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Introducing Film At 11

Film At 11 is a Win95/WinNT Quake demo editor. It's task is to aid you in your quest to create wonderful movies. Before Film At 11, you had to download LMPC, a program created by Uwe Girlich, and edit your demos manually, which took a very long time for someone who has never done it before (like me).
So Film At 11 was created, mainly to aid the creator (Eric Stern) to cut the boring bits out of deathmatch demos. It has many useful features.

As the author wrote - The coolest feature of the program is Compression, IMHO. This function allows you to remove chunks of time in the demo where nothing "interesting" is happening. "Interesting" is defined by you, by selecting the events that you consider important with the checkboxes. In general, the defaults selected are what you want. By default the process will only keep 6 seconds before and 3 seconds after each frag. This is perfect for creating a "highlight" demo. No point watching the players running around picking up stuff, right? We wanna see death! Play around with this to see what kind of interesting things you can get.