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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | June 23, 2000

PQ Mailbag

Jushin Thunder Mailbag!

Welcome to week 2 of the most ass-kicking Mailbag on the entire web. Yes, I outright dare you readers to come up with a better Mailbag. Especially one that has definite specifications, like this here PQ Mailbag; no matter what we talk about, it pretty much always has to relate to Quake. So there you have it, the best Mailbag on the web, and perhaps the best ever. I fart in other Mailbags' general directions.

Fanning The Flames

While not as catalystic as last week's editorial by Pappy R, Lee'Mon's "The Flames of Fandom" certainly garnered some interesting feedback of its own. In the aforementioned editorial, Lee'Mon delves into the ugliness of the mod scene, with fans of one mod bashing another, and verbal clashes between mod teams. Observe the feedback!

From: Screamer
Subject: flames of fandom

For the most part, I agree with Lee'Mon's editorial, "The Flames of Fandom." I too have noticed time and time again the pointless arguments that erupt over a mod (or even complete store-bought games ie: Quake III and Unreal Tournament) and frankly, I'm quite sick of it. Mod's are meant to bring new life into a game, and if you don't like someone's particular vision for how a game should be, then don't play it! Let's be thankful, mod's are freely available to anyone who wishes to play them. All that is required is that you purchase the base game. With that, you're welcome to download the mod(s) of your choice. Would Quake III (or even the original Quake) still be around if it weren't for mods? From looking at the lifespan of most console games, which don't have modifications available, the answer is clearly and undeniably no. For this reason alone, we need to be thankful that mods are available to us from gamemakers who make them solely for the love of the game, and not bash someone else because they choose to play WFA instead of Q3F. If you like a certain mod, enjoy it! Personally I'm a big fan of XtremeCTF, but not too many people play it. Does this mean I flame those that don't? Certainly not, I have my tastes and others have theirs.

The only thing I have against this editorial however is the fact that Lee'Mon insists people say nothing at all if they don't like a mod. I disagree with this because it's our job as gameplayers to let the creators know what we want. Before I contradict myself too much let me explain, if I don't care for Q3F, that's my prerogative. However, there is nothing wrong with me making suggestions on how they can improve their mod. This simply helps them to create a mod that more people will enjoy. This does not mean that I go to their board and post things such as "you suck!" That doesn't help anyone.

Bottom line, let's help the modmakers by telling them what we want, but do it in a way that's respectable. The last thing someone who devotes months of their lives into creating a mod wants to hear is that they suck, for no reason whatsoever.


From: Stephen Howe
Subject: re: The Flames of Fandom by Lee'Mon

Well, I'm glad someone finaly said it! It's a very good point he made: Why go there if you don't like it. I know several people who will go to somoe place and say "Hey, you guys, you all suck cuz you play Quake3!" "Why does Quake 3 suck?" "Well, it needs a 3d card, and I don't have one, and i like better." "Why do you like better?" "Cuz quake is dead!" The would hten go on to tell me that the reason's they don't like the game, etc etc... But why bother telling me this? If you don't like something, why talk about it? I never told them their game was dead, or that it sucked, in fact i usualy said that the game was good, but I just liked the pace of the Quake games better. The best anology I can come up with is if 2 people get divorced, say they never wanna see or talk to eachother again, but at every chance they call eachother to hurrass, make fun of, attampt to injur, etc. Pointless. Why do people have to say "something sucks?" oh wait, i get it!! It's like country music!! When something bad happens, you write a song about it and make sure EVERYBODY hears it! right? hehehe.

In this article it deals with WFA and Q3F... I'm probely gonna get booed for this but I don't find them to appealing.. I prefer deathmatch, or some varity of... Don't get me wrong, team games are good, but there's a lot of controls in those 2 mods that it drives me insane!! Gimmie the good ol DOOM idea: button = shoot. Don't need no operate, reload bunny, arm torpedoe, fire torpodoe... drop dead and jump up intime to stab someone in back... geeze.. what ever happend to run-and-shoot. :)

From: Toxicity
Subject: Re: The Flames of Fandom

Dear Lee'Mon,

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one, Lee'Mon. It seems that almost every mod does breed a generation of ignorant zealots with their only mission in life being the total convertion of another competing mods "gamer-base" and assimilate them into their own almighty supreme mod that everyone must play or else be labelled an outcast.

Btw, I don't mean to be a (...insert your own multiple expletives here...) but the phrase "don't say nothin'" is a double negative and thus the real meaning is the inverse of what you most likely intended to say. :)

Keep up the excellent work,

- TekMage

From: Seth Church
Subject: The Flames of Fandom

RIGHT ON!! This problem has plagued the gaming community since online gaming started, and makes NO sense whatsoever. Im glad someone finally said something (besides those posting replies on the MBs that the original writer only feeds off of). Seriously, I'll be willing to bet that most people that dis a mod are the exact same people who sit up all night playing it. People just look for an excuse to look better than other gamers, but really, they just look like more of an ass than A.Carmack when no one likes the models for the upcomming Doom game =).


From: Steve Karstensen
Subject: The Flaming Fans

Lee, three words:

Let it go.

Is it too much to ask that you write an editorial *without* bringing up Generations?

A really good article could have been written about fanatical fans *without* focusing on Generations yet again. You could have touched on the following, for example:

* The furor over the lack of a grapple in Q3A's CTF. Damn thing turned into a Jihad.
* The lunatics who are *still* obsessed with Weapons Factory and the flamewars on their forums.
* Q3A versus UT versus Duke4, anyone?
* Those gimps who insist on 'porting' Team Fortress to every goddamn platform under the sun, which are far more numerous than the two "sons of Generations" groups you mentioned.

There's more, you just need to look. Honestly, I was disappointed to see Generations go. It was one of the most fun mods I've ever played and I refuse to delete my copy (am I allowed to say that without being arrested? heh) but gads, man, it's over with. Make Gen Area a kickass mod. We know you can do it. But come on, let the dead horse lie.

From: benoit gauthier
Subject: The Pro Mode mod editorial

I have to agree with Pappy-R, bringing back Quake1 physics and gameplay doesn't make a better competition. I have questions for the Pro Mode people: what is the point of competition if you're controling all the weapons and armor, and your opponent is armed with the Gauntlet and the Machine Gun? Is the point of Quake to deny your opponents weapons and armor or is it to face that opponent and make sure you kill him before he kills you? I know a balance of the two has to be maintained, but the way I see it the Pro Mode mod will make for incredibly lopsided games, even with 2 players of equal skill. If I compete or watch a competition, I want to see games won by Sudden Death, not by humiliation, unless humiliation is deserved, which would prove the players were NOT of equal skill, and therefore the loser moves to the losers bracket. I watched the STX-Wombat vs RavenShadow demo yesterday and I couldn't believe my own eyes at Wombat's skill. But RavenShadow had all the weapons and armor he needed. Now picture the same game with the intended Pro Mode; Instead of 70 to -3, Wombat would probably have won 150 to -20, and to me that's a pretty boring game. There is ownage, and then there is ridiculousness.

From: Derek Hewitt
Subject: Editorial Comments

Hey PQ,

Preach it Lee'Mon! I totally agree, somone's opinion is their opinion, its not somthing you can argue with. Thats all their is to it. You can present an alternative, but you can't force your opinion on somone else. I personally don't like any mods at the moment, DM pretty much has most of my time. Call me old school, but small maps and twice the recomended number of players with 1 second respawn's on all weapons still kicks ass. Anyhow, keep preaching brother,


Well, what can I say? Not a whole lot of feedback compared to Pappy's, but still interesting in its own right. Mod flaming is something a lot of people are sick of; it's not just a Lee'Mon Thing (TM). If I like a mod, then I'll check out the website, or leave some positive comments or suggestions on its messageboard; if I don't like a mod, I'll simply forget about it. There's a lot of mods I don't like, but you don't see me posting negative comments on their messageboards. Why bother trying to piss someone off? If you don't like something, why not offer constructive criticism? As my mother always told me, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Lee'Mon: Well, from the responses I received, I could tell that although most people agreed with me, my writing style of "editorializing through experience" is rubbing some readers the wrong way... probably because I only have so many anecdotes.

So, I'm going to go out on a limb a bit and open the floor to discussion. Would you rather I tell it like it is? Would you prefer I take a more community-wide stance? Do you know of some issues I've missed lately? Let us know, and I'll try my best to get the ball rolling!

On Page 2: Story Time & Leftover Gibs!

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