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    PlanetQuake | Articles | 2003 Astrological Guide

2003 Astrological Guide
Life, love and gaming in the year 2003!
— by Jube

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Life: On the home front in the year ahead, you're ready to sweep away the cobwebs and resolve any outstanding issues you've got going with relatives or loved ones. Working as part of a group or team will be rewarding. Late spring your hard work and enthusiasm will finally begin to pay off. Deals, transactions and ventures that you undertake with someone who compliments your talents have the best chance of success, especially up until September.

Love: Watch for the sparks to fly romantically come February, Valentine's Day should be an occasion to remember. By early summer you could find yourself making plans for the future. You will need to make an effort to keep things lively in early September, but come December, your love life will skyrocket to new heights!

Gaming: This year your patience will allow you the opportunity to become a great player if you so desire. You look at the game through the eyes of a professional. This is more than just a hobby for you. However, you also expect to lose, therefore your ego is in check. Capricorn's reserved sense of humour means that you're probably not much of a social player, but in 2003 you will let loose a bit and find yourself becoming more involved in the game community. This is your year to really shine in gaming, especially if we see the release of Doom 3. FPS with a side order of RTS is what the doctor has ordered for Capricorn!

Work On: Your communication skills.

Where You'll Rock: Inner base defense, engineer, and 1v1.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Life: It might not be the typical you, but you'll feel close to family throughout the start of the new year. May and June will be ideal for taking care of any financial or living arrangement issues. Plan wisely now and winter should see you sitting pretty. An unexpected bit of good fortune comes your way in early April, so be open to all possibilities - you never know where they may lead. Partnership prospects are looking good from January right up until late summer. A willingness to work hard and long through fall and winter will pay off in the end.

Love: Someone you meet in a work or school environment tugs at your heart strings. You may not feel very confident that things will work out. If it's meant to be then you'll know by spring. You are at your most captivating around March this year, so expect to attract many admirers!

Gaming: Aquarius players are very independent and have a knack for single player... but your need for added fun and excitement draws you to multiplayer in a big way this year. No imitation games for Aquarius. You aren't lured by rip-offs, you want the real deal. You enjoy reminiscing about great games of the past and will likely revisit some of your old favourites. RPGs will taunt you, but you're increasing skill in FPS will keep drawing you back. Your great sense of team work will see you joining a clan this year if you are not already in one.

Work On: Your jumps.

Where You'll Rock: Flag escort, demoman, and sniper.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)

Life: From January until June, family members will look to you for stability and support. A lot will be asked of you and you'll do your best to provide. Keep focussed on the second half of 2003 as you will have so much more freedom to start concentrating on yourself for a change! It's time to make a move regarding your savings and financial well being. It might be the second half of the year before you finally get it together, but better late than never.

Love: You'll bump into someone special, but it won't be at one of your usual haunts. Which means it's time to get a bit more adventurous! Don't limit yourself. Come summer you'll be ready to lavish your attention on someone you've come to care a great deal about. By fall the romance will get hot 'n heavy!

Gaming: You're a great single player gamer, but multiplayer offers you the challenge you crave this year. You don't like obvious solutions, human opponents is where the real competition is at! Socially, you're kind and helpful. The newbies will love you in the first portion of the New Year, as you'll be quick to lend them a helping hand and solid advice. You'll also get a little worked up at times, as you have no tolerance for braggers and know it alls. Pisces are great role-players, you've probably chosen your handle accordingly. Clan life will be good to you this year, so if you're not already on a team it's time to get hoppin'. You'll play your best games mid-map where you'll find yourself kicking butt like never before!

Work On: Resource management.

Where You'll Rock: Roamer, soldier, spy, adventurer!

Aries (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19)

Life: From early June right through to 2004, domestic matters should be your priority. Come July you may find yourself holding or attending a very interesting family gathering. You will learn a lot more than you bargained for as home truths are revealed. Setting aside a bit extra for the future is very important this year. From January until August, rely on your own special creativity and you won't go wrong. Watch for a long-shot to finally pay off.

Love: Early in 2003 someone mysterious will become rather fascinated by you. However, it is just after Easter that will be the most promising for you romantically. Prepare to fall in love with that special someone all over again, and if you are single and fancy free -- get ready to be swept off your feet in a big way!

Gaming: You are adventurous and enjoy trying new games regularly. This year you'll find yourself purchasing new titles like never before. You are quick to grow bored of single player. Multiplayer gaming is your thing, you are competitive and like to challenge and be challenged. Aries are happiest in online gaming when playing in a ladder or tournament. You're always on the move both in the game and in your chair (you move with the game). However, you have a need to be #1, and on a bad day you become quick tempered and mouthy. Check the attitude at the door and enjoy yourself a little more! It's do or die for Aries, you will always fight to the death rather than running from battle. 2003 is definitely the year of Aries as far as gaming goes. You'll find your way to the top and stay there!

Work On: Your attitude.

Where You'll Rock: Lone warrior (FFA, 1v1), flag carrier, team leader.

Taurus (Apr. 20 - May 20)

Life: Moving residence is a good possibility this year, or if you are happy where you are, then a total redecoration is an alternative worth considering. Keep a close eye on the pennies until May is done with, but don't worry, things are about to take a turn for the better. From June on any financial restrictions you have been experiencing in 2002 should start to ease. A hobby has the potential to develop into something far more lucrative once we hit fall.

Love: Your year ahead is brimming with romantic possibilities. Watch for someone special to make a grand entrance into your life come May. The relationship will be in full bloom throughout the summer, and once fall hits things will have become quite serious. By winter you'll be ready to take the next step.

Gaming: You are warmhearted and patient, thus making a good teacher. It's not uncommon for you to interrupt your game to assist new players, as will be the case a lot in the first portion of 2003. You will perform best on outdoor maps, where the bright scenery puts you in the zone. You dislike levels with too much water, lava, slime, etc., and it will show in your games this year. Taureans can often be found working the public game servers in search of people to stroke their egos. Your attraction to games stems around the art work. If you haven't already, you should try your hand at level design this year!

Work On: Dodging.

Where You'll Rock: Outer base defense, any supporting role in a team game.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun. 21)

Life: In the early part of your year ahead, be careful you don't inadvertently upset one of your loved ones by harping on something that's not really that important when all is said and done. Your intentions may be good, but remember that what might seem like a constructive comment to one person can hurt another. When the opportunities arise to make a sound investment in the first half of the year, give the matter serious consideration. You may suffer some small set backs throughout the summer, but everything will come together in the fall.

Love: As the year starts, love will be discovered in the most mundane of places. Sharing interests and goals will bring you much closer to a friend in March, so if you want this relationship to move towards something deeper, don't be afraid to drop a hint. From your birthday right through until early July, you'll be flying high, and by November your romantic goals and fantasies will finally be realized.

Gaming: You enjoy the social aspects of multiplayer gaming, therefore typically won't enjoy single player for long periods of time this year. You're chatty, but in a witty and intellectual way and you know how to make people laugh which will find you embroiled in the more social aspects of gaming this year (IRC, forums, etc.). 2003 will see you craving variety and you'll be ready and willing to try out the latest games and mods. However, your lack of staying power will probably find you moving on rather rapidly. You're cunning and good with strategies, but become easily discouraged and frustrated when your performance isn't up to snuff. Gemini are not above cheating!

Work On: Aim.

Where You'll Rock: Sniper, mid-map, and resource gathering.

Next: More signs!

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