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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | March 30, 2001

PQ Mailbag

Spring'n Outta Da Bag

Demonwench: Aaahhhh. The end of March has come and with it, the Spring! I'm beginning to get the beginnings of Spring Fever! Which means I'm feeling very perky and downright playful right now! You guys beter beware! Never know what's going to come up when I'm like this! Coming right up, we got the responses from the Rants n' Raves.

Pappy-R:Spring?! We just got a ton of snow, then it rained to get rid of it just in time for more snow. At least there's no seasons in Quake! Now let's pop that bag and see what the readers have to say.

Counterstrike Professional League

From: Lupe
Subject: That little Rant N Raves thing about CPL and Quake3

Business is business and they will do what they need to do to survive. While dropping Quake3 altogether does suck, getting a demotion is one thing but to be outright fired with only glib excuses is quite another, it shouldn't be the harbinger of the apocalypse. CPL does not need the permission of the Quake community to change gears. If they feel this is in their best interest then so be it. Again, they need to do what they need to do to stay afloat. On the other hand, we, the humble and, good God, damn handsome community that is Quake owe CPL jack s**t. To say we, the Q community, owe them, CPL, is to suggest that without the good graces of Mr. Munoz and his people we would still be wondering around the internet dessert like lepers outcast from civilization. Sorry but that little blurb of his makes absolute zero sense. At most he is owed a Thank you (as is ANYBODY who takes the time to put up a server for any game) and nothing more but even then you don't slap someone in the face and expect them not to get mad after telling them your actions will benefit all and that it's for the best. Sorry, most people just don't buy that. Where do we go from here? To the f***ing servers!!! Quakecon 2001, etc. You get the idea.

Demonwench: Snort. Well, you hear the man. Thank you Mr. Munoz for making a server for the game. That's all i owe you.

Pappy-R: I think I already made my feelings clear on this topic in the feature. How many people are waiting for that "secret sponsor" to be announced?

From: Steve
Subject: What the hell is the CPL anyhow?

Id made Q3A. I played the demo. I swooned. I bought the game. Until 10 minutes ago, I had never heard of the CPL.

So, how is it that I owe them anything?

Because they host a professional gaming league? Who cares. I'm not a professional gamer.

Because Angel Munoz says I do? Get real.

And if this guy and his over-inflated ego want to boot Q3 from some tournament in favor of Counterstrike, I'm not gonna start weeping. Hell, in my opinion Half-Life is boring and Counterstrike is a piece of shit. That's why I don't play them. Quake 3, on the other hand, commands my attention. I love it. Even after a year in release. And you know what? That's not gonna change any time soon.

So, little Mr.Munoz, Valve, the Counterstrike community, and the apparently oh-so awe-inspiring CPL, can all kiss my ass. The only thing I owe to anyone in the gaming community, is a hearty thanks to Id for making one hell of a game.

And, frankly, I like it that way.

Demonwench: HAHAHAHAR!!! I LIKE this guy, 'e speaks me language! Bravo, suh, bravo!

Pappy-R: I agree DW, this guy rocks! Can we have the choir say amen?!


Ok Iím not a competitive quake player in the sense that I compete at tourneys. When it comes down to the mod I play (WFA). Yet when I heard that the CPL was dropping Q3A from there tourney, that pissed me off. Iíve been playing online since Q1 and playing Doom over modem before that. I have a long history with ID and when these jack asses think that they can drop a community that help them become established I said [frag] them were better of with out them. Then I read an interview and these guys are saying that we owe them. WTF are they smoking and where can I get some. There is no CSCon. There are no Competitions all over the world for CS. From what I know there are no Sponsored CS players. These guys have made a huge mistake and I donít think when they come crawling back that we should go back. Let the [fragers] suffer for insulting us. I know some one out there will step up and set up another league. So [frag] these assholes.

I say let them keep these immature CS cheating [frags] and lets step up a real league.

Demonwench: Hmm... In spite of a rather crude way of expressing his thoughts, it was very well thought out. Excellant points brought up.

Pappy-R: With all the bitching I hear in and about the CS community, I really can't wait to hear what happens at the big CPL CS tourney. I really think this is gonna be one big fun bag of chaos.

From: Rant Rave
Subject: CPL and Q3 RANTZ

It NEVER fails...You get a little money, a little decision making power, a little publicity and suddenly you think the world owes you. Your sure your a gaming organizer and not a politician? Seems like I smell a suit and tie.......pew ack gag! Maybe next the CPL could contact the organizers of the world series and see if we can get a couple football teams in there. I heard more people watch the super bowl, so it makes good sense to change the format right? Hey angel baby....lemme give you a big ol q3 community STFU! Now lets move on to ID software. ID has created in Q3 what many of us in the gaming community feel is the most competitive multiplayer game to date. Most of us realize that making a game of this scope is no easy task. The problem most people seem to have with Q3 lately is the patch issue. We know there aren't ANY perfect games so far that's why we live in the patch n upgrade world we do. The problem is... when will Q3 EVER be fixed enough? My guess is never unless ID hires GOD. Last i heard he already had pretty good gig. Anyone remember how buggy and quirky Q1 was? Seems to me that some of the quirks and such was what made the game as fun as it was. There comes a point when you start to wonder if the patches really fix anything or if its more a gameplay tweak to appease some squeaky wheel who doesnt like a particular part of the game such as weapon power, player movement and the like. If things keep going this way with all games, It wont be long before you need a computer science degree and a small piece of Einstein's brain just to load up a game. If ID does much more fixing, ther wont be any players left to fix things for. Lets just hope Doom3 wont be put through the same treatment when its released. As for owing anyone anything, I think not! We paid for the game so STFU. If we owe anyone anything it'll be the genius who gives us that elusive file we all dream about called....

Demonwench: Hehehe. I agree. I'm not a pro gamer. I've never heard of the CPL until the rants. I owe them zilch! Nothing! I don't even owe them my time! The Quake communittee will not miss the CPL if they go away. Quake on!

Pappy-R:You couldn't compete in a real Quake tourney DW, but you could get into the CS tourney after about a week of practice. Yeah, yeah, mail me on that statement if you want but it's my opinion and I'm allowed to have one.

From: F-c-M
Subject: A different take...

Last time I checked, CS was available as a stand alone game.. this brings it into its own level and takes it out of a "MOD" perspective.. another reason for this is because SO much of the original halflife portion has been edited out.. that only the technology really remains. I'm pretty sure You can Patch Halflife to add CS, just as you could potentially Patch Unreal Tournament to add clive Barker's Undying. and its no mod.. its just got alot of the same guts...

I'm glad CS has taken priority.. that shows the same thing that the numerous CS fans show.. A good game , and enjoyable game, and most of all.. a different kind of game then the run of the boring mill Quake.

I still play quake 3 fortress.. and some other mods.. but really Quake3's deathmatch is boring as Quake 2's just with pretty trails and architecture. Nothing great about it and was let down from the 1st time i played it..

Halflife & CS, years of enjoyment, years more..

Anyone who cant "relate" to these statements in some way is in denial.

CS 4-ever, Quake3 while it should have a place still .. , has finally been shown the door.. out of the spot light.. so more deserving games can enter onto the stage..

Thanks for being a site that like more then one opinion.

Demonwench: Well, we have a reader who is not dedicated to Quake. I'm glad you enjoy your games and that it's taking it's "rightful" place in your eyes. That's not exactly what the rant was about...but hey...whatever pushes your buttons.

Pappy-R:I do love readers from other games who come over here just to spout. CS is a mod and through packaging and support by Valve it's come a long way which is great, but who's in denial? Valve jumped on this project to give Half-Life (a great single player game) something worthy of a net connection. I have no problems with a CS tourney. My attitude is the result of the statements by Angel about broadening the tournies by simply switching games. That's like me broadening my menu by removing burgers and switching to hotdogs. Then I get to say the cows owe me for what they gave me. I really believe that with what's going on in the CPL, any game can be the game of choice if the developers sponsor the event. It's about bucks, and nothing else. Why can't they just say that. I can respect that.

Demonwench: On our next page, more random stuff!

Next: Random Stuff!

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