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    PlanetQuake | Features | Dear Mynx | Loogie.

Got problems with your girlfriend because she can't take your constant Quake playing? Are you finding yourself just a little too attracted to the game models? Then talk to Mynx and she'll sort it all out for you!

This Week:  Wanking to ex girlfriend pron, homosechual experimentation, some guy who wants to know how to grease his hog, and another guy asking mynx just about everything he can think of.  Oh, and check out the little tushie on this week's Geek... nice dimples!

    Digital Arousal
A while back I was dating a girl who was REALLY hot - and we had a great thing going.  Well, in the course of our relationship, I convinced her to let me take some nude pictures of her with my digital camera.  Well, we've since broken up, but I haven't taken the pictures off of my hard drive.  Well...the thing is - I still masturbate to the pictures about once a day.  My question is this - is it really wrong of me to do that?  I mean, I still think she's really hot, but is it just a little too weird to be wacking off to pictures of her if I'm not dating her anymore?

-Mister Fister

Well I don't really see much difference between monkeying the banana to some random chick pron on the net... and gripping the gecko while checking out shots of a girl you've actually invaded.  Heck it's probably more reasonable to do what you're doing since you've quite literally been there and done that... you have the memory to fiddle to instead of just the fantasy.  And uh, hey what she donut know won't hurt her, or something.  She'd probably have one of two reactions... either really get off on still having that kind of hold over you, or freak out that you still even HAVE the photos.  But hey she posed for 'em, the shots (and any shots stemming there from) are your property.  Stroke away, dude.

  Curiosity Killed The Horn Dog
OK here's my problem.  As far as I know I am straight.  My best friend is gay, a fact which doesn't bother me at all.  A couple months ago I found out that he's had the biggest crush on me for quite a while.  At first I was a bit weirded out but I got over it.  The thing is, recently I've been thinking about him that way too.  I've never had any sort of experience with other guys and have never really wanted to before, but for some reason my curiosity is killing me.  Is it normal for me to want to experiment?


I guess I'd say it's kind of normal to evaluate the idea of a tryst when you find out someone - anyone - is way into you.  Like you know the option is right there ready and willing so why not consider giving it a chance?  So I understand where you're coming from.  Actually I fail to see the problem here - he's interested, you're interested... yeah sure, you've both got pixie stix, but as I've said before, 'so freakin what?'  You don't have to firmly plant yourself in a category of "straight" or "gay".  Some people do swing both ways, you know.  Swing him like George of the freaking jungle - but watch out.  What will be experimentation for you will be a lot more for your pal, so if you decide to try giving him your muffin, be sure you two talk it out and understand just what changes are being made to your relationship, just to cover your, um, bases, before you slide home.

   How To Grease The Hog
Hey mynx.  Umm I'm kinda new to lubrication.  What is it exactly?  Just like vaseline something or is it something you buy especially good for your one-eyed monster? Also does it really make masturbation all that much better? Thx mynx.

-Slippy Kippy

You've sort of got the right idea, although vaseline isn't the best choice - and it's certainly not recommended if you're actually going to be putting mister fister anywhere near an actual female.  Since the intended place for a penis (that would be a woman) is generally pretty warm and slippery, this is the idea behind lubricant... to simulate this sensation.  It's really quite an individual thing; some guys really prefer it, some don't.  Yes, there are lubes you can buy specifically for your little monster which you will generally find next to the condom display at your local drug store, or via a trip to  Then again some guys just hork a nice juicy loogie into their hands and start pumping.  Ergh.

   A Whole Slew Of Trouble
I have a whole lot of problems which I've been saving up for a while, so if you could help me with some or all of them I'd really appreciate it.

I've never had sex before. I'm 17 and after having read your column for a while, I'm relaxed about my lack of sex life at present. Yeah, I want to have sex desperately, but I'm not depressed about it or anything. What I want to know is, when I do have sex for the first time, will I like, blow really easily? When I 'go solo', I have no problems holding on for ages, but I have no idea how I'll be when it's for real.

Something which worries me are condoms. Do they ever fail? Should I take steps to have a 'backup contraception method' in case a condom splits or something?  Should I be worried at all?

A week or 2 ago someone asked about guys getting hard during kissing marathons. Do a woman's nipples get hard too?

My, ahm, pubic area itches sometimes. I've never had sex or anything, so I couldn't have picked anything up there. I can't see any lice or anything. Is this normal? It gets annoying sometimes. I've heard that 25% of people have some form of herpes. Is this true? Should I be worried?

Finally, in the past month or two I've been eating a lot. I mean a LOT. Like twice what I'd been eating before in the same period of time. I have no trouble eating a pizza, or a large bowl of spaghetti bolognaise or something, and then in 2 hours or so I'll be starving again. I'm not a large person either... I have a very light build (I mean VERY light build)... it's just wierding me out. I mean, when I hit puberty I noticed that I was eating quite a bit more. But not like this. Most of my spare money is going on food, and not computer parts. Any idea what's going on?

-Curious George

Holy balls, man.  Alright, here we go.  Yes, your little pal will quite likely barf all over the place the first time it parties.  This is pretty much normal and most girls expect just such a thing when sleeping with a newbie.  Your solo flights are good practice, of course, but no substitute for the real deal.

Sure, condoms fail.  Sometimes they're used incorrectly, sometimes they aren't fresh anymore (check the expiration date!) sometimes someone bites a hole through it accidentally.  These things happen.  Yeah, have a backup.  Carry a spare, and buy them greased with spermicide.  Sure spermicide tastes horrible, but that's the price you pay, I suppose.

Nipples very from person to person.  Some women get +2 nips of death from arousal, for some it takes an arctic blast.  You never can tell until you've got one jabbing you in the arm.

Your pubes itch.  Scratch.  Don't your elbows or earlobes or any other part of your body ever itch?  Doesn't mean you've got leprosy... just an itchy sack.  Scratch.  Move on.  Not a big deal.

You're a skinny little puke.  You said so yourself.  You're hungry, eat.  You're probably gearing up for one last teenage growth spurt.  Feed that gaping piehole and hope you don't have a tapeworm or something.  Oh, and just wash your hands before you eat, what with all that wanking you do and stuff, ok?

 Name That Game Geek

Last week's geek really stumped you guys. Curiously, Redwood was able to correctly identify her at first glance. :) 

This week's geek can only be called a gaming holy man.  Can you guess who?

"Tinkle, tinkle, little star"

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