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Latest Article

  • Quake Expo 2005
    August 16, 2005 — Pappy-R
    Taking frags one day at a time, the years and bodies pile high!

  • Celebrating 8 Great Years of PlanetQuake!
    October 14, 2004 — Pappy-R
    Now serving both Quake and Quake II!

    Past Articles

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Generations
    August 9, 2004 — Pappy-R
    Old-school action meets modern mayhem!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Loki's Revenge CTF
    July 01, 2004 — Pappy-R
    Classic action brings new blood!

  • Kickin' It Jersey Style
    March 10, 2004 — Pappy-R
    PlanetQuake Hits The GXL Event

  • PlanetQuake's 7th Birthday
    October 14, 2003 — Pappy-R
    PlanetQuake Celebrates Seven Years Of Ownage!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: QPong Arena v2.0
    September 12, 2003 — Pappy-R
    We've got big balls and the will to use them!

  • Viralis Preview
    July 24, 2003 — Pappy-R
    Checking out this hot, five map pack for Q3A!

  • Quake Expo 2003 in Review
    July 14, 2003 — Jube
    A look back at Quake Expo 2003

  • Q3Platformer v2 Shots
    July 3, 2003 — Pappy-R
    Like your Q3 on the side?

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: True Combat (Beta 1.0)
    June 27, 2003 — Pappy-R
    Superrealism a reality?

  • Quake Speedrun Community Interviews - Part II
    March 12, 2002 — Jube
    The SDA interviews conclude!

  • Quake Speedrun Community Interviews - Part I
    March 10, 2002 — Jube
    These guys are hooked on some serious speed...

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Weapons Factory Area
    December 7, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Class based teamplay for all seasons!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Midget Wars
    October 31, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Tiny aliens, big mod!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Modifia
    September 5, 2002 — Pappy-R
    The hordes have hit Q3A and the hunt is on!

  • QuakeCon 2002 Diary: IceStorm
    August 17, 2002 — IceStorm
    IceStorm journies to the Quake holy ground and gets baptized!

  • PlanetQuake at QuakeCon 2002 - Finale
    August 23, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Pappy's final comments on the event of the year and five pages of pics!

  • PlanetQuake at QuakeCon 2002 - Day Two
    August 17, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R wraps up QuakeCon 2002 Day Two, complete with photos!

  • PlanetQuake at QuakeCon 2002 - Day One
    August 16, 2002 — Pappy-R
    A set of QuakeCon 2002 Day One pictures!

  • PlanetQuake and PlanetWolfenstein at QuakeCon 2002!
    July 26, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Dances, glances and frags by the bucket!

  • PlanetQuake and OverDrive PC at QuakeCon 2002!
    July 15, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Ph4t loot and trick-jumps to boot!

  • Gauntlet: FFA vs Teamplay
    June 20, 2002 — F4nt0m45
    Flags or frags? Madman takes on F4nt0m45 to settle the debate!

  • Gauntlet: Quake 4
    June 13, 2002 — F4nt0m45
    What will Raven do with a Quake sequel?

  • Gauntlet: Pro Gaming
    May 23, 2002 — F4nt0m45
    Are pro gamers draining the fun out of Quake?

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Bid For Power
    May 6, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Anime power that's so popular!

  • Get Weird for Wireless Contest
    March 25, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Make us laugh for loot!

  • Jube's Just Desserts
    March 12, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Oh, this is gonna hurt somebody, and bad!

  • The Dark Conjunction Demo Preview
    Febuary 12, 2002 — Pappy-R
    The Dark Conjunction dishes out a bigger serving!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Afterwards
    January 3, 2002 — Pappy-R
    Family fun for everyone on a scorched and violent earth!

  • Generations Arena Shots
    December 19, 2001 — Pappy-R
    All the id flavours in one hot soup!

  • Holiday Wallpaper Contest
    December 14, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Cover us for the holidays!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: The Dark Conjunction
    December 11, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Single player action in Quake III!

  • The Dark Conjunction Screenshots
    December 11, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Moody single player in Q3A!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Nifleheim 3D
    December 3, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Pop a cherub today!

  • Alliance 3.0 Preview
    November 26, 2001 — Pappy-R
    How big and bad can it be?

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Maldavria
    November 19, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Good VS Evil using technology and magic!

  • Maldavria Pic Preview
    November 15, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Come along on a magical tour of power, blood and terror!

  • Bazooka Quake 3 (final) Screenshots
    November 13, 2001 — Pappy-R
    If you like big, beefy blasts, this mod's for you!

  • Nostromo n50 Review and Giveaway!
    October 27, 2001 — Pappy-R
    See why you want to win one!

  • PlanetQuake Creature Feature Contest
    October 17, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Come scare us for booty!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: ThreeWave CTF
    October 11, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Checkin' the waves!

  • ThreeWave Pic Preview
    October 9, 2001 — IceStorm
    Top secret pics!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Tribal CTF
    October 8, 2001 — IceStorm and Pappy-R
    Tribal gets personal!

  • Tribal CTF v2 Screenshots
    October 2, 2001 — IceStorm
    Phat pics of the Tribal CTF v2 release!

  • Bat Chat
    September 30, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Three mapping moguls together!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: FreakBall Arena
    September 27, 2001 — Pappy-R
    One ball, two teams..lots of guns!

  • Top Ten Wack Mods
    September 21, 2001 — Jube
    Top Ten Wack Mods That Should Never Be

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Alternate Fire
    August 30, 2001 — Pappy-R
    New ways to live..and die.

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: SuperHeroes III
    August 7, 2001 — Pappy-R
    It's all about power baby!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Military Forces Q3
    July 30, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Climbing into the cockpit!

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: True Combat
    July 27, 2001 — Pappy-R
    A look at the Beta0045 release. "SuperReality!"

  • PQ Wallpaper Contest Results
    July 11, 2001 — Pappy-R
    We asked for it and you all delivered! Check out the art in this gallery.

  • LvL PlanetQuake Q3A Map Pack #2
    June 12, 2001 — Pappy-R
    LvL and PlanetQuake have another official map pack for Quake III, load up on Pack #2!

  • Fragtopia 2001 Update
    June 3, 2001 — Ash
    The PlanetQuake staff is a'moving and a'groovin' at the Fragtopia 2001 event.

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Arena_World
    May 18, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R gets the scoop on the new and original Arena_World modification for Quake 3: Arena.

  • PlanetQuake Top Dawg Competition
    May 1, 2001 — PQ Staff
    Pappy-R takes a good look at the Evolution Eve - Clan Arena mod for Quake 3: Arena complete with screenshots.

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Evolution Eve - Clan Arena
    April 26, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R takes a good look at the Evolution Eve - Clan Arena mod for Quake 3: Arena complete with screenshots.

  • LvL PlanetQuake Q3A Map Pack #1
    March 27, 2001 — Pappy-R
    LvL and PlanetQuake team up to release the first awesome map pack in the LvL PlanetQuake series.

  • The Claw Controller Review
    March 12, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R reviews an alternative controller for Quake players.

  • Top Ten Reasons Quake 3: Team Arena Rocks!
    March 10, 2001 — Pappy-R and Ash
    We picked the top ten features of Q3:TA that topped the list of complete 0wnage.

  • WestLAN Wrapup
    March 4, 2001 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R takes a trip to a first time LAN in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

  • Alliance v2 Screenshots
    December 31, 2000 — Pappy-R
    The Alliance v2 release is imminent, and Pappy-R has some sweet screenshots showing what's coming up.

  • The Beatdown Before Christmas
    December 25, 2000 — Pappy-R
    GameSpy really knows how to do Christmas right, with a fragfest!

  • PlanetQuake's Christmas Contest 2000 Results
    December 16, 2000 — Pappy-R
    The Christmas Contest has come to an end, and Pappy-R is here to hand out the swag.

  • From The Hardcore Side: Tips for Handling 1.27
    December 16, 2000 — Pappy-R
    1.27 is here, and some people are having some issues, Pappy-R goes to bat to find out why.

  • PlanetQuake's Christmas Contest 2000.
    December 4, 2000 — Pappy-R
    A PQ Kind of Christmas, Where Santa Comes Early!

  • Skin My Ash Contest Results.
    November 29, 2000 — Ash
    The results are in, and some of the most talented skin artists in the community stepped up to create amazing skins.

  • Top Ten Mods We Don't Want To See.
    November 17, 2000 — Pappy-R and Ash
    There are some things that are better left uncreated, we want to make sure they don't.

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Western Q3
    November 10, 2000 — Hellchick
    Hellchick takes a quick look at a new Western-themed mod for Quake 3.

  • Top Ten Reasons Quake 2 Rocks!
    October 19, 2000 — Pappy-R and Ash
    Last time worked too well to try and stop a good thing, this time Pappy-R and Ash take a crack at what makes Quake 2 Rock.

  • More Exclusive Screenshots of Quake 3 Fortress
    October 24, 2000 — Pappy-R
    More exclusive shots to wet the appetite for Beta 1F of Quake 3 Fortress.

  • Big Fuzzy Focus: Annihilation
    October 21, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R takes a long look at the Annihilation mod for Quake 3: Arena by interviewing some of the team, and getting some excellent screenshots.

  • Exclusive Quake 3 Fortress Screenshots!
    October 21, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R snagged some exclusive screenshots from the Quake 3 Fortress team.

  • Top Ten Reasons Quake 1 Rocks!
    October 19, 2000 — Pappy-R and Ash
    It's time to look at the classic Quake with fond remembrance, when Pappy-R and Ash take a look at just what made Quake rock!

  • At Age Four, PQ Can Walk, Talk, and Kick Ass!
    October 14, 2000 — Pappy-R
    PlanetQuake turns four, and Pappy-R is there to relay the recent history of PlanetQuake, and solicits comments from people in PQ's past.

  • "What's the Big Fuzzy" Contest
    October 13, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Sure, everyone calls it The Big Fuzzy, but do you know what it means? If you do, you could win free swag!

  • The Two-Year Revolution
    October 12, 2000 — Fargo
    A classic article resurrected for our 4th anniversary, Fargo looks back at the first 2 years of PQ.

  • Political Arena Debate One
    October 5, 2000 — Pappy R
    We bring the campaign trail home as the Democratic and Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates face off.

  • Generations - Chapter 9
    September 28, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Yes, it's the ninth chapter in Lee'Mon's epic Generations novella, set in the Q3A universe!

  • Classic CTF Release Focus
    September 24, 2000 — Pappy R
    Pappy gets the grand scoop on the Classic CTF release!

  • Quake 3 Top Ten Embarrassing Moments
    September 23, 2000 — The PQ Staff
    The gang comes up with the moments that you just want to fall into the void and die.

  • Generations - Chapter 8
    September 22, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Chapter 8 of Generations, the novella that has the fans on the edges of their seats!

  • Pappy R's CCC Diary
    August 31, 2000 — Pappy R
    Pappy takes a trip to Toronto to take in the Canadian Cyber Championships!

  • Generations - Chapter 7
    August 28, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    The seventh long-awaited chapter in Lee'Mon's epic novella that takes place in the Q3A universe.

  • From the Hardcore Side - 1 on 1 Play
    August 11, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R tells you all about how to use the weapons the right way in the first part of a mini-series for FTHCS.

  • Haiku Quake Winners!
    August 1, 2000 — Hellchick
    You guys get poetic on us, and we show you who the winners were.

  • Generations - Chapter 6
    July 27, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Doom finds himself knee deep in the dead, Crash enters the Arena Eternal and gives some lessons to's all in Chapter 6!

  • Battle Top Hits the U.S.!
    July 26, 2000 — Hellchick
    Hellchick gives you the scoop on the first US tournament for the World Internet Gaming League - and Carmen Electra was there!

  • From the Hardcore Side - Teamplay Strategies, Part III
    July 21, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R continues the chat with Dave "Charger" Wilson, who dives into more teamplay strategies to improve your game.

  • Haiku Quake!
    July 18, 2000 — Hellchick
    Come on, you know you're a hidden poet. Write us a haiku about blood, guts, and Quake and win a prize!

  • World's Silliest Mods
    July 18, 2000 — Hellchick
    Hellchick takes a look at some of the strangest (and consequently most fun) mods ever done for the Quake series.

  • Generations - Chapter 5
    July 13, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    The Vadrigar watch their prey - the further adventures of Doom and Crash!

  • From the Hardcore Side - Teamplay Strategies, Part II
    July 7, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Learn some of the best teamplay strategies from Dave "Charger" Wilson.

  • Generations - Chapter 4
    July 6, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Crash, Phobos, and Doom fight their way into a conspiracy headed up by Uriel.

  • From the Hardcore Side - Teamplay Strategies
    June 30, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R tells you how to improve your competitive teamplay deathmatch game with tips on strategy.

  • Generations - Chapter 3
    June 29, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    This week, Mynx and Sarge enter a new century and meet the mysterious Uriel...

  • Generations - Chapter 2
    June 22, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Follow Mynx through the second chapter of Generations, the story behind the upcoming Wirehead Studios mod.

  • From the Hardcore Side - The Stickmen, part 2
    June 16, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R continues his interrogation of one of the most successful clans on the Q3A competitive scene.

  • Generations - Chapter 1
    June 15, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Five generations - one eternal combat! It's chapter 1 of Lee'Mon's short story weaving the lives of the Arena characters together with suspense and intrigue.

  • Let the Terror Begin!
    June 6, 2000 — Hellchick
    The Silicon Ice team gives PQ a guided tour of their upcoming realistic action mod, Urban Terror, and it's looking more than impressive.

  • From the Hardcore Side - The Stickmen
    June 2, 2000 — Pappy-R
    What's it like winning the Quake Invitational League? Pappy-R finds out when he talks to one of the top clans in North America, The Stickmen.

  • From the Hardcore Side - Fragtopia!
    May 26, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R dishes the dirt on a huge LAN event!

  • PQ Arena - Come Get Some!
    May 25, 2000 — Hellchick
    Beat up on Pappy-R and Hellchick and win a GameSpy T-shirt!

  • Liberation of a Clone
    May 25, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    What do you get when you cross Q3A, bots, Spyke, Lee'Mon, and Evil Clone, and Jerry Springer? We don't know either.

  • From the Hardcore Side: PapLAN!
    May 19, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy tells you all about the swank prizes and gaming at his Canadian LAN event!

  • The Gauntlet: Compensation for Mod Teams
    May 18, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    Should companies like id and Valve pay mod teams for their work?

  • Quake III: Team Arena Exclusive Preview!
    May 10, 2000 — Hellchick
    A visit to the PQ offices from id Software - we get a sneak pre-E3 preview of the Q3A mission pack!

  • From the Hardcore Side: Running a LAN event
    May 5, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Running a LAN event requires lots of planning and preparation. Find out what you need to consider before running one.

  • The Gauntlet: Teamplay v. Free-For-All
    April 27, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    Which is better, teamplay or total, unrestrained free-for-all?

  • Name That Quakefish - The Winners!
    April 25, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Find out who successfully gave the Quakefish a name worthy of the game.

  • From the Hardcore Side: Joining a Competitive Clan
    April 21, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Looking to join a hardcore clan? Pappy-R tells you what you need to consider.

  • The Gauntlet: Realism in Video Games
    April 20, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    Is realism in video games a great trend or just a lot of useless hype?

  • Name that Quakefish!
    April 17, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Give Lee'Mon's fish a cool Quake-related name and you could win a bunch of GameSpy swag!

  • Preview: Elite Squad Arena
    April 15, 2000 — Hellchick
    Get a glimpse at what this new class-based mod is bringing to the Q3A mod scene.

  • The Gauntlet: New Games v. The Classics
    April 13, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    Are you old school or new school?

  • The Gauntlet: Ports vs. Mods
    April 6, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    Want a new and innovative mod or a port of a kickass classic? Spyke and Lee'Mon battle it out on the issue.

  • From the Hardcore Side: The CPL Qualifiers in Toronto
    April 4, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R checks out the hardcore gaming action at the CPL Qualifiers held in Toronto, Canada!

  • The Gauntlet: The Bots Take Over
    April 1, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    Lee'Mon gets shoved aside as the bots duke it out in this edition of The Gauntlet.

  • "Rick Jones 2" Review
    March 24, 2000 — Ben Moss
    Get the dirt on movie done with the Quake 2 engine as Ben Moss gives us a review of the film.

  • The Gauntlet: HPBs and LPBs
    March 16, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    This time, Lee'Mon and Spyke face off on the issues of high ping and low ping.

  • The Gauntlet: Camping vs. Sniping
    March 9, 2000 — Lee'Mon and Spyke
    Lee'Mon and Spyke duke it out to see who's opinion is right, and then give you the chance to vote in the InstaPoll.

  • Mods 101: Your Guide to Modification Creation
    March 2, 2000 — Lee'Mon
    If you've always wanted to know what it takes to create a successful mod or TC, Lee'Mon tells you how it's done and what to do to start your own.

  • From the Hardcore Side - Part I
    February 18, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R tells you what's going on in the world of hardcore clans, leagues, tournaments, and competitions in the first part of a new feature.

  • PQ Arena - Come Get Some!
    February 15, 2000 — The PQ Staff
    We've got home turf now, baby! Check out PQ's very own map, and maybe get a chance to frag us for fun and prizes!

  • PQ Chats with Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
    February 11, 2000 — The PQ Staff
    Zoid chats with PQ and 150+ people about mapping and Q3A.

  • PQ Chats with Robert Duffy
    February 10, 2000 — The PQ Staff
    We held id's Robert Duffy down in an IRC chat and forced him to talk about his work, and here's what he had to say.

  • Map Week on PQ
    February 7, 2000 — The PQ Staff
    Get our pick each day of the week this week for our favorite maps!

  • Quake Noir: The Game as Cinema
    January 27, 2000 — Hellchick
    Quake isn't just for playing anymore.

  • id vs. PQ: The CTF Challenge
    January 20, 2000 — Hellchick
    id challenges PQ to a friendly game of CTF. Who will win?

  • Post-Apocalyptic Beatdown!
    January 3, 2000 — Hellchick
    Hellchick wraps up the social event of the millenium, the GameSpy Beatdown.

  • "Get Naked For PQ" Contest Winners!
    January 1, 2000 — Hellchick
    It's scary what people will do for a contest.

  • A Pappy Kinda Christmas
    December 26, 1999 — Pappy-R
    Of LANs, clans, and general Christmas fragging.

  • The "Dress Up Pappy-R" Skin Contest Winners
    December 23, 1999 — Pappy-R
    The winner of our Q3A skinning contest!

  • Graphical Pleasure Without the Framerate Pain?
    December 6, 1999 — Mugwum
    Mugwum tells you how to use Wicked3D's drivers to speed up your Q3A.

  • My First Real Deathmatch
    November 17, 1999 — Doomhammer
    Doomhammer loses his modem virginity.

  • Q3A Screenshots!
    December 4, 1999 — LadyICE
    LadyICE shares some Q3A eye candy luv.

  • Bring on the Bots!
    November 17, 1999 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R gets his ass beat by a few bots, and we think he likes it.

  • Quake III Arena Demo
    November 15, 1999 — Pappy-R
    The demo is released, and Hellchick takes a look!

  • Mods I'd Like to See
    November 13, 1999 — Pappy-R
    Hellchick gives modmakers the heads-up on some she'd love to play.

  • The Q3A Bus Cruises to La Mesa, California
    October 18, 1999 — Lowtax
    Lowtax gets drunk with Paul Steed.

  • Jailbreak No More?
    October 2, 1999 — LadyIce
    Has RxN thrown away the key?

  • Geezer Rides the Short Bus!
    September 30, 1999 — geezer
    On board the Q3A mobile deathmatch bus of doom!

  • It's Just a Game, Man!
    August 3, 1999 — Cozmo
    Are we fans or fanatics?

  • Is SMP Worth It?
    July 26, 1999 — Cozmo
    How does Q3Atest perform in a 1000+ MHz system?

  • Review: The Doom Comic Book
    July 21, 1999 — Lowtax Yes, there is a Doom comic book. And yes, it is awful.

  • How To Frag At Work
    July 15, 1999 — Lowtax All the secrets revealed.

  • Generation Next
    June 17, 1999 — Dan Lichenberg
    An interview with Lee'Mon from the recently cancled "Generations" project.

  • To Clan or Not To Clan
    June 15, 1999 — Dan Lichenberg
    Mr. Claw writes about some clan action.

  • Q3A's EULA
    June 15, 1999 — Geezer
    Explaining What Q3A test's EULA is all about.

  • Q3A and Doom 2000
    Fragmaster takes a look at Quake III Arena and Doom 2000.

  • An E3 Overview
    May 19, 1999 — Fargo
    An explanation of E3 for those who are unfamiliar with what this giant trade expo is all about.

  • I Support a Rating system
    May 1, 1999 — Tony Fabris
    Opinions on the recent video-game violence controversy.

  • Less is More
    April 10, 1999 — Eddie Cottongim
    A look at the mod scene, and insights into why some mods don't gain the attention they necessarily should.

  • Extreme Annihilation
    April 10, 1999 — Cold Reign
    Cold Reign's overview of the Extreme Annihilation CPL event that took place last weekend in Dalas, Texas.

  • Beatdown 17
    March 13, 1999 — DakkoN
    A report from last weekend's Beatdown - PlanetQuake's own LAN party. Find out what the hell was going on, complete with photos of the guilty parties.

  • The Money Hole
    March 6, 1999 — DakkoN
    A rough guide to upgrading your computer.

  • So You Want To Be A Webmaster Too?
    Febuary 20, 1999 — Steve McGrew
    A different view on creating your own gaming site.

  • So You Want To Be A Webmaster?
    Febuary 13, 1999 — Fairuz Lokman
    A look at some of the different types of gaming-related website you might be thinking about creating, featuring suggestions on what you should and shouldn't do if you want yours to stand out from the ever-increasing crowds.

  • "...soon, and for the rest of your life"
    January 30, 1999 — Gestlat
    In the follow-up to last week's article "Everybody Online And Looking Good", Gestalt takes a look into the crystal ball with members of id, Epic, Raven and Monolith. Will there be enough of a market to support all the multiplayer focused FPS games this year? Is there a future for this type of game? Will the FPS genre split between single player and multiplayer? And what will the FPS games we are playing a few years from now be like?

  • The End Of Violence
    January 16, 1999 — Murray Christian
    Murray Christian talks about computer game violence and the Quake community, and asks if Quake is really violent after all...

  • "What's The Point?
    January 9, 1999 — Gestalt
    Gestalt takes a look at the rise of the "Point Release", with comments from members of id, Raven, Epic and Monolith. Why are point releases so common all of a sudden, and how are they justified?

  • Tale Of Two Cities
    January 2, 1999 — Gestalt
    What better way to celebrate Christmas, the season of peace and goodwill towards all men, than by going to two Quake II LAN parties? Gestalt gives his impressions of the UKCCL Xmas Frenzy and UK LAN Party, along with photos, results and demos from the two events.

  • Preview of 1999
    January 1, 1999 — Gestalt
    Following on from their Review of 1998, the PlanetQuake staff take a look in their crystal balls to pick out some of the trends and games that will shape 1999...

  • Review of 1998
    December 31, 1999 — Gestalt
    As 1998 draws to a close, the PlanetQuake staff take a look at some of the games, mods and events that shaped 1998.

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