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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | January 12, 2001

PQ Mailbag

Around Tuit

Demonwench: And now, for something completely different. Well...not so different, just...delayed.

Pappy: Well here's a first. I've never done the PQ Mailbag before, but I should be OK since I have Demonwench to let me know if I go astray. Wondering where Lee'Mon is are you? Well, Lee is just real busy with things like doing well in school so he can get a high caliber job. Basically, when "real life" gotta listen. I'll give my partner in crime a chance to say hi before we dive right into this week's reader mail.

Demonwench: Hey, hey, hey, y'all! Didja miss me? Y'all haven't heard my venting in...what is it? A month? How could you live without me! Hehehe.

I certainly hope everyone had a luverly holiday season, I know I did, but I missed you guys! Sniff, sniff. Enough with the junky stuff, on with the mail!

The Quad Damage

Pappy: This week's Rants n'Raves feature got quite a bit of mail since we were talking about something people feel strongly about, the Quad in Quake.

Demonwench: Snort. Feel strongly about? THAT'S putting it mildly. You people are too high strung sometimes! Lay off the caffeine.

From: done urbuckle
Subject: quad damage

Hey Pappy-arrrrrrrrr,

Here's tha deal. Burn tha whiners.I agree that quad should not be used in 1 v 1 games. In TDM and CTF it's very useful. But personally it doesn't matter for me in FFA.I mean it's in the game so use it. Don't whine about it.I use it as a tactical tool.when I hear someone pick up the quad I know where he is.So i just go hunt him down to get my blue prize.Quad or no quad he is no harder to frag. If you got skills he'll have a hard time fraggin you unless he uses the plasma gun or wait better yet..the BFG!! When I see someone with quad i stand my ground and almost every time come out victorious. When I get the Quad it's party/hunting time..hehehe. If someone whines about it expect to get one of my quad charged rocket up your @SS!!!!!!!*LOL*. I not a frequent quad user but when I do get it i have fun with it. It's in the game so why not use it. In sted of whinnin about it see it as a challange.If you'r fightin someone with quad it gets more exciting. At least for me.<^_^>

Pappy: First, only my close personal friends get to call me Pappy-arrrrrr, but I guess I can't pick on you too much since you basically agreed with me in public. Work on the spelling and grammer though for next time. Like everything else people tend to bitch about, if you don't like something on a server...move along.

Demonwench: I think the Quad's a good thing. On a 1v1 basis? I don't know about that. It could go either way in my opinion. If it's a decent sized map, you could waste the entire Quad without ever seeing your opponent. But multiplayer? Heck yeah! You got the Quad, you become a target and you get juiced up. Nuthin's more exciting than having a lot of people suddenly try to hunt you down!

Oh, and Pappy? It's no use to tell people to work on the grammer and spelling.

Pappy: *sigh*

From: WhiteFang
Subject: Rants N'Raves

Well I read this weeks R&R and to be honest about this, I dont care if the Quad is in play or not. If you're lamma that complains about it I'll be the one to hunt you down to get you to shut up about it or leave the server so everyone else can atleast enjoy themselves. I find that when this power up is in play on a map that has enough players fighting over it that presents an opportunity to the person who is'nt fighting for and just put the smack down with the RL and there you have it. 1,2.3 maybe even 4 frags you might get out of it.

To me it's like the BFG or as on person on your staff put it "The Evil Bastard Weapon". If someone has fragged you with Quad, well get it in gear and go grab it next time it spawns. I think it gets real interesting on DM17 tho. It should be obivious to any player when someone else is going for the qaud. If you are a rail god on this map you can take em out even before they reach the top to get it. I usualy dont get the quad on DM17 unless I fragged a player who has it. And if after I have fragged this player and the quad remains in play and other players begin fighting over well I just fire a few rocks there to spice things up a bit.

The point is ID put it in the game we should just live with it and play and have fun. Dont take it soo personal.

Pappy: I'm sensing a theme here Demonwench.

Demonwench: Everyone seems to be telling FuzzyBunny that they like the Quad. Personally, I think he's just mad that he can't ever get to it. Suck it up and move on, boy! Or if you don't wanna, kill the smegger with the blue outline!

From: Aubrey 'PainBerry' Hesselgren
Subject: Rants N'Raves: Quad Damage

Since LeeMon ain't posting in the rant, I figured I'd try to fill in as the quintessential "guy who has a clue" :.

The problem posted with the quad is not isolated. As mentioned, the BFG is a a problematic item too, in that it is overpowered. But the problem occurs with EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME. In picking up an item, you automatically deny other players its use (for however long it takes to respawn). Thus the "anyone can grab it" arguement is redundant when players start getting a clue. If you have an experienced player, you'll find him running the items, continuously picking them up as they respawn, denying you their use. There is no easy way to break someone out of this cycle. If someone controls the armour on a level, you are pretty much screwed.

So item runners (quad whores etc.) are being rewarded with extra strength and abilities, simply because they are better at running items than the next guy. So the guy who is BETTER in the FIRST PLACE is given the advantage. The other guy who obviously NEEDS the help given by picking up items is thus given the handicap.

It's unbalanced. It's that simple.

Considering the imbalance caused by items in multiplayer FPSs why do we have items in Quake 3, which is meant to be the shoot'em up to end shoot'em ups? Again, it's simple. It's a legacy of the Quake series' single player age. You can get away with anything in single player design... you're only putting smack down on the computer after all, so fairness and balance isn't really in question. In quake 1 we saw the quad damage. It was an icon in game design, copied endlessly under different pseudonyms since its concept was simple, and people loved its concept, regardless of any imbalance caused. When it came to making the quintessential MPFPS that is Quake 3, did id feel compelled to put a quad damage into a game just because it was a quake game? I don't know. Only id can answer that. But I doubt they thought this hard about it.

But the Quad and the BFG and the big bonus power items ARE in Quake 3. So whatchagonna do if you want to play a fair game? You can either move to a no-items arena such as Rocket Arena 3, or you can learn to abuse the exploit of item running yourself. Item running IS part of the game. That doesn't mean it's fair/a good thing.

"But PainBerry! The Quad is FUN! It's good because I like it!". Yeah. Whatever. Play what you like. Just don't call yourself l33t because you grab more pickups than other people. To quote Cliff Yablonski "Grab the powerup! WIN THE GAME!". So true. <sigh>

Pappy: As usual, I disagree with PainBerry. He and I have a long history of disagreements but they're usually fun and well worth having. Quake, like war, is a battle that can be won or lost by controlling items/supplies of importance. I hardly feel that things freely available to two parties make things unfair. As I said in my reply to the original rant, powerups are fair in all but 1 VS 1 games where their presence and a luccky spawn can turn the tide of a game between two equally balanced players. OH and before I forget...It's fun! :-)

Demonwench: Excuse me, but I've seen players get every single powerup item and still lose the match. It comes down to skill. Someone has the Quad, you figure out how to either take him out or wait out the Quad. Or you can just move servers. Jeez, I'm starting to sound like a parrot...

From: ChubbyBunny
Subject: quad

I can't even believe you guys posted that Quad rant!!! I mean the guy doesn't have any idea what he's talking about! I'm glad at least that the staff replies were coherent. ;) But the thing that really pisses me off is that this guy almost stole my name!!!! The nerve of some ppl. I hope none of the eastern online Quakers think that guy is me.

ChubbyBunny (<--------since 96)

Pappy: I looked all through our mail on this and couldn't come up with one person who outright agreed with the Rant. Now let's move along to some reader mail that was aimed at the topic of this week's PQ Editorial, "Is Quake III Art?".

On Page 2: "Is Quake 3 Art?" and more.

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