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    PlanetQuake | Features | Dear Mynx | bai wanks with tobasco.

Got problems with your girlfriend because she can't take your constant Quake playing? Are you finding yourself just a little too attracted to the game models? Then talk to Mynx and she'll sort it all out for you!

This Week:   Lookin fo yub in all the wrong places, considering a vibrator, what attracts chicks to geeks, and a girl distressed over her geek's wanking habits.  Hi C4!!!!!!!

  Where The Geekchick Aaaaaare
So, okay. I'm short, slim, dark--not the worst combination--that's probably short, fat, pale. Modest good looks, will never be a model, but you don't have to look away when you look at me (unless you've got a thing against the Dark Meat). I'm a game fiend, have been since I was little. Have no success in the bar scene, slightly better luck but not enough in the club/rave scene. This is because I'm a geek. Not a problem for me personally--I LIKE technology; I LIKE reading; I LIKE my job. But your average Jane Emptyhead finds it vaguely threatening, and I find her... well, good for one thing. Only. Where are the female gamers? It occurs to me that one of the reasons why I get along with my friends so well is that we do the same things in our leisure time: music, games, pay attention to current news events, shop for new PC parts :p etc. Some other stuff I wouldn't tell a cop ;) But when I'm trying to find something I have in common with a woman my age (23), the conversation always seems faked and forced, because I don't actually know or care about the things she knows and cares about. Make no mistake--I'm well read and intellectually capable. But I don't share too many interests with people my own age and sex, let alone people my age and of the other sex. What to do? Where are the girl geeks?


The answer is write at your fingertips, grasshopper.  Jez!  While a computar si not a hat, it is indeed a lovely tool for pickin up the geekhotties.  I have seen many geeks fall in love and even marry as a result of irc.  Myself included!  It is much easier to connect with someone on a geekified level this way, instead of forcing yourself to mumble lame pickup lines at raves.  You can even do it nekkid!

Are vibrators okay for guys? Would it be worthwhile? Are vibrators harmful? Do you recommend them?


Well, honestly, I've never seen a vibrator that would be properly shaped for a dude.  Unless, of course, you would put it in your stinky pucker in which case I refuse to help, you should by now be well aware of the Dear Mynx Anti-Buttlove Policy Code 0382 stating STAY AWAY FROM THE POOPER.  Otherwise, hey, give it a try.  You might find it worthwhile.. your girl, should you choose to accept one, would find it very worthwhile.  I can certainly recommend them, as they can be a fun and enriching experience, although you might want to refrain from constant and continual use as I am told that this can lead to desensitization.  Not generally a Good Thing(tm) when relating to your Dr. Thunder.

 Someone Explain Mick Jagger
I notice that good looking guys don't always get girls. And at the same time, not-so good looking guys do. And "jerks" always seem to have a girl on their arm. I know that a lot of gamers are down on themselves cause they think they're too unattractive or dorky to have a girlfirend but that doesn't always seem to be the real issue. Is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder? Do girls overlook shortcomings for other qualities? Is it just a matter of preference? What is it exactly that attracts a girl to a guy? A theory I heard was that people see you as you see yourself. Would you say this is true?


It is true, to an extent.  There have been times that I've had huge mad earthshaking crushes on guys who were not classicly handsome, or who were even downright odd looking.  I have always loved odd or unusual people.  Much much more fun and interesting.  Jerks always have chicks because of the "savior factor"... girls always want to save those jerks, to prove to the world that she can make him love her and give up the asshood.  Girls typically outgrow this jerk fetish by early to mid twenties.  I can't tell you what attracts girls.. I'm not the world's most normal female so you can't go by my tastes, but more than that, it is such an individual thing.  One girl might like a great smile and a wicked sense of humor and another girl might like a foil wrapped cucumber in the pants and curly hair.  You just can't pinpoint it.

   Got Wang
WHY is it that my boyfriend continues to "wank" as you would call it??? Despite having a perfectly willing particpant(me) I found out that he continues to play with what in the hell is goingon here? What is wrong with me? He plays Quake all the time and Everquest and he doesn't go to bed until daylight and I am beginning to think that you game people are a bad influince on him. I hope he is reading this right now!!  


You know what.. a very wise yet insane individual once said to me, "every man is entitled to a sex life with himself".  It is true.  You can't expect that just because you are in his life, that your man will stop pulling rank on the pork soldier.  The fact that your man yanks his wang does not mean he doesn't love you, or thinks you're an uglyass skank - it just means that sometimes it is easier to wank.  Maybe it is stress.  Maybe he can't sleep.  Maybe maybe maybe, whatever.  It doesn't have anything to do with you - for all you know he is thinking about your milky white buttchub while he wanks!  I can tell you one thing for certain, though: we most certainly are a bad influence on him.  Quite surely.  Fear us.

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