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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | Mar 31, 2000

PQ Mailbag

The Reign of Hellchick

Spyke is still whooping it up in Vancouver -- however much you can whoop it up in Vancouver, anyway -- so I've got the mailbag this week. There will be funk, there will be feedback, and there will be surprisingly little bacon. Oh yes, my shall be glorious! I shall rule with an iron fist! And a bottle of vodka in my hands! I will be the EVIL DRUNKEN GERMAN HELLCHICK! (or whore, according to another recent mailbag.)

Okay, I might have to work on that image a little. Especially since I'm wearing a Soviet uniform, and not a German one.

Unfortunately, we mostly only received feedback this week on Rudeboy's editorial, so rather than take a lot of emails that said the same thing (that it was a great article), I decided to make this a two-page mailbag instead of a three-page one this week. Well, also, I've got other things to do, like find incriminating photographs of the id crew before I go down there next week. But if the loss of a page of the mailbag simply makes your life unbearable, well, don't tell me about it.

First up are all the comments we received on Rudeboy's editorial, "What Have We Become?" Jesus, I've never had to wade through so much email in my life since I unsubscribed from that damn finger fetish porn list.

From: Corvus
Subject: "What have we become?" Editorial

Kudos to rudeboy for writing that editorial. That's exactly how it is now. I play every now and again, but not as much due to the fact that there are jackasses running around basing their self-worth on their fragging skills. And I stopped because even in the TEAM games like TeamDM people talk trash or even switch to the winning team, leaving 2 on 6. Either that or I've seen bastards join a team and frag their own teammates, dragging the scores down to the -10s or worse.

Even a friend of mine stopped playing Quake II over the Net because off these "auto-aim bots" people use. It wasn't fun for him because he knew these losers were cheating, and he put Quake down for good. Lost a perfectly good player just because someone thinks it's okay to cheat to be better.

The servers are all full of morons and idiots who play way too much Quake for their own good, and they ruin it for the newbies, polite players, and even people looking into Quake online.

Unfortunately, there's no way to filter them out. Only way it'll be solved is if they decide to grow up, get a life, and figure out that Quake is just as much a game, if not sport than football, baseball or anything else. And that it's not fun for anyone when you cheat or make others irritated.

I've been around since the days of Doom ONE, and I still play online when I can. It is very good that people who enjoy something so much come together and play and make it better for all, but now it's gotten to the point of rotting. Too many bad apples got in and ruined it for everyone. Hope you all at PQ continue to be the glue that holds this community together, and hope someday it the a--holes will stop. Way I was taught, if things are that bad then they can only get better from here. Keep up the great work and dig your heels in. The a--holes may be a problem but they can't last forever.

There are anti-cheating mods out there, and they're popular: /\/\atchmod is the one you want. Just find servers running those mods and you won't have to quit because of cheating bastards. And is your friend sure that the bastards were using bots? We all know that sometimes -- just sometimes -- really good players can be confused as bots.

From: Gregory "gerG" Cox
Subject: feedback on "what have we become"

To this day I am impressed with quakeworld more than any other shooter. Its connection performance is just fantastic. And to this day ID has never compromised the performance level of the netcode with QW as fast connections become more and more abundant. As the majority of developers have, even ID themselves of late, with Q3. I also beleive the "Art of eye candy" is becoming somewhat redundant of late. Without innovative changes in gameplay itself in the near future, I beleive the community is going to become quite stale. The current 3D engines are close to limitless to what they are capable of so rendering. Developers can pretty much design any type of game (RPG's, Adventures, Sports. Sims) to to take use of these powerful rendering engines and do something new with them.

Valve's Halflife while retaining most of the dynamics of qw with some visual enhancements, had a storyline that was unsurpassed. But then again it was written by Chris Carter ( the writer of the X Files ). Tribes was also another innovative project. It offered new types of gameplay, nice graphics, and superb net code which blew my mind for a projects initial release. In my opinion it will be projects like these that will eventually be leading the community. The potential of 3D games is so vast that it must eventually branch out in to new areas. There will be some developement teams that will stick to pushing the envelope with current rendering hardware, as ID and EPIC have over the last few years. And there will be new teams that will use existing rendering engines and technologies, combine them with great stories and innovative gameplay to create their own worlds.

. In conclusion the whole shooter community is kind of at a crossroad. Current rendering technology is at a point where new gametypes can be applied to the genre, but do companies want to stray from their established paths? ... Personally I think they will. I beleive John Carmack stated at the conclusion of Q3 that he wanted to take time to look in to new technologies and see how these types of engines and game technologies could be used in other much more diversified applications.
Gregory "gerG" Cox

Are you sure HL's story was written by Carter? I was sure it was Marc Laidlaw (and after doing a quick check over at PlanetHalfLife, I'm right). Anyway, companies should stray from their established paths -- a good company is one that can deviate from that path and still make a kickass game. We'll know if id can pull that off when their next game comes out, because I'm fairly certain we all know it is NOT going to be another Quake.

From: Soul Colossus
Subject: games being judged by graphics

When I look at a game I probably rate it by %50 graphics, and %50 overall gameplay. Graphics can make or break a game. If Quake III Arena was written with the Doom engine and ran in DOS and in software rendering, a _LOT_ less people would buy it and/or play it. I'm not saying Doom sucks, I still enjoy giving a few Imps a taste of my buckshot.

Now, for example if you take the Unreal Tournament, and just give it the Q3 engine, it wouldn't be Unreal Tournament, it would be a mod for Q3.

Good point, SC. If you ask me (and forget for a minute that you didn't), UT simply shipped with what id knew the Quake mod community would make, that's all. Let's suppose for a second that id decided to include their own version of Rocket Arena shipped with the game. Can you imagine how many panties would be in a bunch over that? There's no way that the Quake community would allow such a thing -- they'd hurl the insults at id faster than me in a drunken rage and accuse them of trying to take creative property away from the community, and right or wrong, I'd have to agree to a certain extent; the mod community is very, very established in Quake, and id would be fools to mess with something that's worked for so long. The UT community, on the other hand, is a MUCH younger community and I think doesn't have the same kind of proliferation in mods that we have.

From: Tickenest
Subject: 3D Community Editorial

Dear Sirs, I must admit that this is one of the less-interesting editorials I've ever read. Frankly, if I went solely upon what I read from people within the community regarding the gameplay vs. graphics issue, I would think that graphics are WAY less important to a game than gameplay. Every time I turn around I see someone else talking about how gameplay should be so much more important than graphics (just check out a mailbag sometime.) No one ever says that graphics are more important than gameplay.

I don't think I've read anything here that's never been said before. In fact, I think the whole taunting/newbie issue has been argued to death. Everyone says that it drives away newbies. No one ever says that it's good for the game. In fact, I don't think that the taunting has gotten worse over time. I think it's been at the same level since the beginning. It's just much more noticeable because there are far more players these days.

I cannot think of anyone out of the people with whom I interact online who says that graphics are as important vs. gameplay as Rudeboy would have me think. I am disappointed at PlanetQuake for seeing fit to put up an editorial which essentially beats a couple of long-dead horses and says nothing new.


I'll have you know that we've given up beating dead horses ever since the cops caught Pappy at it.

From: Matt Verzola
Subject: The Gauntlet: HPBs VS. LPBs

To Spyke & Leemon,

Overall, I give it 2 thumbs up...that's good considering I pretty much am the person you critisize. Hell, you probably met me on a server or sumthing. I mean, I have the Geforce DDR, I get really mad at crappy computers, I don't taunt-I seriously get pissed, I call people newbies when they ask questions, etc. Yet you make very valid points. I don't know...I think you're being a little harsh. I feel as though you were at one time the exact same person I am. You approach me as a gamer who has made a segue to a new level of gaming, an older, more mature level. I feel gamers have always been this way, and you have just forgotten. It's sort of like everyone's grandfather and how he had to walk "10 miles IN THE SNOW to get to school." I mean, I'm sure one day very quickly I'll start rambling about how Duke3d and the BUILD engine was the best game ever created (next to Doom, of course). So, I guess my critisism is that you should not have written this article because it is futile and you've forgotten that you were the same way once, too. Or maybe it's late, I've been playing Quake3 WAY too long because I'm suspended, and I'm a measly 17. The world may never know.

Matt Verzola a.k.a. Pinto

So in essence, you're admitting that you are, in fact, a self-righteous, trashtalking, incoherent bastard? 'Cause, you know, I just want to be sure we're clear on that.

  From: Death Incarnate
Subject: your article (rudeboy)

When the community started it was run and played by the technical it is played by the illitrate masses, what do you expect but illiteracy... those with the knowledge move on sad but true..geeks are intravert by definition, they only really relax in the company of fellow geeks.


Illiterate masses? Geeks can only relax in the company of other geeks?! Check the letters above and rethink your statement on illiteracy. And as for the geek thing, I for one can relax in the company of people who aren't geeks. But not since they got that restraining order against me, though.

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