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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | March 23, 2001

PQ Mailbag

Back in Action

Demonwench: Hey there all you happy people! Didya miss me last week? I was off on Spring Break and had meself a grand ol' time. Didn't mean to leave ya all alone like that but fear not! I have come back for y'all!

These were a very busy two weeks here at the Good Ol' PQ. And since y'all positively ranted about the RnR, I've decided to have an Extra Chunky Mailbag with four WHOLE pages! So let's get down to the thick of things! Dive dive dive!

Pappy-R: Four pages of shear joy no doubt. When did I sign up for this one?

id Bashing

From: Daniel
Subject: id bashing

I believe everyone made a good point in the rants-n-raves. Yes i'm imagining it's a bit cumbersome for mod authors to do whatever they have to do when a new point-release is made available....but don't you already take that into consideration when you do the mod?

Most of the games I have bought all have a patch released sometime after the game is made available on the market. Your not going to catch all the bugs, and regardless of what your irc chat buddy told you, id Software ARE human. I believe they put out a very good product each time. I know they are pressured/pressure themselves to do such in a time constrained window.

Perhaps i'm being one sided here. I know that with any computer software I buy there's usually a patch sooner or later to fix something. Grumble, bitch, moan then just do what is necessary to fix the problem with your mod. Yes i'm being mean, but the more time you spend moaning and groaning, you could be getting problems resolved.

In closing, I'd like to point out the fact, that id has the ability to not distribute the code to mod authors, or make them pay for it. They are a group of very user end friendly people who release it publicly, without cost to user to do whatever "floats your boat". Seriously. These guys could be real jerks about it, but they're not. So would those who are bitching because things don't go there way...(and i quote)"Please...SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Reality is brutal. I'm just the public reminder.

Demonwench: Yeppers. I think that id owes the public nothing. I think it's really cool that they let mod authors use the code. Some people just have to find stuff wrong with everything and of course yell at the people responsible. Pity that nothing can shut up the complainers...

Pappy-R: This is why making games for consoles looks so appealing to developers. All they have to do is work with one hardware setup, with no community projects to support. Make the game, sell the game, make another game.

From: Frank
Subject: anti-id rants

Unfortunately, it has become fashionable among people who know very little to bash id software for perceived faults and failings.

It's a common phenomenon: everyone likes to attack big, successful companies---people incorrectly assume that success has somehow led to laziness and indolence, as though everyone who 'makes it big' suddenly lives a life of complete decadence. Bashing successful people also allows the bashers to feel somehow superior, without ever coding a line. However, this kind of bashing is itself lazy and illogical, completely ignoring the facts. The people at id got started in their business because they love the work, not because of the money---of which there was little promise in the beginning.

Also unfortunately, the same lazy thinking also tends to grant smaller companies more than they are due---simply because they're the underdog. For example, almost everyone in the gaming industry raved about Unreal Tournament and found it superior to Q3. But I now see many copies of UT languishing in the bargain bin for $20, while Q3 still demands it's full price and sells out at that price. Bash Q3 all you want, but the people have voted with their dollars and the outcome requires no recount.

Quake rules, and id software is still the big dog on the block. Tiny lap dogs may yap at it's heels, but we all know that they're scared little rats with no bite.

Demonwench: It's for underdogs to get their due if it's deserved. But beware... a lot of little dogs can easily take down a much bigger one. True a few will go down but most will survive and grow.

Pappy-R: Sing it brotha'! I believe!

From: Quebus
Subject: id bashing

If you find yourself getting all "foamy at the mouth" when you talk about id and what they do "wrong" versus what you think they should be doing, it's time to take a step back and get a grip! It's a game folks geez!

I bought Q3A for about $60 Canadian about 15 months ago and I've been playing it solid ever since - singleplayer, online, you name it. Later I benefitted from the quality work of custom skin, model and map makers to make the experience even more enjoyable. I've had the odd problem (OMG!) and gotten a lot of FREE help and quality advice right here. Do I feel like id has ripped me off? Did I get my money's worth? Do the math!

Truth be known my system is getting a little "long in the tooth" for Team Arena so I haven't bought it yet - period, end of story, no bitching.

As far as I'm concerned a little complaining is okay. It's kind of like that girl you teased back in grade school - if you didn't REALLY like her you wouldn't have bothered. Id needs feedback to stay relevant but if you start to get all "wild-eyed" on the subject, maybe you should go find another game?

Demonwench: True, quite a few people have gone all "mad dog" about the flamming. I like the teasing comment...much too true. '-)

Pappy-R: Feedback is great, demands suck. Some voices in the community "demand" something from a commercial product.

From: Fool's Luck
Subject: id bashing (Rants n' Raves)

I wholeheartedly agree with the rant in this case. I buy a lot of games, I play a lot of games and I am not a techie either. In my experience id software has produced the only games that perform as well as they should. I have had little trouble with the point releases, I have found that everyone of them has improved the game if anything. I saw no trouble with the 1.25 fiasco primarily because I have yet to see a mod for Q3A to hold my interest for more than three seconds.

This brings me to my second point, one of the most frequent complaints I have heard concerning id is the fact that they did not make Team Arena a free add on. The argument for this is that it is just another mod. That may be the case, but if so it is the only one to hold my interest and I consider that worth paying for.

Demonwench: I'm glad you found something to hold yer interest, bud. Quake on!

Pappy-R: So you like id Software and Quake then? Next time don't ride the fence bud, just blurt your feelings right out.

From: Floyd
Subject: rant: id bashing...

i'm so sick of people defending sub-standard products ... as far as id goes, i'm very angry that every time i load up quake3 or team arena that most of my settings get reset ... and no, the files are not read only, my user is an administrator so i have the permissions and i can only assume it's because of the bugs in the software ... if i was less informed, i would have NO IDEA how to fix the problem ... then i would be forced to go to activision to get support and all i'd probably get is some stupid automated email ...

what is with computer industry? we have lemon laws for virtually everything except computer hardware and software ... we buy a car that doesn't work as implied, we can get our money back or a trade ... no so with games, this is a market that's totally in the hands of the producers and has no consumer protection at all ... and then people get all up in arms when consumers complain about a lemon product ...

vote with your dollars? we would if we could return the darn software ... most (not all) places you buy software from don't extend or have any kind of warranties for software because of concerns of piracy ...and what about substandard patches? if you play quake3 you're running out of options since even though 1.17 was stable you can barely play it online anymore ... 1.25, 1.27x are buggy as heck - i still have to edit my config files nearly every day to fix a value that the game has reset for no apparent reason (eg, yesterday after playing team arena it set my sv_maxgameclients value from 16 to 8 and it took me a few minutes to figure out why people couldn't join the server ... this is despite the fact that not only did TA report in-game that it was set for 16 and my g_maxgameclients was 16 so where did that value come from? i have a computer that can easily handle 24-32 clients so wtf?)

i'm not just bashing id, the whole industry is getting away with these shoddy product releases ... microsoft is a no-brainer for this example ... how many security issues alone do they make with new "features" and "patches" with outlook and outlook express? could fix things before adding features first (god no, that would make sense) ... or blizzard, they've released patch 1.04 to fix compatibility issues with drives which caused more problems than it solved and has yet to be rectified by their 1.04b, 1.04c, 1.05 and 1.05b patches ... and now id, another one of these companies that release a game with obvious errors and then expecting their publisher and their target consumers to fix or work-around their issues ... i can appreciate what they're giving the community but they simply have to finish the job ...

i don't understand why the computer industry is the only industry where not being able to finish what you started is excused ... in any other industry you're butt would be fired ...

Demonwench: Hrm... this guy does have a point, but, as someone else pointed out earlier, it's nigh on impossible to pick out all the bugs. I have no idea why the game resets yer stuff every time, that's just freaky.

Pappy-R: Perfect software for multiple combinations of hardware and OS...not gonna happen. I do think that there's a point here because we have all grabbed a game that had serious crashing bugs that meant you could not play the game until a critical patch was brought out, that sucks. Patches to add features, fix small bugs and even try to improve performance with new tricks the team has learned, these I can deal with.

Demonwench: Next up! The Rants about TA! Hey, get yer head outta the gutter, there!

Next: TA Rants.

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