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    PlanetQuake | Features | Dear Mynx | You Say It's Your Birthday?

This Week:   It's my birthday! Well, ok, so not till Saturday, but, hey, on Saturday, it's my birthday!  So, to celebrate (?) I've decided to share with you, my loving and well lubricated readers, the feedback I've received lately.  You love me, you hate me, you want to suck my toes.  And I love every minute of it.  Thanks for reading and contributing.  You guys keep this big greasy wheel turning.

   Mynx, Agony!
I was surfing 'round Planet Quake hunting for info on failed mods of the past and I happened to click on a link that led me to your column. Oh the AGONY! After reading the current posts and paging through a few from the past I'd been laughing so hard I thought I was gunna die like a Tribes newbie playing offense (repeatedly and horribly)! Your column should have a warning label or something, grim folks such as myself can't take such hilarity with out risking injury and I thought you should know, It'd be a real shame if some grim-lin laughed him/herself into the afterlife and you got sued for wrongful death or something. As the Necromaster it is my job, nay, my DUTY! to thwart death at every turn, so I shall continue to read your column so that when the Grim one himself comes a-callin' I'll be able to look up at him with a grin on my face and a chuckle in my throat and tell 'im Mynx sez "Hi". Ehem, sorry, my official psych profile says I'm prone to sudden and violent fits of melodrama, guess it's right.

  How Dare Mynx Take Female Angles?!
well jennifer k. bailey, i usually agree with the guidance you give to the quake community but in this case i disagree. it's not neccessarily your fault either. you see, your advice to him clearly represents the female side of the issue, but i can tell you, from being a guy and all, that to hear this would be VERY distressing to a guy. i think in this case the girl seriously screwed up by divulging such info in the first place. despite how great honesty between lovers is, fantasizing about another person is among the ranks of faking an orgasm with females. you just don't talk about it except with your other female friends who aren't likely to suffer bouts of self depreciation because of it. i've seen you take a female angle on an issue several times but none-so-much to warrant it to be pointed out. this time is different, obviously. i thought i might even do so much as to suggest that it would balance things out more if you had a male co-writer who jointly answered questions with you. that way, a male take on things would be present. they did this on loveline and i think it would work here, as well. overall, you have a great section on planetquake and i read it almost all the time to see what crazy shit's in there. keep up the good work.

  Lets All Inbreed!
Just thought I'd give a quick comment on one of the answers you gave in this weeks (30.12.99) column, replying to the guy who thought he might be in love with his cousin.
Your answer was: 'The fact remains that she is in fact your cousin.  I'm assuming she's your first cousin.  There are laws against this sort of thing for a reason my dear... namely INBREEDING.  Just don't do it, mmkay?  Inbreeding just isn't good for
anyone.  This is one of those oh so delicate situations where I'm going to have to say: Get Over It.'
Actually, the legality or illegality of marrying your cousin is very much subject to where you live... there are states in America which allow it and I don't think its illegal in any Europeean countries, and also not in most of Asia/Africa.
Furthermore, there are no contemporary studies which shows a significantly higher percentage of birth defects in children of cousins so labeling it inbreeding is not scientifically correct (well, I guess it might be, but it's not proven at least :).
And no, I'm not involved romantically with any of my cousins :) I just got interested in the subject while doing a school-paper on Albert Einstein (who married his first cousin, as did Charles Darwin and of course Jerry Lee Lewis).

  I'm Not Gay!
Why is it that EVERY SINGLE LETTER for the past 2 months has been as follows:
"First off, I've been reading your column for a long time.  *I AM NOT GAY*.  You kick @$$!!!  YES I'M SURE I'M NOT GAY!"
as opposed to the old:
"Dear Mynx,-

What are you wearing?  I masturbate a lot.  QUAKE RULES!!!!  Chicks don't like me."

I've noticed this topic shift and was wondering what your thoughts on it were.  BTW, YOU KICK ASS and I'M SURE I'M NOT GAY.  There, now that that's out of the way, keep up the good work.  You never fail to entertain and educate at the same time.

  Geek With Thick Tubesteak Seeks Love
Long time reader, first time writer. I had to get a chuckle over your recent column 'People are freaks' and your first letter to pork chop.

I just had to write... if you are setting people up, pick me pick me. ;)  I'm industry standard length, but girth is about 6-61/2 inches depending on my motivation. You know any gals in Colorado who like a shy, nice guy type who plays too many computer games.. They got their man. *laughs*

Ok Ok just looking for something to do while waiting for my phone to ring with my next customer with a stupid problem... Ah, the life of a tech support agent. 

  Mynx, Walter's World Wannabe
If u are like me, u will have been to PHL,(planet half-life), and will have been to walter's world, now he used to do articles on his antics in the black mesa base.Don't you think that PQ is copying them by introducing you?

I don't know but do correct me if i am wrong 

  Don't Share Mynx With Your Co-workers!
I think your column is SO damn hilarious! I have been reading it for over a
year. I usually read it while I'm bored at work (I play quake and everquest when I'm home dammit!). =) I usually end up trying to not let my coworkers see it as they may read some of the stuff on there and that would not be good hehe.

Anyways, just wanted to say keep it up - reading about these other quake-playing deviants (i'm deviant in my own special way, nothing to write Mynx about tho!), and your witty rebuttals is a great humorous break from the stress of work. If I make it to the Beatdown somehow I'll be sure to say hi to all you quake web-personalities! 

  SWNerd Seeks Chick, Post-ops OK!
Every time i read your column it contains girls complaining about masturbating or sex or hating their boyfriend or some form of sex problem. All i have to say is, if all these girls are out there with problems, or out there wastin a perfectly good women on themselves, give her here!!! i aint that picky!! just horny!! so the next girl to send a message here saying they have some sex problem, just have all your readers send them a message saying " Go see " and my work is done.

  I Can Do Mynx's Job Too!!
Hi  mynx u crazy freak.  I am a BIG quake guy and i think that u need me to help u answer these questions. Now i won't wright a big long indepth statement but i can and i help newbies quite alot.  Now for those sex questions i can add some colorfull detail to your answer.

  Worship The Goddess
I've been reading your column for well over a year now. In fact it i the one reason i still regularly check into PQ. And I'm not even saying this to suck up for a good response.   I have seriously read enough of your advice that I would be fuly willing to trust you with my life. I am convinced that you are the "Goddess of Everything a Hormonal Teenager Wishes to Know."

  Kid Spoo
First of all, I'd like to point out that kind of "offensive" (no, no, I HAVE been paying attention to this column, for half a year now) quote about being able to make the pickle puke after 13, and then going on to say a bad thing about those types.
Hey, man, I'm 13, and have been smacking the salami for about 2-3 years.  I've been able to acheive orgasm since 11.  Took about four straight hours of whacking, but it was nice. But, that's a different story, and not related to my rant.  First of all, almost EVERYONE thinks that most male teenagers (and female, too) don't really learn more about sexual activity until 15-17.  It's quite dumb, since I've known about sex, mastrubation, and a helluva alotta other things since I was 12 (thank God for the internet).
Another of society's moronic things...

  Mynx = Jeff K.??
Love your Column , especially those embarresment spotlights !!!

I was browsing your column and noticed that your name Jennifer K Bailey is very closely related to JEFF K ??

Coincedince  or is there more to it ?

  He Did It!  Spooge Achieved!
well, I took your advice. I snagged a porn magazine, holed-up in my room and gave the wookie my undivided attention (save for the mag.)  And just as you had said, this did the trick. I can't express my gratitude enough for answering my email, and giving me the incentive to really go at it.  THANKS!!! 

  Mynx Thinks?  Cool...
This is not a letter to say that I have some weird fetish or marital problems, or even to say that I use the cellophane that came wrapped arond my Quake cd's to masturbate with, this is a letter to say.....I like the way you think.  Thanks, and I know due to the "dull" nature of this letter it won't get published, but that's fine, cuz it's something I wanted to let "you" know.  Take care.

  Normal... By Comparison
I've been reading your article of PQ for a long time, and it makes me fell a lot better. I thought that I had some problems in my life but I was wrong, when I'm down I go to PQ and Read about all the screwed up things that people did or have done. thanks alot for you artical in PQ.

  Teenage Lesbian Hits on Mynx
Hi I am a 19 year old Girl, and i think i need some help. Ever since i read stuff on your site i wondered what you looked like. (NAKED) I have dreams about you stripping down in front of me but the problem is I DON'T know what you look like naked. I tried putting bunch of pron together and well that is what i use, but maturbateing don't just cut it cuz i don't know what you look like so can you please pose in a porn Pic and post it on the net!!! And yes i am a lesbian. OH shit I relly would like to see you naked.

Please forgive me if I dare to give you my brutally honest opinion on your role on the site.  Here it comes.

E-A-S-Y    E-G-O-B-O-O-S-T

Please don't freak out on me, I'm just being honest.  And yours is an obvious and understandable position.  Too many MALES and one "chick".  Basically it's like this.  You're the only chick and male attention pleases you.  But, let me ask you one thing: do you ever spend some time doing some good ol' healing introspection?  Give it a try, girl! 

  We Dig "Frankenpooty"
I'm sure you get this all the time, but I just had to write and tell you how mad I am at you.  I spent the last 5 hours reading ALL your columns and now I'm going to be a 200lb bag of poo at work tommorrow (today - it's 4:30am!).  Your advice is timely, appropriate and most of all, fuggin hilarious.  The people with serious questions you answer seriously and the others... the others get what they deserve...  You have a new, permanent fan, Mynx.  All my best to your love-monkey hubby and your little Quaker.  I hope you have at least half as much fun writing the column as I do reading it.

+2 Nips of death?  Secret stroke collection of goat pr0n?  FRANKENPOOTY?  Holy crap, I'm still laughing my ass off! 

  Mynx Sucks. 
You suck.  Bye.

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