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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | Jan 28, 2000

PQ Mailbag

Computers are Fun!

My apologies, as this is a lot later than it should be. I really hate computers sometimes. But I love them, because they bring me por.. um.. Quake! Yeah, that's it. So here we are again with the universally-heralded PlanetQuake Mailbag. We've got a bunch of assorted stuff for you today, as Lee'Mon spent his sweet time on writing his editorial. Just kidding.. don't hurt me. Okay, wonderful computer, don't crash on me now.

Hellchick Goes To The Cinema

Not completely an article, our fearless leader Hellchick whipped out an interesting article, part one of two, if I'm not mistaken, on Quake as Cinema. We've only recieved one letter on this so far, but it's a celebrity one, and I've been ordered to include it, so check it out.

From: David M. Mertz
Subject: Quake Movies!

I loved the article on Quake movie making, especially the mention of Ranger Gone Bad. The Ranger Clan INVENTED game engine movie making with the release of "Diary of a Camper" and produced some of the best Quake movies. These original Quake movie works can be found in the files section at

These guys deserve a lot of credit, and its amazing to watch those films thinking what limited tools and resources they had, mostly notepad and hex editors :)

Programs like Keygrip, Demented, etc.. were created because of these early works of game engine cinema and its amazing to see it develop into what is now known as machinima.

I look forward to reading your further articles.

David M. Mertz
Level Designer
Gearbox Software

I must say, I've always been interested in these little Quake films, but never really checked any out. Perhaps I should. I do realize the value of KeyGrip, though. I downloaded that program a long time ago and never really figured it out, but I see the value it has to some people. Watching recammed PGL final matches is damn cool. Let's hope that something like this for Q3A comes along very soon, m'kay?

From: Paul Marino
Subject: Quake Noir: The Game as Cinema

Great article! I'm glad to see that we're being recognized by the community.

Just one additional tidbit: Our Quake movie, Apartment Huntin', has appeared in the larger Internet realm, having been a featured short on Wired's Animation Express website:

We've had numerous downloads (I'm not sure of the exact number but it was well into the thousands) & is, to my knowledge, the only Quake movie that has been officially sanctioned by id for distribution. MTV has also expressed interest in our filmmaking as a result of AH being on Wired.

Take a gander when you have the chance:

And then get ready for our next film, Hardly Workin', as we take Quake moviemaking into the world of professional entertainment. ( I have a background in television, knowing what producers look for)

Thanks again & I look forward to your reply (& next article with Tritin Films!).

laterz, ILL Robinson

Sweetness! It's good to see that id is helping out the community, and that the community is actually getting some recognition from mainstream media, rather than just some vixen working at a company that rhymes with "Rye on Corn". Not that I'm dissing that particular vixen, I'll be stealing that magazine. Do I sense a new area on FilePlanet and subsequently PlanetQuake for Quake movies? Why yes, yes I do.

Hellchick: Why not? I've already put up my really lame recammed demos of me dying over and over again in Action Quake 2 and me and my clanmates running around half-naked and shooting people.


Wow, I get to plug ArenaSpy in more places now. Anyways, a couple of our readers have had some issues with the Great Mod Known As ArenaSpy, so I'm going to attempt to clear them up. But don't go thinking I'm tech support here, people; I'm not.

From: Joseph Schnurr
Subject: arena spy.

hey guys great overlay its pretty sweet. anywaz just wanted to throw a couple things about the program i found out about ur way and see if i'm just an idiot or there is actually a small issue.

i undated my q3a with the point release and then threw on arenaspy (btw i just waxed the hd so its also a fresh baked copy of q3. anywaz i install the arenaspy and everything works as planed except i can't log inot the servers.. first it says checking cdkey auth.( yeah i checked my typing and after i reinstalled without arena spy it worked good) and then i tried a few other servers and it just kicked me back to the console. i'm assuming thats because the server dorks didn't throw on the point release right? anywaz on a side note after i get thrown back the the console i have the old browser for ingame selection...did i just get a crappy dl of the arena spy or is that a small issue that still lurks around in 1.0? anywaz any insite or info would be greatly appriciated.

ps keep up the great job!


Hrm. Well you've got the point release, so I can't berate you for that. I do know that there are a few issues with getting thrown back to the main menu and having the original multiplayer menu pop up again; remember that ArenaSpy is freeware.. I can only assume that an update will be coming out that'll fix this, but again, I'm not sure. Only crt knows for sure!

Hellchick: crt knows the meaning of life. Also, what you did last summer.

From: William Maupin

It is inaccurate to say ArenaSpy is for QuakeIII. It is ArenaSpy for Win32 QuakeIII.

ID goes to the trouble to make QuakeIII cross platform while the fools at GameSpy create this self-serving add-on for the PC only. Oh yeah; I guess I should thank you for not making it cross-platform.


All righty, time to step into the danger zone. First off, you're right. Absolutely right, it's not for Q3A, it's for Win32 Q3A. Perhaps we should have noted this. But, your next paragraph is where you get into trouble, sir. id chose to make Q3A cross platform. They'll make a lot of money off it. ArenaSpy is unsupported freeware. We don't even support the platform it's for, much less others. Plus, it's a DLL mod. It's a royal pain to do stuff like that for Linux and Mac right now. So there.

Bigotry in Quake

Wow. That's all I can say right now about this next letter, which brings up a damn good issue. Just read it.

From: Reavus Dar
Subject: Bigotry in Online Gaming

Dear Spyke et al,

I am a fairly recent reader to the mailbag, but a long time fan to Quake and Planetquake. I enjoy seeing all the morons that contribute to the mailbag put in their place, and I expect I may join them some day. My topic is serious and I have a truly deep desire to express my feelings on the subject because I feel that there is not nearly enough talk about it.

Homophobia is not a strong enough word, but hate is too strong. Every evening that I spend gaming, whether it be on QuakeIII, Half-Life and the like, I am inundated with this sickening and immature anti-gay sentiment. It seems to me that some people don't consider it a good game unless they can call someone's camping "gay" or ridicule a "fag" for his success at killing half the opposing team. I am constantly frustrated at this attitude, but so far I've found that speaking out against it only makes people angry and defensive. I try to tell people that I think it's completely unacceptable to call someone a faggot or to imply that being gay means you're a failure, but they just insult me.

Some turn to me and call me a fag, others say "Why do you care?", yet others endeavour to slaughter me, and some argue until they are blue in the face (fingers?). The most common excuse I hear is that "it's not right". Well, isn't that nice. Who decides right and wrong? Who are they to say that how or who someone loves is wrong? So long as the people involved are mature and caring with each other, what could be wrong with that? Often people call me a fag, and don't let up. They keep saying infantile things like: "What are you going to do, slap me fag?". All I can say is that it gets tiring. I try to explain that gay men and women are people with valid feelings and don't deserve to be treated as the targets of such cruel treatment.

I have not yet encountered any openly gay community in the Quake and online communities, likely because there are relatively few people involved. I just feel that this whole infantile attitude has got to stop. I realise that most engaging in these sorts of insults are young teenagers that "don't know better", but that's no excuse, and I just can't keep quiet about it; every time I let it go, some kid isn't told that he's hurting someone. Gay people aren't figments of someone's imagination, they aren't guys that hang out in gay bars wearing pink spandex, or ugly women who wear leather and have names like "Butch". They are in every community, they are a part of us as a whole race. You interact with them everyday, they aren't an alien force, they are your neighbours, classmates, associates and teachers. They are just like you, with a small, nearly infinitessimal difference. Why is there so much contempt? I know part of the answer, and you're not going to like it.

Read the Bible, read the Koran, check your state/federal laws. They all discriminate against gays. However, do not for a second try and tell me that such discrimination proves that it's wrong to be gay, because until the 1960's there was a hell of a lot of anti-black legislation in the books in America, and since Europeans met the Africans, they've been using the Bible to "prove" how evil being black is. If I connected to a game and started calling people spics, niggers, wops, and kikes I guarantee you someone would kick me, but as it stands I guess everybody thinks it's okay to look the other way when fags are insulted. I'd like all of those bigots I've spoken to to take a moment, and think about what it must feel like to love, and have everyone tell you its wrong. To have your parents shun you, to have hormonally challenged punks bash you, to have the law against you, and to put up with little peons online inslult your identity - and all the while being afraid to speak out, because you know no one will support you unless they are in the same boat.

So why am I writing this? I'm doing it because I've had enough of all this. I want to see something done. If there is a movement out there, it's not doing nearly well enough because I've never heard of it. So I want everybody of like mind to show their support. Speak out, let people know that they are hurting someone, that they are degrading someone. Do not let it pass without a fight, challenge bigotry. I'd like to get something more prominent and organised started. Something that people can post on their sites, or include in their online aliases - anything will do, as long as it is done. And finally, please remember: gay rights are HUMAN rights.

Could PQ help? Does PQ care? Am I wasting my time?


P.S. if you do choose to post this up on the mailbag (and I encourage you to do so) please DO include my e-mail address. I realise that MANY will respond negatively, but how else am I going to respond at all?

First off, to answer the question you asked, PQ can help, and PQ does care, and you're not wasting your time. Unfortunately, Quake attracts younger people, and I'm not stereotyping the young, but in most cases, it's the younger members of the community who resort to infantile remarks such as "faggot". This I regard as the quintessential junior high insult. Calling someone a "fag" just because they can do something better than you is just plain stupid. However, there are a lot of people who do it just in jest, because they realize making themselves look stupid is funny. I could say "just turn the other cheek", but I realize it's hard to. And it's also hard to just tell the people who are doing this to just stop, because realistically, you can't make them. So what can we do? I'd like to invite readers to give us their viewpoints. Just e-mail!

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