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Latest Interview

  • Interview with COR Entertainment
    February 19, 2005 — Mogul
    Mogul chats with the creative force behind Alien Arena!

    Past Interviews

  • World of PADman Interview
    December 24, 2004 — Mogul
    World of PADman is one of the craziest and most incredible mods for Q3A!

  • Interview with Team Blur
    November 10, 2004 — Mogul
    Team Blur is taking Q2 to the next level with Quake II Evolved!

  • Interview with Quaker-X
    July 23, 2004 — Pappy-R
    One community member who's constantly taking the games and himself to the limits!

  • Punks Busted: Gumby
    November 5, 2003 — Terrynator
    Gumby of talks a bit about the community-led PB ban list.

  • Tim Willits
    September 17, 2003 — Madman
    Tim Willits of id software took some time to talk about the design of Doom 3, and PQ's got the scoop!

  • Jim Hughes
    September 18, 2002 — Madman
    We got a chance to talk to Jim Hughes of Raven Software about absolutely anything... except for Quake 4. Read on for commentary on the state of modding and more by an ex-community mapper!

  • QuakeCon 2001: EvilJohn
    July 17, 2001 — Ash
    The QuakeCon 2001 goodness just isn't going to stop. Today we have the one and only EvilJohn, Executive Director of QuakeCon.

  • QuakeCon 2001: Tapper
    July 17, 2001 — Ash
    With QuakeCon 2001 on it's way, PlanetQuake is all over it. First we interview Tapper, Director of Operations for the Mecca of Quake goodness.

  • Team Arena Map Pak 1
    February 15, 2001 — Pappy-R
    id Software just released Team Arena Map Pak 1, a team effort from community members and id alike.

  • Avatar
    February 5, 2001 — PainBerry
    It's time to take a look at the creator of TargetQuake, an innovative side scroller modification.

  • HypoThermia
    January 26, 2001 — Ash
    After the 1.27 coding hussle, PlanetQuake sat down with one of the Code3Arena staff.

  • Paul Jaquays
    December 15, 2000 — Hellchick
    Team Arena is upon us, and things have gotten a quite a bit larger. id Software's Paul Jaquays gives PQ a little inside scoop.

  • Lee'Mon
    October 11, 2000 — Spyke
    Lee'Mon never stops pimping himself!

  • Mr. Pants Gets Excessive
    October 3, 2000 — Spyke
    The creator of Excessive Overkill dishes all.

  • Alliance Games Focus
    October 2, 2000 — Pappy-R
    We catch up with the Alliance team as they gear up for v2.0!

  • SOG Interview
    September 28, 2000 — Pappy-R
    The SOG mod team lets us know what's going on with their Quake 2 mod!

  • Interview: Hardly Workin'
    September 23, 2000 — Pappy-R
    The folks behind the machinima film Hardly Workin' work hard to let us know what's going on!

  • Interview: King of the Server 2000
    September 7, 2000 — Pappy-R
    We get the scoop on King of the Server 2000 straight from the source!

  • Interview: Freakball Arena
    August 25, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy chats with 2 members of the Freakball Arena development team.

  • Spyke Speaks
    August 21, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy sits down for a nice fatherly talk with everyone's favorite Content Manager.

  • Behind the Fortress
    August 15, 2000 — Hellchick
    Hellchick talks with the Q3Fortress team during a visit to QuakeCon 2000.

  • The Nehahra Project
    August 9, 2000 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R corners the guys behind the new Nehahra Project, a single player Quake 1 game and a great movie to go with it.

  • Urban Terror!
    June 7, 2000 — Hellchick
    Hellchick talks to Silicon Ice, the team behind the upcoming action mod for Q3A, Urban Terror.

  • Weapons Factory Arena
    May 24, 2000 — Hellchick
    WFA because the third most played Q3A mod one hour after release. Meet the team behind it!

  • Battle of the Sexes
    May 2, 2000 — Pappy-R
    The guys behind Battle of the Sexes sit down with Pappy and dish the dirt on what they've got in store.

  • Hellchick Goes to id!
    April 11, 2000 — Pappy-R and Hellchick
    Pappy-R does his best to extract what he can about Hellchick's trip to id Software. And it's not a pretty sight.

  • Inside the Thunderdome
    April 5, 2000 — Hellchick
    Meet the guys behind this ultra-kickass Quake 2 mod, Thunderdome 2000!

  • "Whoa..."
    March 29, 2000 — Hellchick
    Painberry and Zephro give Hellchick the dirt on their kickass mod, Matrix Q2.

  • D-Day: Normandy
    March 23, 2000 — Hellchick
    The team behind the Quake 2 mod "D-Day: Normandy" sits down to talk about their work and their future plans.

  • Tritin Films
    January 28, 2000 — Hellchick
    Tritin Films talks about their work in the Quake movie scene.

  • Shattered!
    January 26, 2000 — Hellchick
    The Shattered Realm team talks about their upcoming Q3A total conversion.

  • Steven "Massive Bitch" Irvine
    January 21, 2000 — LadyICE
    Polycount's lead skin slave gets permission to speak out!

  • PQ's Little Helpers!
    December 24, 1999 — LadyICE
    Meet the l33t guys behind our Levels of the Week and Mod of the Week reviews.

  • Cheaters Beware!
    December 1, 1999 — Dekard
    Dekard talks with the creators of the best anti-cheat mods around!

  • Snipe this, Baby!
    November 14, 1999 — LadyICE
    LadyICE gets inside the head of qor, creator of the Sniper mod.

  • Wrath and Mr. Rogers
    November 5, 1999 — Hellchick
    Hellchick interviews the creators of the Darth Maul model!

  • Hellchick, Baby!
    November 2, 1999 — Lowtax
    Lowtax interviews Hellchick, the newest addition to the PQ staff!

  • Painberry and Capt. Torso Fall Apart Over Leper-Q2!
    October 29, 1999 — Pappy-R
    Pappy-R interviews Painberry and Capt. Torso from Leper-Q2.

  • Your Ass is Mine!
    September 21, 1999 — Lowtax
    Lowtax interviews Warzone from Assimilation.

  • Kick!
    September 16, 1999 — Lowtax
    Lowtax interviews Doyoon from Kick.

  • crt
    September 2, 1999 — Cozmo
    crt chats about the id master list fiasco, Gamespy, and much more.

  • Escape
    August 17, 1999 — Lowtax
    Loki's Minions talk about "Escape".

  • Devastation
    July 26, 1999 — Lowtax
    Team Devastation from the kickass Q2 mod, Devastation

  • Disruptor
    February 24, 1999 — Gestalt
    id level designer Christian "Disruptor" Antkow talks to PlanetQuake about his work at id, level designing with Quake III Arena, and more!

  • All American
    February 10, 1999 — Gestalt
    American McGee, a level designer with id until he was "let go" last year, just a day before the announcement of Quake III, talks to PlanetQuake about how he found his way into the industry, his work at id, and what he's been doing since leaving the company.

  • Disposable Hero
    February 3, 1999 — Sluggo
    Sluggo of Mod Central turns the tables on Gestalt to talk to him about his work with The Coven, an independent games developer that has just released its first commercial project - Disposable Heroes, a Quake and Quake II deathmatch pack.

  • The Dungeoneer January
    January 27, 1999 — Gestalt
    Paul Jaquays takes time out from his work on maps for Quake III Arena to talk to us about the ups and downs of designing levels for id's new game, as well as his long history in the games industry, which started with a Dungeons and Dragons fanzine, and took in Coleco, Interplay, Electronic Arts and TSR along the way.

  • Eight Days A Week
    January 20, 1999 — Gestalt
    Katherine Anna Kang, id's "Director of Business Development" talks about her job, what it's like working at id Software, and of course Quake III Arena!

  • PI
    December 23, 1998 — Gestalt
    Caspar of Pels Interactive talks about his site, interviews, Quake, DynaBlaster and more...

  • Ahhh...Quake Arena! Ay-a!
    November 18, 1998 — crt

    John Carmack, id co-founder and programming genius, took time out during last weekend's PGL finals to talk with us about Quake III Arena.

  • There's No Pain
    November 4, 1998 — Gestalt
    In the third of our series of interviews with members of PlanetQuake's small developers network, Jonathan Ruff and David Biggs of RMD Software talked with me about their PainRift mod, as well as the company's history and some of their plans for the future, including a sequel to the popular "After The Fall" Quake TC and "RMD Studios".

  • Eye of the Beholder
    October 28, 1998 — Gestalt
    In the second of our series of interviews with members of PlanetQuake's small developers network, Jason Girard and Leonard Van Gelder of Endor Productions talk about Entron: Freedom's Edge, Beholder and beyond...

  • Darkness Falls
    October 7, 1998 — Gestalt
    Jason McIntosh, president and CEO of Ward Six Entertainment, and the producer of their forthcoming commercial TC "Dawn of Darkness", takes time out from his work to talk to us about the project and a hint of things to come...

  • Modern Warfare
    September 16, 1998 — Cold Fusion
    Cold Fusion talks to VB69er and SeaBasS of the Modern Warfare team about their upcoming Quake II Mod.

  • It's Evolved
    September 2, 1998 — Gestalt
    Stephen Karl, founder of Team Evolve, takes time out to talk to Gestalt about the past, present and future of the team behind the highly popular PainKeep Quake deathmatch pack, including a sneak peek at their forthcoming Quake II add-on, Zaero - due in stores any day now...

  • Hard Boiled
    August 26, 1998 — Cold Fusion
    Cail and Bartender, two of the men behind Action Quake II, were cornered by Cold Fusion. Find out what they had to say about Action Quake II and their various other projects - Paranoid, ATL and Staying Alive...

  • You Bastard!
    August 12, 1998 — Gestalt
    Founder of PlanetQuake, master of the Beatdown, Mark "Bastard" Surfas talks to Gestalt about the birth of PlanetQuake, the good, bad and ugly of the Quake community, Gamespy, the future of the Beatdown, and how he got the name "Bastard" in the first place...

  • Come Get Some
    June 17, 1998 — Fargo
    A look at Duke 4Ever with George Broussard. This interview was conducted at E3, shortly before 3D Realms decided to swithch to the Unreal engine. Although the engine has changed, the game remains the same, and this interview includes some mouth watering hints at what we might expect from the latest addition to the Duke Nukem series when it emerges some time early next year...

  • Soldier of Fortune
    June 3, 1998 — Gestalt
    Neil Manke, creator of many classic Single Player Quake maps, has just returned with a new "Soldier of Fortune inc" map for Quake II. Neil takes time out to talk to PlanetQuake about his maps, Soldier of Fortune, Coconut Monkey, and the future...

  • Dakota Captured!
    May 27, 1998 — Gestalt
    Dakota, the man behind Captured.Com, talks about CTF, Half-Life, SiN, the future of teamplay, and PQ's pimping power...

  • Leukus Arts
    March, 1998 — Fragmaster
    An interview with DoomGod Hank Leukart, author of The Holy Doom FAQ and the Doom Hackers Guide. What ever happened to the once almighty ruler of the Doom World? What does he think about today's current shooters? Why did he leave and is he coming back?

  • Miller Time
    February, 1998 — Fragmaster
    Scott Miller of Apogee\3DRealms talks about being "controversial," g.o.d. (not that kind), the PGL, upcoming 3DRealms games, the 80's, and the industry in general. Also, more information than you needed to know about Disc Golf and a lot of other strange stuff.

  • A Jail of Two Cities
    February, 1998 — Fragmaster
    An interview with Jailbreak creator Dave "WhiteNoise" Wallin. Think Dave came out of nowhere to create one of the most popular Quake II mods around? Not quite. A veteran of the TC scene, Dave has worked on many popular (and not so popular) TC's, including a certain little "foxed" TC some of you old-timers should remember. Dave talks about his past, Jailbreak, editing, Mira Sorvino, and much, much more.

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