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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | August 2, 2003

PQ Mailbag

Greetings, faithful mailbag readers! The stars have aligned, hell has frozen over, and the mailbag has finally returned! Unfortunately the omnipresent Dire Hamster has been somewhat less than omnipresent these past few weeks, which finally forced me to write this mailbag without his assistance. Actually, he got a new job.

So why is this mailbag late? A better question might be "what hasn't delayed this mailbag?" Off the top of my head there's been a close relative diagnosed with cancer, the flat tire on the freeway, electrical storms, a mail problem that made me lose every piece of email I've gotten from the past six years, and then finally my computer blew up AGAIN. I was honestly expecting my monitor to explode and kill me as I was putting the finishing touches on this mailbag, but I suppose I'm not done quite yet...

Question of the week?

Unfortunately, any mail that I received about the last question of the week was eaten. So let's just start right in with the miscellaneous crap that's filtered in slowly over the past few weeks while my inbox recovered.

From: calvin and hobbes
Subject: quake 4...

personally i like location based damage, and it looks like if they're using the doom 3 engine, we're stuck with it. but i'm really sick of class-based MP in games where it doesnt belong. i agree with you there

No, no... I think you're looking at it all wrong. Class-based teamplay could totally work in Quake 4. Say you're playing capture the flag or something, and you want to be a sniper. So you pick the railgun, and shoot people in the face with it. And then when your team needs some kind of close-range combat guy, you have someone running around using a super shotgun. Then you have some guy in heavy armor with a rocket launcher running and grabbing the flag. When your team needs you in a new role, you switch to a new weapon and start doing that instead...

Er, wait. That's really not what you were talking about at all, was it? Anyway, location-based damage still overemphasizes luck on any game where the guns have a large spread. On guns that don't... does the railgun really need to do more damage?

From: "Mikael Sundling"
Subject: question


I have mailed you before and got the tip to try gamespy which didnt help so much so im back hoping you know where to go...

Im a fan of quake 2 ctf (lfire) and a year or more ago i was every day on a really good server with lots of good kickass non-standard ctf maps (such as "a farewell to kings, neurotica, samurai castles etc") and i enjoyed it SO much. Suddenly one day it was gone, i could not longon and i tried week after week. I then found the list on gameaholic of ip numbers to q2 ctf servers, but they only runned the ordinary boring standard ctf maps such as "outlands 2, stronghold oposition, capture showdown etc" i have looked for a looong time for a server (or serverS) with good non standard ctf maps, voting etc but cant find any, i contacted planetquake some months ago and as i said they told me to try gamespy, but it only listed a little bunch of ctf servers.

I REALLY hope you know where to look....i long a lot to kick ass on GOOD fun maps - thanks!



Hey Mike. Or Armitage. Whichever. Welcome back to the mailbag. You do know you're naming yourself after an anime chick, right? Anyway, there's just one small problem with your request. I'll admit that I DID just send you a link to the Gamespy 3D server browser thingymabob instead of giving you a list of IP addresses to Q2 CTF servers that run custom maps.

Y'see, the server browser can find every server that broadcasts its presence to the master servers. So if you're not finding good Q2 CTF servers, it's because no one is running them. Simply put, it can't show you something that can't exist - and it would probably really piss people off if we added a feature that made up random IP addresses for nonexistant servers it made up to match your specifications.

Solution to your problem? Well, hate to say it but it looks like you'll have to beg, borrow, or steal server space from someone or start your own. If you want something done right, sometimes you've got to do it yourself...

From: "Diego Pellecer"
Subject: Please!!

Keep doing this fascinating game because here in Latin America is kicking ass!!!!.

I`m an very faithful fan of this game and in don`t get tired of play Quake 1, 2, 3, again and again and again.

So good luck with Quake 4 and please keep doing that great job of yours. (so go forth and kick ass soldiers!!)

Well, I'm certainly glad that Quake continues to kick asses in Latin America and, it is to be hoped, across the globe as well.

We don't actually make the game here at PQ, though, we just write news about it. But may your ass continue to be kicked by the Quake series long into the future.

And look, here comes another...

From: "Diego Pellecer"
Subject: hey Soldiers!!!!

I`m a huge fan of Quake 1, 2, 3, and this game is a very important part of my life.

Here in Latin America, we are PC games adicts and Quake is a very strong drug for us.

Keep doing that great job you do and don`t stop making Quake Sequels.

TRuly yours: Diego.

P.S: Could you please tell me how do I kill Shub-Nigurath Queen In Quake 1, I just can`t.

And here we have the second email from Mr. Pellecer. I'm a bit conflicted about answering these kind of emails, really, because it's generally a pleasure to be able to take credit for someone else's hard work. On the other hand, it's id.

I'm also hesitant to post this letter because it contains both drug and gaming references. God knows we don't need people getting even MORE idiotic ideas about gaming. I'm curious as to just how you use Quake as a drug, though. Orally? Do you shoot up? Or do you just lick the CD key and stick it to your forehead?

Finally, to kill Shub use the teleporter and the flying spiky thing.

From: "Diego Pellecer"
Subject: hey Soldiers!!!!

Hey this is DoctorD,

I wanna thank Jube for posting my desktop onto the PlanetQuake site! I wasn't in a very good mood once I woke up cuz of a bad night of sleeping, but then I got on PQ!

The first thing I do when I get on my pc is pop up Internet Explorer with PQ set as the homepage. I saw that the new QuakeScopes were on, went to Scorpio and red mine. After that I started saying to myself (yes I sometimes talk to myslef when im bored) "I hope Jube posts my desktop pic on the site sometime, that would be the sweetest thing!" Then I clicked on over to the desktop readings, waited for it to start loading, stupid 56k connection!, then all of a sudden I saw text pop up with Profile for DoctorD at the top. I just stood there starring at it for a few minutes and I got chills because I was so shocked that it was put on there!
Next thing I did I started reading, and right at the beggining I saw "OMG, the bestest dekstop ever, hands down winner! Hehe."After I saw that I just about fainted! =:o My body was shaking because I was so shocked! It sort of felt like it was a dream, but then I decided to poke myself in the eye, it hurt me a little bit, so I relized it wasn't a dream! So then I called my brother in to see it and he was sorta amazed by it also. Then after that, I called my dad in to see it. (yes, ok, im only 16, but a BIG fan of PlanetQuake and Jube, HeHe!) My dad just stood there for a little bit readin it, then he asks, "whats this about?" so I said "I sent a picture of my desktop into this site, and it got put on there!" Then I told him to read the top part of it and he laughed about it.
Well after all of that exitement, I was happy all day and showed a bunch of my friends online that play Quake II. One of em was PhantomBadman, I told him to read some of it, he did, and then he said "I know a celebrity now lol" =:0

I just want to thank Jube for making this literally one of the best days I've had! =:0)

GG! and happy Fragging!

P.S. Jube, Lets get to gether sometime and see who can frag who! HeHe!

Wow. That was an amazingly inspirational story.

But seriously... my advice to you would definately be to calm down and try to get a grip in this fixation with Jube. Trust me... she's a scary, scary person. Inside that cheerful demeanor beats a heart of pure ice. She could teach the Hatfields and McCoys a thing or two about holding a grudge. I've seen her kill a man with her bare hands for walking in front of the TV while "Survivor: Ottowa" was on.

In fact, Pappy was too afraid to admit it... but she's the real reason he won't be seen at QuakeCon this year. He learned she was coming and knew he'd never make it out alive after the numerous humiliations he has delivered to her in Quake. I assure you - the next beating delivered will be in no way virtual, and will involve weapons that have never been found in a Quake game.

Next: The mail continues!

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