed.

Hey Judy, I'd watch out behind you.

Judge Judy: Behind me? Con fires and gibs go flying!

ConfusedUs: Clean that off your robe, Trekkie.

In my opinion, Quake2 had the most immersive storyline and game play of any id game so far, except for Commander Keen. Q1 had more atmosphere and better weapons though, and is still my personal favorite.

But back to Q4, I wouldn't mind seeing a nice storyline behind the game this time and Raven can pull it off, I'm sure. If they get story, atmosphere, and game play down, the game will rock. If they're missing any of the above, they'll be torn to shreds by the community. You can never please everyone, but I'm betting they can please enough people and make a really good game.

F4nt0m45: Q1 had better weapons? Nay I say, nay. The shaft and Rockets were cool and all, but only for so long. Quake 2 had a perfect inventory SP wise, but MP wise, it lacked. Can't have your cake and throw it at someone too I guess.

But yeah, back to Q4. You think they can get story, atmosphere, and game play down all in one shot? Raven has the skills without a doubt, but it's still a huge task, and that's just on the single player side. You still have the multiplayer part to worry about, since that's what really drives a game nowadays. I mean, what's the biggest gripe about Max Payne? No multiplayer. It hurts a game and there's no way to say it doesn't. Imagine if RtCW didn't have MP capabilities? There wouldn't be a PlanetWolfenstein if not probably.

Now the problem is avoiding the problem that I felt there was in Q2's MP. You had guns that worked out nicely in SP, but when you went to use them on others, they were seemingly worthless. That's what I like about Q3, all the guns I have in my inventory have a good useful purpose. In q2 all you need was the Rockets, the rail, and the trusty Boomstick. You didn't need the Machine gun, hyperblaster, but I guess the chaingun and pineapple launcher were useful. Yet they weren't really something you fought to get your paws on. What do you think; can they get both sides of the fence hammered down?

ConfusedUs: I'd be happy if they did multiplayer in the same way RtCW did...give the job to someone else. Raven will do a kick-ass job on the single player side, I don't doubt that a bit; doing the multiplayer at the same time will be a pain in the ass. If they have one team busting ass on the single player game, and another (either within Raven, or an outside source) on the multiplayer, things would proceed much more smoothly. I wouldn't mind if the multiplayer had some weapons the single player didn't (or if existing weapons worked differently), and vice versa. It would help out.

F4nt0m45: What if the (hope you're ready for this) dreaded realism craze strikes Q4? If things don't change too much between now, and the time Q4 is a reality, seeing class based MP wouldn't be surprising. I mean if Raven wants to fill their wallets instead of hardcore quake hearts, then they'll be beefing MP up with class based team play, semi realistic weapons, and oh god... locational damage! Please note, I'm not saying Raven's a bunch of money grubbing parasites, because I don't think that at all, but publishers are money grubbing parasites. They want games that the gaming community is thirsty for, not something new, not something different. In case you haven't noticed the only games being made at this moment is Counter-Strike in different parts of the world with different guns.

Will Raven avoid this realism craze? I don't think it'll be yet another Counter-Hack hack, but I won't be surprised to see some sort of realism in the game. I want my strafe-jumping, rocket hopping, plasma climbing fragging action to stay true, an if it doesn't then label me "The Stubborn Hardcore Gamer". *Fires off a slug in Con's direction*

ConfusedUs: If they turn Q4 into a realistic game, someone's gonna die. I'll drive to Raven HQ and open fire. I swear it! Flash forward 2 years, Raven HQ

ABC News Reporter: Yep, it's official. Video games do make kids more violent, and now the evil has come full circle. Resident nutcase Eric "ConfusedUs" Riddle has opened fire on Raven Studio's home office, killing 5 and injuring 14. Three are not expected to last the night.

Back to the present

Damn...did I do that?

F4nt0m45: Not yet, give it a couple years. Not only that, I would hope all those hours playing Quake would have paid off better than just 5 and 14. Surely your aim is better than that, especially when fighting the evil of realism games!

In the end, I'm just going to hope for the best, and try to accept Q4 as an entirely new game. I'll try not to compare it to the past Quakes, and perhaps I'll be able to enjoy the game. If there's realism crap in it though, do you think you can give me a ring before you head off to raven's HQ's?

You know, we should really be careful with our judges from now on. Eventually we'll be out of celebrity Judges for this.

ConfusedUs runs the website for Wirehead and is known for his scathing wit, bizarre links, and the lethal danger he represents to celebrity judges and game developers.

F4nt0m45 is a PQ newsie who should be kept away from power tools, small children, and poorly made sequels.

Got some comments? Make yourself heard. Write some feedback!

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