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    PlanetQuake | Features | Dear Mynx | I've got a heart on for you.

Got problems with your girlfriend because she can't take your constant Quake playing? Are you finding yourself just a little too attracted to the game models? Then talk to Mynx and she'll sort it all out for you!

This Week:  What to do with a latex allergy, some guy with soaking wet hands, getting randy playing Quake, how to tell if a girl is a virgin, and soft silky pubic hair.  So are the days of our lives.

    Cover Your Whacker... Give Her a Rash
I have a little problem with the lady. It starts like this... I'm 20 I have no problem hooking up with ladies but I fear I have a curse.  I have yet to do the dance of love know what I mean.  Somthing always stops it from happening.  I just recently hooked up with this most wounderfull girl.  We both really dig each other and we both want to hit the sack.  Now here is the curse again.  She is already experience and is on the pill and stuff, but she just told me that she is allergic to Condoms.  I would prefer to use one because I really don't want any chance of kids right now, this also brings up the fear of if she didn't use the dome with other dudes then maybe she got some bug you know.  This isn't my first concern because she said she would get checked out,  I just really don't want a kid.   Here is what I need to know.  Is there anything other than laytex condoms or spermacidal gel that can be used??? If so w! here can I find info on this, I can't really find anything on this allergy stuff.  Also should I just get her to see a doc and find out exactly what she is allergic too?  Please help me break the curse!

You can probably get further information at, but there are a couple alternatives, here.  Condoms come in a "lamb" variety - not your cup of tea if you're a vegetarian - that is fashioned from a natural pouch in the little bleater's intestine.  While it is effective in keeping sperm cells in, the natural pores of the lambskin -are- large enough for many diseases to slip through.  I would say your best bet is a polyurethane condom.  Polyurethane is non-porous and non-permeable to any and all viruses.  An added bonus is that they warm to body temp, making them rather nice.  Both Trojan and Lifestyles make these, and you should be able to find them at your local drugstore.  Oh - I should note, though, that some of them crinkle.  That is, they make a crinkley noise while in use.  Heh.

  Wet In All The Wrong Places
Alright Mynx, listen up, you gotta help me here. You see, I really want to ask this girl out and im pretty sure she likes me too, but I just can't do it. The reason? I've got sweaty hands. And when I say sweaty, I mean sweaty, I leave marks of humidity on tables in the shape of my hands. People wipe their hands on their pants after shaking mine. Apart from that, im pretty normal, not fat or anything, a few girls have told me that im  good looking, but how the hell am I supposed to ask her out? I've talked to my doctor and he told me to use some Drysol stuff but it didnt work. So do you know any other ways of keeping my hands dry? I know your probably going to say to not worry about it, but I am and nothing will stop me from worrying. Please help!!!

Fear not, for there is hope!  Start small.  Try patting some cornstarch or even regular baby powder between your hands every so often.  There are actual medicated powders on the market for soaking up moisture, so look into those as well.  Use an aluminum-salt based antiperspirant (check in the armpit goo section, or the foot care section) - brands made for foot sweat will probably work best.  Keep it with you, and reapply once or twice throughout the day.  There is even an option, available via your health care provider, to use mild electric currents on your hands to help solve the sweat issue.  I'm not sure how that one works, so do ask your doc. 

I'm just an ordinary nerdy gamer, but is it normal to get an erection every time I play Quake 3? It's just that every time I startup my favourite FPS, I feel the action start in my pants. It's starting to affect my skillz. I can't practice as much.  Anyway, I'm gonna take a cold shower.

Oh, honey, if I had a hickey for every time a gamer boy has said these words, I'd be one great big giant bloodsucked purple spot.  I'm not sure that it is "normal", per se, but it sure is a nice treat!  What could be better than some Quake and some Wank?  I should open up some net.gaming cybercafe.  I'll call it Quake and Wank - play all the Quake you want, then rent the back rooms for 15 minute intervals.  *wank wank wank*

   Is She A Virgin?
Just wondering, Mynx, but is there a quick way to get a general idea if a girl's, umm, "lost something"?  I've heard to see if the area below the navel is expanded a little, but I don't know if that's real or not.  So, is there any way other than to out right ask the question?

Neener neener!  You'll never know, if we don't tell.  The "area below the navel" is made to expand - for things like winkies and babies and potatoes - (ok, well, so maybe not potatoes) and, after it has finished expanding, it snaps back into its original shape.  Sometimes, but not always, with an audible "thwang!"  So uh, anyway, no.  You won't be able to tell by sight or touch weather or not your girl is a virgin.  You'll just have to ask.  Oh, and then, duck.

   Curl Up And Dye
Do you know a good way to make my pubes (I'm a guy, btw) soft and fluffy?  Cuz normally, they are really not soft or fluffy... kinda nasty, even if I wash them. And is it true that dye-ing them will make them all fall out? I dont think so but I want to be sure. (nevermind why I want to dye them, ok?)

Dying them may actually produce the desired effect (soft, fluffy pubes), because the chemicals in the dye break down and actually somewhat damage the hair follicle, and the result is "softer" hair.  The only reason I can think that your pubic hair might fall out after dying is if you have some sort of allergic reaction - otherwise, you should just end up with bright green pubes (or whatever color you choose).  If you would like to try and soften the old beasties up a bit pre-dye, I've always thought a nice shampoo and condition (yes, just like for your other head) will help a good bit.  Perhaps even a warm olive oil treatment.

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