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The PQ

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    PlanetQuake | The PQ Poll | February 9, 2000

February 9, 2000

Hellchick's note: today's poll is lucky enough to have id Software's Robert Duffy as a guest commentor!

What weapon is the worst thing your enemy can use against you in Q3:A?

Answer Votes
Shotgun - I don't like the idea of dying by somebody's "boomstick".
The gauntlet. Oh, the humiliation! The hurtfulness!
Machinegun - So damn annoying!
Rocket launcher - Cuz it, like, blows up, die and stuff.
Grenade Launcher - there's nothing more humiliating than tripping over a grenade.

Pappy-R: The Gaunlet 'cause not only is there a humiliation factor, but they had to close enough to give you "cooties".
Hellchick: I love the gauntlet! Sometimes I run out of ammo just so I can gauntlet people! I'm a gauntlet weildin' fool! Or maybe just a weirdo.
Lee'Mon: Hellchick: Definately wierdo. But that's why you fit in with the rest of us so well. Personally, I've changed my Gauntlet sound to the cartoony WHACK! of a good solid punch. Then I go to DM17 and start hitting players off the map. "Smack my BOT up!"
Fragmaster: A "your momma" joke. I don't know why, but they always make me cry... maybe 'cause I'm a wuss and all.
Spyke: The railgun. I have little to no rail skillz, so when someone with mad skillz hops on and frags me successive times, I get a might cheesed.
Robert Duffy: Machine gun. It sucks knowing you could not dodge bullet spray from someone you know is less coordinated than you.

If you could add another Medal/Award to Quake III: Arena, what would it be?

Answer Votes
Quad Running - Always picking up the Quad within 1.18 seconds of it respawning
Lag Victory - Having an average ping over 500, and placing in the top three
Bunny Award - Never actually running, but strafe jumping the entire match
Deep Depression Award - Having more suicides than kills
ULTRA Humiliation - Gauntlet killing the guy with the Quad, 100 Armor, Megahealth, and BFG
Not at all Impressive - Firing the Rail Gun twice in a row

Pappy-R: Type Kills. Sometimes these people should be shot. This is NOT IRC people!
Hellchick: I voted for the "Not At All Impressive" award, since I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with the railgun.
Lee'Mon: The "l337 hax0r" medal, which is placed directly in the player's field of view any time they type words with numbers in them.
Fragmaster: l33t Award - Having at least two clans attached to both sides of your multi-colored name, and asking for wAr3z of some sort in each game at least twice.
Spyke: The Bunny Award! I absolutely swear by strafe-jumping, so I would be absolutely weighed down by these things. Either that or the "Fragging Fargo" award. Everyone would have one of those.
Robert Duffy: I am with Pappy-R on this one.

What's your favorite enemy from any of the Quake games?

Answer Votes
The Shambler! He's big, he's bad, he's furry!
That guy with the two chainguns in Quake 2. Dual chainguns rip me to shreds!
The dog-like thing from Quake 2 - scared the hell out of me when he first slapped me up with his tongue...if that's in fact what it was...
Xaero - "if you can take this railgun from my hand, grasshoppah..."

Pappy-R: The Fiend. Plain and simple. The name, the looks, the attack.
Hellchick: My favorite enemy was the crate - yeah, bitch! Take that, you overgrown cereal box!
Lee'Mon: Doom Cyberdemon. Ultimate video game boss of all time. Admit it, no level in Doom or any other game had a greater oh-SHIT-I'm-gonna-die factor than DE2M8. After the Cyberdemon, the Spider Mastermind was almost... anticlimatic.
Fragmaster: Lava. It always tricks me into swimming in it. It's all "Hey, jump right in I'm the non-burning type of lava and I will refresh you!" And I always fall for it and end up dying over and over again. Doh.
Spyke: That damn flying thing in Quake that sneaks up behind you and goes "HHHKKKAAAAAHHHH!!!" and shoots green shit at you. That freaked the hell out of me.
Robert Duffy: Click.. Clack Clack.. Click.. Click.. Clack Clack..

Where's the damn poll been?!

Answer Votes
Hellchick refused to do the poll until GameSpy caved in to her demands for three dozen bags of pork rinds, a case of Shasta, and a new Pikachu doll.
Pappy-R ate the polls.
The Shambler ate Pappy-R, who ate the polls.
They were abducted by UT lovers who were thwarting to overtake PQ.
I'm sorry, was the poll gone? I hadn't noticed.

Pappy-R: *burp*
Hellchick: Actually, it was terrorists. It's always those damn terrorists.
Lee'Mon: The poll was abducted by Maxis and placed in "The Sims", where it found itself trapped between an open window and a chair.
Fragmaster: They were on the lamb. Tee-hee, get it? OK, so that was stupid. They were really hiding from Sluggo and his Sausage Brigade (whatever that means).
Spyke: I know the *real* answer.. tiny little gnomes built tiny little cities inside Hellchick's computer, and they stole the poll results! But Hellchick got them back by shrinking herself to their size and defeating them in a battle of wits! That's what she told me, but I think she was just drunk.
Robert Duffy: UT Lovers???

Which would be most satisfying to kill in Q3:A?

Answer Votes
The bastard that can't shut his mouth and has a billion macro's for doing a lot of ultra colored taunting.
The l33t d00d that camps near any powerup/bfg
Whoever is resposible for putting a link to "FARGO SAVES THE WORLD AGAIN CUZ NUTHING CAN KILL HIM NUTHING!!!" thus making hundreds of people suffer through the whole text. (That would be Hellchick.)
Any person that even mentions another game while playing Q3:A
Fargo, because he uses the word "pw33ned" with such wild abandon.
Spyke. Just because.

Pappy-R: Gotta be Fargo, for the "pw33ned" and the camping and the things and the stuff all the time.
Hellchick: Anyone who makes me look bad when I play.
Lee'Mon: Definately macro bastards. I can even handle proxy bots, but macro bastards are one of the few things in this world that make me fly off the handle. Especially unimaginative ones.
Fragmaster: Regis Philbin. And that's my final answer... WHORE!!!!!!!!
Spyke: OH, COME ON! ONLY 40 PEOPLE PICKED ME? Geez. I guess my millions of friends were lazy. See, I'm so satisfying to kill because it's so hard to kill me, so when you do, you know it'll never happen again and your life's goal is complete.
Robert Duffy: Xaero on nightmare mode. Because he is so damn good.

Now that you've played Q3A, will you ever go back to Q2?

Answer Votes
Hell no! Forget the Strogg, they're old news!
Eh, I might if Q3A gets old after a while.
Yeah, probably -- I just can't give up my Q2!
Go BACK? I never left it -- I prefer Q2 over Q3A any day!

Pappy-R: I still Play DooM. Pass me another HDD!
Hellchick: I still play Quake 2 mainly for Action Quake 2. Yeah, Blondie, suck it down!
Lee'Mon: I have ALL THREE Quakes installed right now, but the first two will probably meet the great Uninstaller in the sky when more Q3A mods come out. Which reminds me: Domination and Assault have both been released for Q3A. I now officially have no reason whatsoever to get Unreal Tournament. Yeah, Baby!
Fragmaster: I'll go back to Commander Keen.
Spyke: I'll have to go with Frags here. I love Commander Keen, I hope Carmack decides to do that Color Game Boy version he was talking about. Commander Keen 4 is my favorite game ever. Beyatch.
Robert Duffy: Quake 2 was quite simply the finest sp game ever released. PERIOD. Q3A is multiplayer as it was defined and is the best implementation of it. They are separate games, both continue to strive on my game system.

What would your ideal mod contain from the following list, if you could only choose one?

Answer Votes
The element of realism - I prefer my games to be like my real life, only cool.
Bizarre weapons. It's all about the weapons!
A great storyline; I love getting sucked into plot! Or sucked into
Multifaceted gameplay - give me action, strategy, role-playing, and adventure all in one mod, baby!

Pappy-R: Storyline. I really want to see a single player using Q3A.
Hellchick: I like combining different genres, like RTS and first-person shooters. But hey, as long as the mod has a gauntlet in it, I'm all for it.
Lee'Mon: I'm big on storyline, but more importantly, gameplay. Originality scores BIG points with me, too. I might be picky, but "shotgun shoots faster, and the lights are out" mods never reach the chastity belt of my hard drive.
Fragmaster: Food. And dead farm animals.
Spyke: My ideal mod consists of lots of fog, the quad being green instead of blue, a grappling hook, a flame thrower, low gravity, and excessive amounts of colored lighting.
Robert Duffy: Anytime "multifaceted" is used in a sentence you must choose it. It is a rule.


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