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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | December 1st, 2000

PQ Mailbag

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Quakeage

Lee'Mon: December's here already. Hope you Thanksgiving-goers had fun last week. Personally, I spent the holiday mostly off the 'net, leaving you guys without your Mailbag goodness.

But fear not! We present you with a too-big-even-for-Thanksgiving portion of the PQ Mailbag this week! Four, count them, FOUR pages full of that loving Quake goodness. So, fear not the Third Page this week... it's the Fourth Page you should worry about!

Demonwench: HAHAHAR!! It's been two weeks since I last vented at you froots! Beware the Fourth Page! Things may leap out and try to grab you, but I will personally smack 'em down with the same decorum y'all have come to know and luv...

Lee'Mon: Let's get this gravy boat started, shall we?

"Splash Damage"... More Than A Disgusting Pr0n Flick Title

The fallout from our Rants'n'Raves continues. Last week's issue: Splash damage through floors, a.k.a. Q3A v1.17, a.k.a. no longer in Q3A v1.2x. Good, or bad?

From: Jordan
Subject: Rants 'n' raves - splash damage

When mildly inconvenient things happen to incredibly shallow gamers...

Come on, it's a game, deal with it. They made it, they're taking out the bug, you will play the game regardless. And if you don't, so what? You've bought it, they got their money, they're happy!

And if it's oh, so important to have it back, go write a damned mod to turn it back on, although that would require just a little more work than whining and moaning about things that aren't going to change.

Demonwench: I like him. He's talkin' my language here. And I believe I've said something similar about id. You go, boy!

From: Bert
Subject: Rants 'n Raves on Floor dmg.

Can we stop saying "It's id's game and it'll be how they want". Wait a second, didn't I BUY the game? If they suddenly made it into a platformer after people had went out and bought a fps then I think everyone would be pissed off. "Leave it if you don't like it". I played Q3 plenty before I bought it with a friend, and I thought that the damage through floors was hilarious at first, and now we use it alot when we play RA3. I would say that the fact you could do damage through floors, making matches with my friend more interesting than they'd been before I found the bug, was one of the reasons I bought Q3. And people keep saying the majority want it removed, sooooo........when was the big survey? Aren't the people saying this, themselves being a very vocal minority? I've talked to alot of people I quake with about this, and there hasn't been ONE who wants it out. Some are not so sure, but plenty love this feature, and you know plenty of maps have been developed with it in mind. I'd say the person on the high ground still has an advantage, hell, I'd rather be there than on the ground where they can pepper me with rockets, but floor damage gives you a chance to get back at them.

Lee'Mon: My two cents on this one: Some people fail to realize that they have a right NOT to patch the game. Feel free to play with your friends and alone using whatever physics you want. Granted, once 1.25 is finalized and source is released, most public servers will switch over to it. However, when you're playing out in the public arena, you must obey the rules of whatever authority controls where you're playing. The secondary authority is the server admin (who made the conscious decision to upgrade and didn't install a mod to replace the physics); the primary authority is id Software (who created the game universe and dictates its rules in the spirit of fairness.) There aren't too many competitive games out there that don't have a head controlling authority.

Hell, look at last week's GameSpy Top Ten: 10 Most Sought-After Items In EverQuest. Half of them have been removed from the game for being too powerful. Verant makes daily decisions in the name of game-balancing for Everquest, and sometimes "features" that players have used for some time are removed, disabled, crippled, or "nerfed." Why? Because it makes the game something Verant (the controlling authority) doesn't want.

Most of all, you either live with the rules and play, or you don't play. Don't bring up the fact that you payed for the game, unless you can explain to me how $50 for a year's worth of gaming is a worse buy than, say, $8 for a 90-minute movie. Otherwise, I'll bring up those EverQuester's subscription fees...

From: David
Subject: splash damage

I'ts a feature of the game,why didn't they fix it with the first update ? i haven't upgraded to the latest release, and have no intention of doing so,in fact, if they release the new mission pack, or what ever you want to call it,and the splash damage is not there, i will not buy it,and stay with ver1.17, the server i play on is version 1.17,and the gentleman that runs the server has no intention of upgrading till the splash damage is back, and everyone else that plays on the server, feel's the same,so there it is, a year from now i may still be at 1.17 :)

Lee'Mon: Like I just said, feel free to do that. Just don't expect to be able to play any of the new killer mods that will be coming down the pipe from various teams... or the latest versions of your favorites, either.

Demonwench: Hey, yer following our advice! You enjoy yerself.

From: David
Subject: Splash Damage Bug Rants and Raves

My opinion on the issue is to settle it the good old fashioned way, with a compromise. Let there be a Splash through cieling server option, and the server admin can decide wheather his server will play that way. This way we can allow the few players who are whinning about losing it, to keep it, and the people who are whining about it being in the game can ditch it. As for me I'm just happy to be Quakin.

Lee'Mon: It's a good compromise. The only problem is that id doesn't like the bug in any form, and they feel that offering it as an option would show their acceptance of it. (Remember the talk of a "pro mode" during Q3A's development?) So, a more realistic compromise would be to create a mod that offers the bug, and let server admins decide that way.

From: Hellkite
Subject: Death To The Bug!

It its a bug, it should go. if it causes people to die on the other side of a wall/floor, change it. I mean, THEY are the programmers, and THEY have the say of what goes into or comes out of there games, so why should we complain? Anyway, (Heh) "Boo Frickin Hoo" to all the people who are complaining (Thanks Spyke, that comment was baiased, but it is soo USEFULL!) Just Learn to LIVE with It! its not all that major, now if you could shoot anything through the floor, THAT would bee a big problem.

From: V.Catalina
Subject: For The Weak

That bug is only being used by those who cannot frag the person who is dominating them from the top. I am a death match purist. I don't use quad or the BFG. A player like myself would like to see these types of bugs reapaired. My main reason for this is that ID software had a vision in mind with this game (or any of their others) and we need to see that vision finalized the way they wish. I respect the funfactor but that will still be there. Let's play the game the way ID intended it to be.

From: Phoenix
Subject: The "shoot through floors" bug

Raven's position about it being a "Quake quirk" is just dead wrong. The quirks that survived, such as strafe jumping, while they DID start out as bugs, and didn't get fixed, lasted up through the whole series of Quakes. This little shoot through floors problem ONLY appeared in Quake3, and John Carmack didn't intend for it to be there. While some people may like another way to frag someone that doesn't require much skill, it is, as LeeMon said, Id's game, and Id has the final say. That's why we all pay them, and they get rich - so they can write even better games that we can modify later! They're gracious enough to let us make mods, and to bother to fix bugs like this when a lot of other software companies would just move on to the next $$$ maker. They did listen when fans overwhelmingly requested strafejumping be kept in Q3, so there's nothing worth griping about. Not all game companies are as gracious as Id. (To the guys at Id, thanks for the fixes, the "one-death-sound" bug that drove me nuts!)

Strafe jumping stayed, yes, but this has gone. Id has decided, and that is that. People need to stop whining, and just plain adapt. Just like the first time we all played online and dealt with lag. You'll get used to it, or get blasted by everyone else. End of story.

Lee'Mon: I hate to sound like I'm calling victory, but it appears that the public either deeply appreciates the removal of the bug, or has decided to live with it. Unfortunately, that signals another sound defeat for the small but extremely whiny minority of Quake players who find fault with everything.

Demonwench: Death to whiny, namby, pansy, wussy little fruitbats! Onward with the mail!

On Page 2: I See You... Do You SeeThrough Me?

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