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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | Jan 7, 2000

PQ Mailbag
Week of: 01/07/00

A New Hope.. Um.. Beginning

Hello everybody, and how do you do? Welcome to the first PlanetQuake Mailbag of the year 2000. We're going to try something different this week, partly because I feel giddy, partly because I've been busy as hell with finals coming up. We'll still have all the goodness of before, but there'll be no failed pics this week.. I'm sorry, there's just no time. But you will get a full dose of Spyke-ly goodness! On with the mailbaging!


Well gee, there wasn't too much mail this week. I suppose that makes it a tad easier for me, in this situation right now. So enjoy some miscellaneous mail!

From: Ryu
Subject: CD HACK

MY reason for a CD Crack/Hack is that people who have divorced parrents could have a tad bit of trouble. So lets take my self as an example. I need a CD hack because I live in both of my parrents houses and when I leave my mother house and go to my fathers I am in a rush so I leave my CD in the CD-rom drive (sometimes or vice versa.) So I can't play Q3 when I am at one of my parrents house. I usally am there for about a week so it drives me nuts and my parents won't drive me over to get it because they hate eachother.

Well dude, I'm sorry that your parents hate each other. Perhaps I should tell that to John Carmack and Graeme Devine. I'm sure they'll understand. Hey John and Graeme, people need CD cracks because they're too lazy to grab a CD and their parents hate each other, so it has to be okay for them to essentially pirate the game, okay? Good. See, I told you they'd understand. Seriously, can't you spare like 5 seconds to grab the CD? I don't understand some people at all.

From: Travis Nichols
Subject: symbols and symbolism

Ryan Janssen's letter about religous symbols was incorrectly answered in the last mailbag. I think part of what he was asking was . . . why are those there in the first place?

I think that id software's decision to use (mis-use?) religious imagery is, well, just their decision. It's their game and they can put what they want in it. But I think that's pretty much where it ends. Exactly WHY are there those images in q3, the nonsense-story game? In Doom you were in Hell, hence the imagery. In Quake 1 there was no real reason to have pentagrams . . . in Quake 2 the guy being crucified ... that you had to mush, mind you (I'm thinking way back to the single player game) had no purpose. And then what's with all this stuff in q3? Seeing as q3 doesn't even have a real story or a real context, I don't see how id can justify their decisions.

That, then, takes a lot out of id's decision. If there is NO REASON other than they think it's cool (or trendy or whatever) then that kind of invalidates their decisions. They are just putting it there because, ooooo, it's Satanic or it's anti-Christian, it's cooool. OOOOOOOO. Look at me, I'm Adrian Carmack, I am COUNTERCULTURE. OOOH. Give me a break!

So what is the real reason, if any, that stuff is there? Should it be there? Seeing as how many people are religious, and how important religion is, don't you think this is an important matter?

Well, oh mighy mailbag editors, what are your thoughts on that?

First off, you're on my bad side already by saying that the letter in question was answered "incorrectly". The letter was an opinion. I countered with my opinion. Opinions can't be wrong. That is a common fact. However, I'll ignore that. You say that Q3A doesn't have a real context, and yes, you're right. So that means id can't justify their decision to put in religious imagery? There is no need for justification. It's in there. I doubt it's a conscious decision. It's what they think looks cool. id has said that they don't make games that they think people would like, they make games that they like. I seriously doubt that they're putting it in there just because it's "Satanic", "Anti-Christian" or "counterculture". They put it in because they want to. To me personally, it's not an important issue. I personally have no interest in conveying my religious beliefs to the entire community, because frankly, it's none of your business. :) But still, id can do what they want, they're being allowed to do that, and if people don't like it, I guess that's just too bad.

From: Sidekick
Subject: Geeeeez get a person who knows how to let people play on thier server !!!

To Whom it may concern, I really dont know if you would care, but i know i would. I was playing Quake2 on one of the listings in gamespy called (ASP) snakepit IP addy (address deleted) and all in the fun of playing quake i made a joke about the use of napalm grenades and when i did the (i guess u can call him server operater) nicknamed jesus started pounding me with threats and then booted me from the game. I've noticed that when you start beating the ASP clan members ....they always seem to say that you are a loser and boot you from the server. I mean i dont know if it is cause im a 56k connection..or what ..but i do know whatever i use to get an advantage (like push or pull, or any weapons that i can use to kill these super server speeds with) these guys will take those things off the server. Well i know i cant make them run the server the way i like it ..but they get ill if you ask them why they took it off and start calling you a "pussy" then boot ya from the server and then if ya go back they keep asking if you want to make it perminate!.....I may not be the best person in the world either .....but i sure as heck know that if you plan to run a server you should run the server and let people who come there alone and not get into booting people for any reason other than if they was tryin to hack the server. In my opinion ..and im sure others share it just to scared to say something, these guys really give planet quake and gamespy a bad name. i know im seriously thinking i should do away with anything related to the (ASP) clan.. Could ya give me some feedback on why servers in your product can behave this way?????? thanks and maybe someone who is a fair person can have an answer to bully server operaters. I cant help my 56k can hang with thier networked server computers!!!!!

Dude, there's no way a server operator that's being a jerk can give PlanetQuake or GameSpy a bad name. The only servers that are run by GSI are the ones that say so. Servers listed in GameSpy are servers run by individuals all around the world, and they can do whatever they want with their servers. If they're being jerks, find a different server to play on.. That's just the way it is. And yeah, it sucks, but there's not anything you can do except not play there.

From: octa
Subject: sweaty mouse

dear spyke,
i have problem... my palms sweat too much when i play quake! this causes my trackball to get all oily and impossible to aim with; making me fragbait real quick. my friends tell me to ditch my trackball and get a pad & mouse. but damnit i love my trackball! is there anything i can do? thanx ahead of time.

Hrm. I hear your dilemma brother.. Personally, my palms sweat when I'm in a heated game, so I can identify. As for a trackball, I've never played Quake with one, so I don't know what ramifications that would have. Most people seem to prefer mice, I know I do. And you won't have nearly as many problems with a mouse as a trackball. If you still want to play with your beloved trackball, maybe you should get some rubber gloves or something.. That'd probably work quite well!

From: Erik Freund
Subject: contest

I think the Q3A contest was great, simply hilarious (and kinky)

But you had the readers pose, and the admin/writers judge I propose you have the staff pose (and I mean the whole PQ staff), and have the readers judge who does the best job I mean what loyal PQ fan wouldn't want to see Hellchick, Mynx, Fargo and the rest naked with Q3A?

I dare you

Hey, that's a pretty good question. I personally considered it, as I've got both the Q3A and Q2 boxes, and the Q1 shareware digipack.. As for the rest of the PQ staff.. I'll leave them to decide for themselves. Apparently a lot of people want to see Hellchick nekkid, and I myself was disappointed at the lack of female applicants in the contest. Fargo.. hrm. I don't know if that many people want to see him in the buff, although I'm sure he'd be glad to show you if you asked. Mynx has already been asked this question. She's currently pregnant. Make of that what you will. As for me, I may submit a late entry.. but I don't know.. I have friends that read this site.

From: The Baylors
Subject: glquake2

Is there such thing as glquake2 or openglquake2? I have heard so much about glquake but not glquake2. I have a 3dfx card and wondered if i could download glquake2.

Jeff K? Is that you? Naw, I'm just kidding. You're not nearly as incoherent as Jeff K. See, the reason you've heard so much about GLQuake is that it was an add-on, not part of the original game. The reason no one talks about a "GLQuake 2" is that OpenGL support is built into Quake 2. You don't need to download anything at all!

From: DaMechMasta
Subject: Number 6

Merry Christmas!! (I know its a little late, but, IM BORED!!!) BTW, check this out- |\| (_) (V) |3 VI

A little late to say Merry Christmas? Yeah. You're bored? Why don't you go something constructive, like clean your room or something? Goodness knows it looks like a tornado's hit it. Or you could go shovel the walk, the mailman almost slipped and cracked his head open. And if you're cold, put on a sweater, don't crank the heat up. Number 6? Wow. Very creative.

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