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    PlanetQuake | Articles | 2004 Astrological Guide

2004 Astrological Guide
Life, love and gaming in the year 2004!
— by Jube

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Life: Big changes in your family affairs will affect you this year. When problems arise you will be the peacemaker, able to calm the waters when people are at each other's throats. There will be a parting of the ways, someone you care about will move away leaving you feeling a bit blue. This is a good move for them, so try to be supportive. 2004 is the time for you to let go of emotional baggage that you've been carrying around for many years now. It's also time to take control of your finances. Better record keeping will be a huge help in that department. Be sure to invest in yourself, bettering your self image will boost your confidence dramatically.

Love: If you're starting out with someone new or have the love of your life already in your heart, then this year will reward devotion and loyalty with more happiness than you can imagine. Be careful not to get involved in something that will leave you starved for affection. If you are already in a relationship, then you may find yourself having to work to save it.

Gaming: This is your year to duel. Strategy and static positions will not fly your flag, so stay away from the team games and get down with your bad FFA fragging self! Once Spring hits you will likely find yourself needing a break from gaming. You may even start to wonder if you've "grown" out of your FPS addiction... the answer to that question is "no". After the summer an exciting new game or mod will drag you back to the battlefield!

Work On: Strafing and dodging.

Where You'll Rock: Lone warrior, roamer, soldier, sniper, flag / objective carrier.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Life: This year you will find yourself creating a new image as far as appearance and fashion goes. Your new look will also help bring our your true persona. You may find yourself getting involved with volunteer work, you will find it very rewarding and it will bring you peace of mind. Listen to your gut in 2004, you will have awesome intuition. Loot will be phat this year if you keep your eyes open for good investment opportunities.

Love: In 2004 it's romance over nookie when it comes to fulfilling your fantasies. Be warned, this year you see someone as you want them to be rather than how they really are. Once they reveal their true colours they will fall off the pedestal you put them on and you may be left confused and disillusioned. Rather than suffer, be realistic from the word go and you can keep your surprises to a minimum. However, an unlikely companion will lead to a year of total joy.

Gaming: This is the year of gaming for you, you will become involved at many different levels. Whether it's starting a clan, writing for a fan site or running a league, you will not be happy to just sit back and play. 2004 will see you playing better than ever before, and the compliments will be coming in hard and fast. Although this is truly your year to shine, be sure to keep your ego in check.

Work On: Sniping.

Where You'll Rock: Team leader, flag / objective carrier, soldier.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20)

Life: 2004 marks a decade of serious growth for you, and you will watch as things slowly but surely change for the better. Do not repress any longings, this is your time, decide what you want and go for it! Your intuition this year is second to none, you are about to discover a new life and a new you. You are not in control of your career right now, so keep an eye out for the cracks and prepare to patch them up. Value yourself more and follow your true calling, there is something out there that fits your talents and skills to perfection.

Love: This year proves to you that nothing happens unless it is meant to be. You may find yourself settling for what is offered in the romance department unless you are willing to take some chances. Put your heart at risk and you will find a relationship that is better for you than you ever could have dreamed. Sparks will seriously fly when you find the one you want to be with.

Gaming: You will enjoy the social aspects of multiplayer gaming in 2004. Your charm and wit will also attract the attention of gamers of the opposite sex. In fact, if you are single you even stand a chance of meeting your true love while playing your favourite game this year. Games will continue to push the limits of your hardware, and like many hardcore gamers you may be worried right now about being able to run the latest and greatest 2004 releases. Don't become disheartened, in the second half of the year you will be able to upgrade and you'll be back playing large and loving the action.

Work On: Team communication.

Where You'll Rock: Outer base defense, mid-map roamer, spy, medic.

Aries (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19)

Life: Be careful about taking too many risks this year, only go for the near certainties or you may find yourself crying the blues. Beware in the area of home improvements and computer upgrades, leave things to the professionals. In 2004 a relative will need your sympathy, be sure to leave enough time free to help them through their issues. Be sure to do your homework if you are thinking of starting a business. Volunteer work will help you meet new and exciting people. Enjoying the sights and taking more time out will lead to a meeting that brings in extra cash or the chance of a lifetime.

Love: You're pumped up with passion right through February. Take a chance and trust in yourself, ask your crush out on a date, or if you're already in a committed relationship then perhaps it's time to pop the question! Come April you will be ready to take on a new identity, putting you in the market for some serious lovins'. This period will last right through until October.

Gaming: In Single Player games everything is just how you want it, you at the helm controlling your own fate. So pick up some SP titles in 2004 and have at 'er! Organized strategies are also a strong suit of yours, so don't completely neglect multiplayer games. There's a clan out there that is a perfect fit for you, and will bring out the social gamer in you as well as teamplay skills you never knew you had. Gaming may wear thin at times in 2004, but a new title will eventually come out that will sweep you back into the fold.

Work On: Rocket jumps and speedruns!

Where You'll Rock: Base defense, engineer, soldier, flag /objective recovery.

Taurus (Apr. 20 - May 20)

Life: Someone from overseas may come into your life, be it through employment or a personal association, they will come to play an important role in your life. On the homefront be sure to keep up with home maintenance issues and nip them in the bud or you could find yourself with much worry on your hands. Look to the past this year as a situation you thought was finished comes to the surface again, this time when you lay ghosts to rest make sure you do. Do not give in to someone's financial demands, and be careful about lending as you will likely not see a return. Put money aside for something big on the horizon, be it a baby's birth, wedding or some other special occasion which is sure to drain the old pocketbook!

Love: It's time to break out of that shy mold, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Be careful about turning down the chance for true love in favour of emotional security. 2004 will put you in line for someone completely different entering your world. Your social life provides the opening to more fresh, exciting prospects. It's time to get out and meet people from all walks of life. You will make an unlikely romantic connection.

Gaming: 2004 will bring you some sort of funky inner-gaming peace, you'll chill out and find yourself unable to turn down a newbie in need. They will flock to you in the first portion of 2004 and appreciate your guidance. Graphics are very important to you, and you'll be yearning for some serious system upgrades come Spring. Multiplayer games and tournaments will be on the agenda this year, and will satisfy your need for an audience. Just remember that no one likes a poor sport.

Work On: Keeping your ego in check.

Where You'll Rock: Offense, mid-map duels, flag / objective carrier.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun. 21)

Life: You may find yourself packing in 2004, a move is in the cards. Be sure to weigh all of the pros and cons before making any big decisions regarding new living arrangements. Be sure to do some travelling this year, but don't go alone. Whether you bring a friend, relative or love interest, you will need someone special to share the experience with. Only purchase what is absolutely needed, as the bare necessities are what matter most. You see, how you handle your dough this year will give a clue as to what you can expect in 2005 - are you going to make your money rise or will you fall financially flat because of a moment of monetary madness? It's your call.

Love: If you're on the look out for love then you won't have to look far. But if you're looking for a calm and cosy affair then think again, things will get quite intense! Beware of potential obsessions and steer clear of revenge. Move on instead. You will come to realize that a certain companion may not set your world on fire, but at least you know where you stand with them.

Gaming: This is the year of the LAN party for you! If you've never been to one then it's time to get down with your bad low pinged self. Keep your eye open for chances to get together with other gamers, you won't regret it. Multiplayer games are definitely your gig this year. A new game will come out this year that will fly your flag like never before. Later in the year you will find your creative juices flowing and you may find yourself on the staff of a fan site or involved with game development. You'll play your best games on dark and mysterious maps.

Work On: Resource management.

Where You'll Rock: Flag / objective escort, medic, spy.

Next: More signs!

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