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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | Mar 17, 2000

PQ Mailbag

The Right Guard of Quake

I think Right Guard is a good metaphor for what PlanetQuake is, don't you? We protect the Quake community, give them something they need, and make them smell good. What scent would PQ be? I think we'd smell like "sport". Whatever the hell that is. I just picked it because the can is brown, and so is PQ!

Mmmm... Chocolate

Holy poop, what an editorial. Ash busted out with the profoundness in "Q3A Is A Wonka Bar". He compares Q3A to.. well.. a Wonka bar from the classic movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Even though I would prefer Oompas (mmm.. oompas), the metaphor still works. Check out the wicked-ass feedback we got!

From: Matthew Kelley
Subject: The best editorial ever??

I'm hooked, Q3a is like a Wonka Bar!!! I have had trouble figuring out why I love Q3a so much more than UT. Now I understand. I have not been playing quake for very long, only since the Q3test came out and I randomly decided to give it a download. Yes, the physics and graphics of Q3a are awesome, that is what initially drew my to it, but the real reason I love quake is the community. I would not know what to say to any of the iD guys if I met them, but everyone in the Q3a community is important from the person who initially taught you how to change your name, to the person who helped you set up your controls in the proper way, to the person who invited you in the clan, to the person who helped you write that script, to the person who helped you designed that skin, to the person who daily updates news, to the people who make mods.

Rarely does such loyality exists in life as does that of of Quake community. After you have been fragged by the same person over and over again, you get to know their name pretty well, and once you realize that the same people are always playing quake, you feel like part of a community. I remember reading an article earlier about the politeness levels of the UT and Q3a communites, and realized that the majority of tru Quakers are polite people. Although you might not be friends with these people in real life, on the Q3a field of play, everything is cool ;-)


(Matthew Kelley) [MaD]Lhurgoyf

Hellchick: Though I think you're somewhat right, Lhurgoyf, the Quake community, like all communities, has its share of jerks. But I'm not one of them. No siree. Bitch.

From: Quintin Stone
Subject: Wonka Bar

I don't like to trash articles, but I have to say that Ash's "Q3A Is a Wonka Bar" was one of the lamest articles I've ever read on PlanetQuake. His whole diatribe could basically be refined down to "Only Quake games can let you join the Quake community". Excuse the 80's reference, but, well, duuuuuhhhh. Yes, the Quake community is bigger than those belonging to pretty much any other game out there. So why didn't he just say that? Instead he includes these "examples" of the wonderfulness of the Quake community that really only have to do with employees of Id. Does Ash think that programmers and modelers at every other game company are a bunches of jerks and a$$holes? Even though some of them might be, I don't see how the examples really help prove Ash's point. Is that all the Quake community is: Id employees responding to emails and giving tours?

I love the Quake series and I enjoy being a part of the Quake community. I just don't think that we need silly and pointless articles that attempt to pat ourselves on the back.

Hellchick: Another good point. But you have to admit, game developers have achieved near deific status. Look at Romero, for God's sake. If that's not a prime example of the Hollywood aura creeping into the gaming industry, I don't know what is. As a result, video game fans often look at their idols -- Carmack, for instance -- as untouchables, much like a Hollywood celebrity. But how many Hollywood celebrities invite you into the studio for a tour if yoy stop by? All you'll likely get for your trouble is a restraining order. It's easy in this industry to put the developers on a pedestal, and probably even easier for them to accept that role. Those who don't accept it keep their feet firmly grounded in the community. Of course, one could argue that if they DIDN'T do that, they run the risk of alienating the very people who pay their bills (i.e., buy their products). But that theory doesn't stop Hollywood stars from acting like jerks sometimes.

From: Willmore, Rob E.
Subject: Regarding the "wonka bar"

I would point out one thing. Most people who play Quake don't even bother to check into the UT community, if they did they would be SHOCKED to discover it is larger, more widely supported, and much more robust than the Quake3 Mod community. Check out Planetunreal and spend some time at other UT related site. UT has more mods, mutators and total conversions in the works than Quake3 will probably ever have. You want GOOD maps? My god Q3A will NEVER come close in the number of quality maps out there for UT. This is significant because Q3A DOES have the better engine and is the overall better engine. I'll try to put it in a way most guys can understand. Quake3 is the hot blonde with big hooters who's so-so in bed. Unreal Tournament is the average chick who rocks your world every time you slip between the sheets. Now any guy who has had both knows which one to choose in the end...great looks only go so far! Give me ability!!

Wonka bar? More like a snickers bar with plenty of NUTS thrown in.


Visceral Monkey

Hellchick: I resent that implication! I prefer to think of myself as the chewy nougat. In fact, there's just not enough nougat in this world. But that could be because no one knows what nougat actually is.

From: John Dresslar
Subject: Your "Quake 3 as a Wonka Bar" article

I have both q3a and UT, much prefer the former, and have been trying to figure out how to elaborate why it is that those who rate q3a well below UT have been missing something. Your "Quake 3 as a Wonka Bar" article said it as well as I ever could have hoped to. So what if there are only four CTF (my favorite) maps loaded with the game; you know there will ultimately be hundreds more added. You might as well criticize the maker of your VCR because there are only two tapes thrown in with the machine. All in all: Well done!

John Dresslar

From: Ted B
Subject: Ash's editorial

O.K. I'll agree with Ash for the most part. But what if you wanted to dress up the Wonka bar? Kinda like dunking it in a jar of peanut butter. Just d/l a mod. I think over the years of playing Quake/2/3A I've spent more time playing mods than what came out of the box. You don't need to buy anything extra, (except net access, and even that can be had for free now). There aren't many games you can buy off the shelf and get so much extra for. Other games have tried to copy the pattern, but don't have the variety that Quake does. The extras that you can get for it off the net have made the game more than worth the 40-50 dollars you spend for it. I've also never seen a "community" that will help out like this one either. Yes we do have our share of "unfriendly people" but for the most part, the can usually get you through any problem, be it hardware, software or user related. When you go to the store and buy a Quake game, your getting a whole lot more than just the game in the box.!

You become a member of one of the best communities around.


Hellchick: I'm pretty sure that Quake started the whole idea of a game having a "community". I mean, it isn't like Pong had a throng of followers that clung together and socialized (as much as you can on the net), right? DOOM didn't even really have that, although you could see a glimmer of community when it developed a following.

From: Essobie
Subject: Ash's Editorial

Loved it.


First off, Essobie gets pimped just because. :) Second, I will reiterate my holy poop here. I absolutely loved this editorial. Ash echoed the sentiments I've been spewing out to anyone who's trashed Q3A. I love the game not for what came out of the box (even though I do like it a whole lot), but for what it's capable of and what it represents. I tell people it has curved surfaces, and they scoff. "They're just polygons." What the f*ck else can there be in a game engine? 3D cards can't draw on anything except frickin triangles. The Q3 engine can do so much, and using the standard tools for the industry. The level design out of the box is absolutely beautiful, and has ushered in a whole 'nother era of level design. When I bought Q3A, I installed it, and marvelled at its beauty. It's time for me to seek out a Wonka bar and do the same.

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