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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | Apr 21, 2000

PQ Mailbag

Across An Evolving Universe

R.A. Wilson once said, "in an evolving universe, who stands still moves backwards". Perhaps this true for PlanetQuake readers. They have been steadfast in their opinions, expressing the same ones for years. Back in the day, these opinions were considered to be radical, subversive, even anarchistic in their motives. Today, these same unwavering opinions are standard, and are readily accepted by any free-thinking PlanetQuake staff writer, such as myself. But beware, my friends; soon, you and your opinions will be considered old, passe, products of an age where curved surfaces did not exist.

Dancing With Myself

Hey, there's nothing wrong with dancing with yourself. If it was good enough for Billy Idol, it's good enough for me! Anyways, this week's killer editorial was delivered courtesy of Sven, whose "It's A Great Time To Be Single" goes into great detail about the lamentations of SPQ2 fans, and what map makers can do to make new missions interesting! It was an excellent read, and quite a few people had something to say about it, so read on!

From: Screamer
Subject: Quake 2 editorial response

I hear what Sven is saying when he makes note of the fact that there are so few quality SP Quake 2 maps out there nowadays. After I put away Doom 2 and moved up to Quake DM, I thought I was in heaven! So when Quake 2 came out I snatched it up faster than you could ever believe, but in my personal opinion, Q2's DM was not up to par with the original's. However, what I did notice was that cinematic opening sequence with the marines drop-shipping it down to Stroggos. In other words, Quake 2 kicked ass for single player games. The feeling of being on an alien world, staring at a beautiful voodoo 2 rendered alien sunset was amazing! After buying all the mission packs, I finally nuked that damn planet and moved on. What do I mean by "moved on?" Well, a little game called Quake 3 Arena came out...and when I saw that it's DM was like no other, I had fallen in love once again. So while I might now only play Q2 once in a blue moon, I support Sven on his quest to keep those SP maps coming. I guess what I'm saying is, long live the ENTIRE Quake trilogy!


From: EpsCylonB
Subject: spq2

The only decent suggestion in this article was the idea of joining a mod and creating single player missions.

The reason I don't think much of the rest of the article is that the guy seems to be unworried about the craploads of shite spq2 maps this article will generate. Nothing new can be done with the q2 game content (I know cause I used review q2 maps), actually I thought the original game was a bit too bland reppetive as well.

Unless you radically alter the textures, characters, waepons, etc, (make a mod basically) then you won't create anything that's really worth playing (regardless of how much publicity you get). You may say that as long as some people enjoy it then that's alright, but it depends on your perspective. If most of these map makers (like me) dream of someday being paid to do their hobby then this is completely the wrong way to go (it won't look good in your portfolio and impress employers).

I don't like the idea of this guy saying that it is alright to redo stuff that has been done before (which is what it amounts to). It ties in quite nicely with your brilliant gauntlet article last week.

Nostalgia is fun, but don't try and live in the past.


Hellchick: I think Sven's point wasn't focused so much on making new maps. The Quake community has the tools and the resources (and the talent, I think) to produce a really well-done mission pack kind of product. Hell, if I had the skillz, I'd love to be involved in an amateur project that made a single-player mission pack that completely retooled the original game. There's some imaginative people out there - if they could hook up with the people who have talent and time, I think it could happen.

From: Patrick Palmer
Subject: Sven's Article - It's A Great Time To Be Single

Sven or whoever gets this,

Wow, this was a great article. I was inspired to make my own Single Player map, but then I realized, I do not have the time or knowhow to accomplish this. I had some great ideas, but that is beside the point. I think this was a great article, and I think an SP author that read it will be inspired, and I am anticipating some great missions after this. Oh well, just wanted to give my props, keep up the inspiring words brotha man :)

-Patrick "[QaZ]DefCon" Palmer

From: mfalx
Subject: Single Player Missions


After reading you "Its a great time to be single" article, I feel i should add that most of the maps you mention, qtowers and its sequel are also fantastic in coop too.....even though the author says that it is not supported, as long as you clear the spawn point theres always room for another marine! Playing theses maps in an, albeit cheesy, but stealthy way, using quicksave and quickload, is an immense experience.

Adding the roger wilco factor makes it even better.....lets face it its the closest we're gonna get to a "holodeck experience".....while we are still young anway ;).

Anyway, nice article....keep up the encouragement.....SP/COOP stuff will always be wanted....

yours trainspottingly


From: Kyle Pietrak
Subject: Quake 2 not dead?

Yep that's true.Quake 2 isn't dead...yet.But my Quake 2 has a problem with my Diamond Viper V550 Graphics Card.My Desktop's mouse keeps poping up and I want to use the mouse for it.A guy from Acctivision said to get a update for it.Got it and it just made the graphics better.Now I donno what to do.Tell the ppl that get the new Weapons of Destruction 2000 not to put it in their weapons of destruction folder.It wrecks the Mod.

It's also true that we need some more SPQ2 maps.DMQ2 isn't fun any more.Instead of just reading a book for a good SPQ2 I dea,Watch a movie or play another game that might give you an idea.Also,map makers,mabe you guys can find away to put music in a map like in UT.


Hellchick: I have to almost agree here. Ever since Q3A came out, I only play Q2 DM when I have to (with the exception of Action Quake 2, which I still love). And while I have always preferred the multiplayer aspect of all the Quake games, I would definitely play a single-player mission pack for Q2 if it looked reasonably interesting. It's kind of fun to go back and play something like that after playing DM for a while. But if someone out there decides to make one, there'd better be a Hellchick model in it. That's all I'm sayin'.

From: Arjf68
Subject: It's great to be single

Dear PlanetQuake:

I know how Sven feels. I often find myself thinking back to when Quake2 was young, and new maps were plentiful. Even though I now count on Planetquake as my very limited selection of SPQ2 maps, it was not always so. I used to remember a time when I could fire up my internet connection and litterally download at least a dozen good maps. At one point I had over a fifty SPQ2 maps at one time in my BASEQ2 directory (Though it isn't filled like that anymore, I had to get rid of them due to memory constraints; I need that new HardDrive =) I realise that Quake 2 has to inevitably die out; it's this way with everything in the world (including Quake1), but I hope that others, like myself (I've gotten into mapping a couple of months ago, and am now working on a new level), can stave off this death.

However, it is my belief as well that other Companies have actually helped keep Quake alive. How? Take Unreal for instance: It got off on such a bad start. The level editor had more bugs in it than rotting cheese; I had to download a good dozen patches to even start the damn thing and now, it still crashes frequently and that is why Quake map makers who are making the transition from Quake to Unreal return to their home grounds. Even though Unreal has an incredible engine, with a huge amount of flexibility, Unreal's comunity has atrophied and has become stagnant because of it's stupid editor and horrible internet support. I know of five other people who have bought the game that I know personally, and only one out of the 5 of them was able to run the damn thing. And that's only Unreal. Don't even mention flops like "Mortyr".

I sincerly hope that Sven's editorial does indeed revitalize the mapping comunity, or else all the SPs out there are doomed.


Hellchick: "...more bugs in it than rotting cheese". You win the award for best analogy in this week's mailbag. The award consists of nothing, by the way, but you still win it.

From: Pat Carson Jr.
Subject: Re: Sven's article on SPQ2

Yo, props to Sven for hitting the nail square on the head! Granted, Q3A provides a bitchen DM environment with no equal (well, maybe Unreal Tournament, which I have yet to try, but would prolly share my HD space with Q3A, but I digress), but as far as SP action, Q2 still reigns supreme, and unless id does a complete 180 and tweaks the Q3A engine for SP missions, I don't see that changing anytime soon. Besides, I STILL see people out there churning out SP missions for Classic Quake, and damn good ones at that!

So how bout it? There's plenty of room for innovative SP action out there for Q2, so let's see it! Like Cuba Gooding Jr. sez, Show Me The Money!

Or some junk. ^_^

I must say that for both Quake and Quake 2, I was a single-player fanatic. I downloaded every single-player map that got a good review, and played through them all. Single-player and I go waaay back. I'd love to see someone create a good single-player mod for Q3A; that would be the pinnacle of swankness. But I think it may be time to give up on Quake 2 for new mods and maps. Q2 is over 2 years old now. That's old. Let's move on to newer single-player games, like Half-Life, and Soldier of Fortune, shall we? Quake and Quake 2 = dead horses. Going back to them will get you nowhere.

On Page 2: Thee Gauntlet Feedback!

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